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Toilets can last up to 50 years. However, they may fail if not properly maintained. You can call a plumber to help you fix your toilet problem. In some cases, it may be best to just replace your toilet. Below are the signs it’s time to get a replacement.


Dealing with a clogged toilet is stressful and can be downright unpleasant. They also don’t happen often. If you have recurring toilet clogs, there could be another problem with your plumbing. Consider calling a plumber in Callahan, FL so they can check the toilet.

If your toilet clogs at least once a week, it may be time to replace it. Get a toilet that uses less water than regular toilets so you can save money in the long run. They are a little expensive compared to the regular toilets but they are more efficient. For installation, only work with a licensed plumber in your area.

Lots of Repairs

Do you keep calling a plumber to get your toilet fixed? This isn’t a common problem of toilets – homeowners don’t always get them repaired so if you keep having this problem, it may be time to call a professional for a replacement toilet. You can save money investing in a new one than having to call for frequent repairs as toilet repairs can add up over time.

When you keep calling professionals for toilet repairs, the issue could be that it’s no longer efficient. Get a replacement and preferably a toilet with water-saving features so you can save money. During installation, work only with a licensed plumber to ensure proper installation.

Toilet Wobbles

It’s easy to fix a toilet that wobbles. You only need to tighten the bolts and then it’ll be good as new. However, you do need to do it correctly. If you’re not confident with your ability, it’s best to call a professional to help you properly fix the toilet.

If tightening the bolts doesn’t resolve the issue, there could be another problem with your toilet. Get professional help so they can check it. A plumber will either repair the toilet or it may be time to get a replacement.

Old Toilet

How old is your toilet? If you’ve moved into an older home, it’s likely that the toilet is old. You’ll know that when you keep having problems. Although old toilets can still work, they may not be as efficient as the newer models. If you want to save money, consider calling a professional in Callahan, FL so they can help you install a toilet replacement.


Scratches in your toilets may not affect their efficiency, just their appearance. Some homeowners may decide to just ignore it so long as the toilet still works. Keep in mind that it may be difficult to clean the toilet if it has a lot of scratches. This could be a sign for you to get a new toilet. Consider getting a more efficient one — dual flush toilets can save you money on your utility bills in the long run. Always work with a licensed plumber in the installation of your new toilet.


When there is standing water in the toilet area, there could be cracks in your toilet. You can call a plumber in your area so they can inspect your toilet. If the water is caused by toilet cracks, we would recommend that you replace your toilet right away to avoid other problems.

Mineral Buildup

Minerals in hard water may buildup in the syphon tube or inlet holes of your toilet. This can affect the flow of water, making your toilet efficient. Call a professional so they can check and advise whether it’s time to replace your toilet.

How to Prevent Toilet Problems

There are things you can do to avoid toilet problems and save your money. Below are our helpful tips to prevent issues with your toilets.

  1. Never use chemical drain cleaners when unclogging your toilet. Professionals will never recommend these types of cleaners as they can damage pipes and are also highly poisonous. Also, they are not a permanent solution. When you have older pipes, they may likely leak because of these chemicals.
  2. Always fix a running toilet to save water. Some homeowners would either ignore or postpone toilet repair. While it can be a little inconvenient to keep calling professionals to help you fix the toilet, it’s the only way to permanently get rid of the problem. Otherwise, you’ll only get skyrocketing water bills as a running toilet wastes hundreds of gallons of water.
  3. Use a mild cleaner for maintaining the toilet. We would recommend that you use a mild soap, soap or vinegar solution for cleaning your toilet. Make sure to also regularly clean the toilet to keep it smelling fresh.
  4. Teach your kids how to properly care for a toilet. Let them know it’s not okay to flush small toys, food, paper napkins or any solid material in the toilet.


  1. Keep in mind that toilet maintenance can help. Periodically check your toilet for cracks or any damage on the fixture. When you think there is a problem, don’t hesitate to contact a professional so they can help you fix the problem.
  2. Don’t ignore problems to avoid plumbing emergencies. Some homeowners make the mistake of postponing repairs or maintenance of their plumbing. This can only lead to costly plumbing emergencies. To avoid this, always call for help at the onset of the problem.
  3. Get regular maintenance for your plumbing system including the toilet. A professional can check if there might be issues with your toilet and can help you resolve it properly.

Contact Bert Norman’s Plumbing

Do you need professional help in Callahan, FL? Our licensed plumbers are experienced and have been helping out several homeowners in your area. We can fix any plumbing-related issue. We can also help with professional installation as well as maintenance of your plumbing system. Call us today for an appointment.

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You wake up on a winter morning and you find that the water heater has broken down. It is a weekend as well, but do you know a plumbing service that works weekends? This is a stressful time not made easy by the fact that not every plumber will work a weekend or at night. So where do you find an emergency plumber in Fernandina, FL?

Hopefully, you already know a good plumber who can help late at night when a pipe bursts. But what if they are not available? You cannot wait until the morning if you have a blocked and overflowing toilet. Hopefully, you will turn to Bert Norman’s Plumbing for help. We have an amazing team that is always on standby to help you at all hours of the day or night. Should you need an emergency plumber the team at Bert Norman’s Plumbing go out of their way to respond rapidly to your every need.

Warning Signs That You Need an Emergency Plumber

You should be on the lookout for any early signs that you need emergency plumbing work. Spotting a problem early will save you a lot of future stress and the need and expense for an emergency plumber.

Your Toilets and Sinks keep Clogging or Blocking

People will pour anything down a sink or toilet and treat them as a garbage bin. It should be no surprise that clogs and blockages form so often. One example is the pouring of grease and food down a sink. They will stick to the insides of the pipes and slowly build up over time to form clogs. As they grow, you will notice the water draining more slowly from the sink. If you fail to act eventually the pipes will block and the water will have nowhere to go.

You should avoid putting anything down the toilet other than water, toilet paper, and human waste. It may come as a surprise but putting wet wipes down the toilet is a bad idea. They cannot easily dissolve in water and if they become trapped, it can be the start of a blockage.

Pouring harsh chemicals down a sink or sink may help, but if you repeatedly use them, it can cause damage to older pipework and joints, and cause a leak. If you keep flushing a blocked toilet it can overflow and create a dangerous health situation. If your sinks and toilets keep blocking, you will need to call for a plumber from Bert Norman.

You Hear Dripping or Running Water

This is a sure sign that you need a plumber from Bert Norman’s. Not all leaks are visible, and the first sign may be that your water bills have sharply increased. There could be a tale-tell smell of mold and mildew coming from under the sink cabinet. Water leaks can be an invisible damaging force and cause unseen harm to your home.

If you do spot a leak, your first reaction may be to try to fix it yourself. Somebody untrained in DIY repairs could make the problem worse and cause more water damage. There is no shame in admitting that some plumbing jobs are beyond you. Call us today, we can sort any leak out quickly.

Puddles of Water

Some leaks are easily seen, such as puddles of water found around a water heater, and could be due to loosening the connections on inlet and outlet pipes. But, if you see standing water pooled around the sides of your home, you may have a slab leak.

A slab leak occurs when the water or sewer lines underneath or inside a home’s foundation begin to leak. As most homes are built on concrete foundations, this is a quite common problem. If you notice that your lawn is green and damp when it has not rained, this is another sign that you have a slab leak. Such a leak could have been going on for a long time and could be due to the corroding of old pipes or from damage from the ground shifting or tree roots breaking the lines.

Bert Norman’s plumbing has] a great deal of experience with slab leaks. This is just as well because in the wrong hands a great deal of damage can be done digging up your foundation and yard in trying to locate the source of the leak. We have the right equipment to locate and replace your water and sewer lines.

Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure could be a result of a clog or a leak anywhere in your plumbing system. If your pipework is old then there could be a build-up of corrosion and scale, this could restrict the flow of water through the pipes and explain why your water is tasting odd. A faulty hot water shut-off valve in your water heater may be the cause of low pressure. So could a faulty pressure regulator if you have one in your home. There could be many causes for low water pressure, and you will need an experienced plumber from Bert Norman’s to find out what exactly the cause is and to quickly fix it for you.

Regular Servicing Will Save You Dollars!

We at Bert Norman’s plumbing strongly advise you to have your plumbing system regularly serviced at least once a year. For example, your water heater will run at higher efficiency after an annual service, saving you money on energy bills. A service picks up on any small problems and prevents them from becoming expensive repairs.

Bert Norman’s Plumbing of Fernandina, FL

Bert Norman’s Plumbing is a local family firm, founded in 1985. We have strong ties to the area and understand the needs of our local community. If you need an emergency plumbing service, at whatever time of the day or night, we will respond ASAP.

Water is a powerful destructive force and will cause serious damage if left for any period. Putting off a regular plumbing service or repair work could cause serious damage to your home. If you have any plumbing concerns, large or small, please give us a call so we can talk about how to help you at a price you can afford

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Plumbing service in Jacksonville, FL, is something that homeowners cannot avoid using. Even if they haven’t needed to hire a plumber to date, they’ll eventually need to do so. When taken care of promptly, plumbing issues are seldom as costly as they could be if left undiscovered for a long time. A small leak can cause significant water damage to the tune of thousands of dollars if not addressed by a professional equipped to handle such a repair.

Your Guide to Hiring the Right Plumber Today

If you’re in the market for plumbing service but don’t know who to call, don’t worry. You’ll find someone in the area that can assist you quickly. All you need to know is where to look for companies that specialize in your necessary plumbing needs. That’s why we created this guide for you to reference whenever you have questions about how the service works. It saves you the time, effort, and frustration of finding a suitable candidate to work on your home’s plumbing.

Here is what to look for in plumbing service providers in Jacksonville, FL:

  • A professional online presence. How a company presents itself online is imperative. You want to know as much as you can about it before you decide to hire the plumber. Having access to a website with important information about plumbing service, hours of operation, emergency services, and billing methods can help you decide to hire a company much easier. You’ll know exactly what type of service you’ll get from the plumber when you do.


  • Helpful customer service reps that you can reach by phone. You likely have some questions that you need to ask. That’s where having access to a helpful representative comes in handy. When you call them on the phone, you know that you’ll be taken care of by the tone of their voice and the amount of attention they give your inquiry. If you’ve visited the website and still aren’t sure about things, it’s time to take care of that issue right away with a quick phone call to the company.


  • Easy scheduling practices for service calls. Booking the plumbing service that you need most shouldn’t be difficult. With the right company, it isn’t. They’ll take the time to address your needs in the most expedient way possible. You’ll get the problem addressed in record time. The plumbing service that you need to have performed will commence so you can breathe a sigh of relief. You shouldn’t jump through hoops or play phone tag with a company to get your service booked with a plumber.


  • Emergency services that you can depend on 24 hours a day. There is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to request help in the middle of the night from a plumber. If emergency plumbing services exist and you need them, go ahead and use them. It’s the best way to tackle the issue without it becoming a bigger problem physically or financially. The longer you wait to fix the plumbing, the worse it can be for you and your family. It’s worth the extra cost to regain peace of mind.


  • Plumbers that know their industry well. The best plumbers know plumbing systems inside and out. They’re able to make excellent recommendations based on their knowledge and expertise. They go the extra mile to take care of things so that there isn’t a bigger issue to deal with later on. They’re more than willing to share as much information as possible with you, too, to make sure that you’re able to avoid clogged toilets and burst pipes in the future.


  • A company that treats you like a VIP from the moment they first speak to you. You want to feel like a priority as often as you possibly can. That’s why the company you choose to work with should be courteous, professional, and willing to help you come up with resolutions that immediately meet your needs. When you feel cared for and respected, you feel more compelled to give a company your business. You’ll also take the time out of your day to recommend it to the people that you know who need a plumber.

It may be difficult at first to find the right plumbing service company to give your business to today. After all, Jacksonville, FL, is full of options for you to choose from right away. Some companies have been in the community for a long time, while others are new but have great reputations and service records to consider. Knowing what to look for in the best companies in the area makes your job of selecting a single plumber much easier to do.

The best plumbing providers go above and beyond what you expect them to do to ensure your satisfaction. They follow up with you to see if everything is performing the way that it should with your plumbing system. They take the time needed to resolve the issues that you have so that you don’t need to pay for expensive repairs again soon. The companies that deserve your business work hard for it, and it shows how they take good care of you, your home, and your plumbing system with each visit they make to your residence.

Get the Help That You Need from Us Day or Night

Bert Norman’s Plumbing is here to assist you with your request and provide you with prompt and proficient plumbing services. To set up a service call with us, call 904-225-5888. We’re here to make things as easy as possible for you. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us day or night with your plumbing emergency.

We make ourselves available around the clock as a convenience for our customers. Some plumbing issues cannot wait until regular working hours. We want you to feel comfortable calling us whenever you need a helping hand. We suggest programming our number into your mobile phone so that you can hit send and get a call to us right away.

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There will be times when you see a clogged sink in the kitchen or witness the water heating system break down. A plumbing emergency can strike at any time of the day or night and the people of Callahan, FL. will turn to Bert Norman’s Plumbing to help them. So that the plumbing system remains in perfect working condition, it is wise to have the system regularly maintained.

Each plumber with Bert Norman has many years of experience and is up to date with all the required skills to provide a modern and professional plumbing service. We have spent years gaining a reputation for the highest standard of workmanship.

If you need a skilled plumber then look no further than Bert Norman’s Plumbing.

Some Signs That You Need a Plumber

Burst Pipes

This is one of the main reasons that you need to call a plumber. Before you call Bert Norman’s you should turn off the main shutoff valve. If you do not know where yours is, then find out now! Any delay in turning it off could cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to your home and furnishings, and repairs could take weeks because you must dry out your home first.

You have a Leak Somewhere

Leaks are not always easy to find. Often the first sign is a larger than expected water bill or a musty smell from under a sink or basin. If you happen to see damp floors and walls as well, you need to call a plumber, there could be a leaking pipe somewhere. If you hear water running behind the walls or under the floors even when the kitchen or bathroom is not in use, this means there is a leak somewhere.

Unpleasant Smells in Your Home

Musty smells normally come from damp areas near a leak. You could also detect a burning smell coming from your water heater. This could be due to faulty wiring or a loose connection within the heater. Overworking parts could also give off a burning smell.

Do not ignore these smells as they suggest a potential fire risk with your water heater. Turn it off and call Bert Norman’s Plumbing immediately.

Sink or Shower is Taking More Time to Drain

Is your sink taking longer and longer to drain? Are you up to your ankles in water when you take a shower? You need to call a plumber from Bert Norman’s, there is a good chance that you have a clog somewhere in your pipes. You need to act quickly as the pipes will eventually block.

Hearing Gurgling Noises

Air bubbles are created as water flows over a clog causing the gurgling sound you hear as the sink empties. A clog can form when materials like grease, food, coffee grinds, and others stick to the insides of pipes. As the clog builds up it will restrict the water flow. In areas of hard water, layers of scale can form, from minerals that are dissolved in the water. This will exacerbate the problem of clogs.

Water Flow Is Poor

If it takes a long time to fill your bath up, there could be several reasons for this. There may be a faulty water valve in your heater that slows the flow of water. There could be a clog building up somewhere also restricting the flow of water. Whatever the reason you need a skilled plumber to quickly locate and fix the problem so you can start enjoying that nice hot bath again.

No Hot Water from Your Water Heater

There could be many reasons for this. If you have an electric heater the heating element could be broken. If there is a tripped circuit, no electricity supply will reach the water heater and will not produce any hot water.

For a gas-powered water heater, let us assume there are no issues with your gas supply. If the pilot light will not come on it could be that the gas valve may not be opening fully, or the ignition unit may be broken. A faulty thermostat can also lead to no hot water coming from your water heater.

Whatever, the cause you need to call Bert Norman’s Plumbing to book a water heater repair.

Discolored Water Backing Up into Your Sink

If you see discolored water backing up into your sink or toilet you have a big problem, as your sewer line may be blocked. A blocked or damaged sewer line will not allow the wastewater from your toilet to exit your home to the main sewage network. It has nowhere to go, and it backs up into your home. The sewage contains nasty germs and bacteria and poses a serious health hazard for you and your family. You need an emergency drain cleaning service.

Toilet Is Blocked and Overflowing

By flushing unsuitable materials down your toilet, you run the risk of it blocking. Only water, human waste, toilet tissue, and some gentle cleaners should be flushed down a toilet. Flushing items like wet wipes and Kleenex down a toilet is surprisingly a bad idea. These items find it difficult to dissolve in water and cause blockages if not flushed away.

Other bad ideas are constantly pouring harsh chemicals down the toilet and repeatedly flushing the toilet. They are unlikely to remove a blockage that is located some distance from the toilet. It also increases the likelihood of the toilet overflowing.

Plumbers That Take Pride Serving Callahan, FL

Bert Norman’s Plumbing takes great pride in serving our local community of Callahan, FL. We understand that an emergency plumb can be needed any time, on weekends, or holidays. There will always be someone available to help you all day, every day. Whenever you need a highly trained plumber at an affordable price then call Bert Norman’s Plumbing today!

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The best plumber in Jacksonville, FL, has a lot to offer you in the way of value and benefits. They provide a much-needed service at all hours of the day and night. The professional goes out of their way to make sure that your issue gets resolved before going to their next job. Knowing how to hire the best plumber is a skill that benefits you long-term.

What to Look for in the Plumbing Company You’ve Chosen to Hire

It’s completely understandable if you’ve never needed to hire a professional before today. People buy new homes or move to new areas of the state and leave their trusted plumbers behind. To help make the process of hiring a professional fast and easy for you, we’ve taken the time to compile a list of ways to search for and find an excellent plumbing company in the area. That way, when you do need to make a call to a plumbing expert, you’re already on top of it by having done your research previously.

Here is how to hire the best plumber in Jacksonville, FL:

  • Use your smartphone, Wi-Fi-enabled tablet, or computer to access the internet. At your fingertips, you hold a world of knowledge. You can use a mobile device while locating the name, phone number, and website address of various plumbing companies in the area. You can pull up your laptop, connect to the internet, and have the information you require within seconds. You can then decide who to contact based on what you’ve learned about the company, so you’re able to get the problem resolved in no time at all.


  • Read through a list of current reviews on a review site for insight into how a company operates. That way, there isn’t an issue with the quality of service you receive because you didn’t do your homework. Finding the best plumber in the area to assist you takes time in most cases. It helps you get a feel for what other people have to say about their experiences with the plumbing company. Doing so lets you decide whether or not to give the company your business. If a review isn’t stellar and a company hasn’t responded to it, you may want to proceed cautiously in hiring it.


  • Ask your family and friends which plumber they use personally. It’s an excellent way to get to know a company more intimately. You get to see it through the eyes of someone you know personally. Better yet, you’re able to ask questions that you may not feel comfortable asking the professional. You can get a feel for what the company does to ensure a customer’s satisfaction, too. That means that you’re able to get the best possible service available. Your family and friends provide you with the truth. They don’t sugarcoat things or purposely mislead you. Instead, they prepare you for what’s to come if you decide to hire the same plumber they recommended. They’re doing you a solid by helping you find the perfect company to give your business to today.


  • Use the Facebook Recommendation tool whenever you’re on social media. If you spend a lot of time on the platform, you might as well make as much use out of it as you possibly can. You’ll find that the Facebook Recommendation tool is very handy in learning who the people that you know recommend. You can post a question and return to it later on, making it easy to access when it’s the most convenient for you to do so. You get the answers that you request and don’t need to do anything extra to get them.


  • Reply to an email that you receive or call the number on a flyer that lands in your mailbox. It’s perfectly acceptable to use the advertisements and correspondence you receive from a company to contact it. The business hopes that its ads and messages grab your attention. You’re able to save a lot of money that way by taking advantage of special promotions and deals. You can get the issue addressed in no time at all and have excellent working plumbing once again. That means a whole lot less stress for you and your family!


  • Your phonebook can easily provide you with excellent companies to contact that provide plumbing services of all types. It may not be your first choice in locating a professional, but it’s effective. If you have a phonebook collecting dust in your home, take the time to open it to the back where the directory exists. Look for the letter P for plumber. Then, start calling companies listed in the area until you find the one to assist you with your request. You’ll find it very easy to take care of the issue without delay.

The best plumber in the area is easy to find. People speak highly of their services both online and in person. When you’re making the hard decision concerning who to hire, don’t discount how incredibly easy it is to find a plumbing pro that cares. Their livelihood depends on their ability to help you with whatever plumbing service that you need. That means less stress and more ease when it comes to researching, speaking to, and hiring a company to assist you in your home.

Where to Get the Help That You Need with Your Plumbing Issues

Bert Norman’s Plumbing in Jacksonville, FL, has a thing or two to teach you about keeping your drains and pipes free from obstructions. Let us share our knowledge and expertise with you. Call 904-225-5888 with your request for assistance today. We offer regular business hours and emergency services to meet your needs day and night.

We give you the assistance that you need with your plumbing issue as quickly as possible. We know what an inconvenience it can be to be without a working toilet or sink. That’s why we make it a point to be reachable round-the-clock. You shouldn’t need to wait until morning to get the help that you require now.

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We all need a plumber at some time, a plumbing disaster can happen at any time and can be an extremely stressful and messy business. Hopefully, you know a good technician already, but who do you turn to when you need a reliable emergency plumber in Fernandina, FL?

Searching the internet on your mobile would be most people’s starting point, but which one will you choose from the many search results brought back? You bet all are claiming to be the cheapest and the best. It is difficult to judge which one to pick, so what do you do now? The best step is to find a website that offers trusted reviews of plumbers in the area. You want one that has the highest ratings and many five-star reviews.

At the top of the list, you should find Bert Norman’s Plumbing of FL. We are there for a reason, and that is because we have built up a reputation for the highest standards of work at affordable prices. If you need a professional quickly then call Bert Norman’s Plumbing.

Plumbing Service

A plumbing emergency can happen at any time, but not every company works at night, on weekends, or on holidays. Bert Norman’s plumbing has a great team ready at all hours to take your call and send a member of our team to help you right away. Whatever your emergency, when others are asleep, we will be ready to help you.

Unblocking Toilets

We are all guilty of treating our toilets like garbage bins. People will flush such items as wet wipes, sanitary products, and Kleenex tissues, down a toilet. It may seem okay to put these items down a toilet, but they are not made to dissolve easily or quickly in water and are the cause of many toilets blocking if they are not flushed away properly.

Pouring chemicals down the toilet is not always a good idea, as the blockage may be located far from the toilet. No amount of chemical is ever going to remove your child’s favorite plastic toy!

Constantly flushing may not remove any blockage and is only likely to cause an overflow. Any chemicals you have poured down the toilet, as well as any harmful bacteria, are now over your nice bathroom floor. Cleaning up is not a job you should attempt yourself, an emergency plumber from Bert Norman’s is equipped with protective clothing to clean up the mess safely.

Unclogging Drains

Just like a toilet we like to pour anything down a sink. The first sign of impending problems is when the water in your sink starts taking longer and longer to drain away. If you ignore the problem eventually the pipes will block completely, and you will need an emergency team of plumbers. Remember that warm grease you poured down the sink?

Well, it has now stuck to the insides of the pipework. Remember the coffee grinds and other food you poured down the sink? Well, that has stuck to the grease and has started to cause a built-up of material called a clog.

Pouring chemicals down may not work if the clog is well established and may even cause damage to your pipework. Harsh chemicals can weaken joint seals and even corrode old pipework if used repeatedly. The best thing to do is call Bert Norman’s Plumbing, we can send an experienced plumber to offer you a professional drain cleaning service.

Water Heater Repair and Replacement

There is nothing better than to wake up to a nice refreshing warm shower, but if one morning you get up to nothing but cold water, it seems like the water heater is playing up. You do not want to be without hot water for very long, especially if you have a young family. You will need a plumbing service who will respond quickly, arrive on time, and fix the problem ASAP.

Greta, a plumber from Bert Norman has just repaired the heater, but it may be worth asking yourself some questions at this point. Is your heater over ten years old? Has it started to need more and more expensive repairs? Is it starting to provide less and less hot water, or even shut down when too many appliances are on at once? Sounds like you need a new water heater.

A new water heater is going to be more energy-efficient and save you money in the long term. But which model do you select? There are so many on the market it is difficult to know which one is best for you. Why not ask Bert Norman for help, we have many skilled technicians on hand. They can help you calculate the right-sized unit for you, if you have a young and growing family it is going to be important to have enough hot water when you need it.

Whatever help you need with your water heater, please call Bert Norman’s Plumbing for help.

Regular Maintenance

We provide many plumbing services, ranging from faucet repair and replacement to bathroom remodeling. From sewer line replacement to installing water softeners, you name it we do it all.

One thing we strongly recommend is that you have your plumbing system regularly serviced. The cleaning of pipes and sewer lines regularly will prevent small clogs from becoming bigger and more serious ones that block the lines. Maintenance on your water heater will also pick up on small problems before they lead to expensive repairs, needing emergency plumbers.

Why choose Bert Norman’s Plumbing of Fernandina, FL?

We take great pride in serving our local Fernandina community of Fernandina. We know that having to deal with a plumbing emergency is a stressful business for all concerned.

We are here to lift that stressful load from you. We are available 24/7 and will strive to arrive ASAP. We always deliver the highest standards of customer service and work. A plumber from Bert Norman’s will not leave your home until it is safe and secure, with any mess cleared up.

All plumbing companies claim they are number one but only Bert Norman’s Plumbing delivers on that. If you need any emergency plumbing service, then call us today!

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When the plumbing in your home goes horribly wrong, you want to get help fast and not worry about getting ripped off or hiring someone who is not up to the job. Let’s face it, as a homeowner you just don’t need that kind of stress. If you’re in the greater Jacksonville, FL area and your toilet blows up, or your walls spring a leak, the emergency plumbers at Bert Norman’s Plumbing have got your back.

What Can Go Wrong with Plumbing?

Just about anything can go wrong with an intricate household system such as plumbing. Failures can occur at any junction where the pipe meets fitting or joint. And there are a number of emergency problems that can crop up over time and use. When those inconvenient plumbing issues arise, make sure you have a reliable and experienced emergency plumber on speed dial.

  • Clogs and Blockages can destroy the efficiency and free flow of drains and pipes throughout the home. Clogs can occur over time with the build-up of insoluble materials such as hair, grease, paper products or food debris. Or, they can happen suddenly when something gets flushed that shouldn’t have been.
  • A toilet that is continually running is wasting water. This may be caused by parts failure – a dysfunctional flush valve, a corroded handle or a leaking fill valve. Some of these problems are quite easy to fix, but if your toilet continues to run after minor fiddling, you probably need to call in a plumbing repair service expert. A constantly running toilet can cost you big time when your water bill arrives, so don’t put it off.
  • Drips and minor leaks and seepages can happen almost anywhere, even behind walls and under floors, where they can silently do damage for a long time before being detected. If your water bill suddenly spikes for no apparent reason, it can be a hint that water is leaking somewhere in your home. An emergency plumber will be able to trace plumbing infrastructure to find the source of the leak, wherever it may originate, and make the repair before it explodes in a catastrophic manner.
  • A flood is a catastrophe, no matter what causes it. And a basement full of water is pretty hard to ignore. A plumber to advise on devices like sump pumps and backflow valves that can head off disaster.
  • Plumbing fittings such as toilets, sinks, and showerheads are all subject to wear and tear. They can crack or fall apart or simply outlive their functionality leading to larger plumbing dysfunction. Same thing with pipes, hoses, and valves. An emergency plumber will assess what needs replacement and what can possibly be salvaged and repaired. Sure, you can make do with a cracked sink for a while, but even superficial imperfections may also affect the performance of component parts down the line.

What To Do in an Emergency

Stay calm. Turn off the water main. Call in a pro: in the Jacksonville, FL area, that’s Bert Norman’s Plumbing.

DIY vs Hiring a Pro

Going the DIY route is acceptable and economical when it comes to minor household repairs. But plumbing emergencies are different. Calling in an emergency plumber beats DIY every time. Here’s why:

Experience and knowledge trump everything in an emergency. A skilled emergency plumber is trained to understand how the entire plumbing system works and knows how to run diagnostic tests, troubleshoot, and precisely pinpoint the source of the problem. Bert Norman’s Plumbing in Jacksonville, FL supports a team of certified plumbers who can stay cool in a crisis, and fix the problem right the first time. DIY is simply no match for this kind of seasoned knowledge.

A professional emergency plumber always has the right tools for the job and the skill to use them effectively and safely. Whether it’s a plumber’s snake, specialty size wrenches, or video diagnostic equipment, the professional plumbing tool kit is designed specifically for pipes, fixtures, and plumbing equipment. An experienced plumbing repair service professional has access to state-of-the-art knowledge and the collective trade secrets of a regulated industry.


Plumbing repair service can be hazardous. From the gases that circulate in sewer pipes, bacteria-laden standing water, combustibles that fuel pumps and compressors – these things have the potential to harm you and your family, especially if one of you is attempting an ill-starred DIY repair. A professional emergency plumber knows the dangers of the domestic plumbing infrastructure and will work to rigorous safety standards to keep everyone safe.

Working with a professional can save you money in the long run. Some half-baked DIY repairs can result in further damage to domestic infrastructure and the increased costs incurred when an emergency plumber needs to be called in to set things right. Save yourself some money by letting a plumber handle things in an emergency. In the long run, it’s the smart and economical thing to do.

In an emergency, a professional plumber will not only work quickly – they’ll back up their work with certifications and guarantees. If an insurance claim is involved, having a professional do the work to meet all codes and standards makes all the difference. In an emergency, don’t mess around with unlicensed contractors or DIY solutions – contact a certified professional fast.

If you’re in the area and your household is experiencing issues with plumbing, don’t hesitate to give the experts at Bert Norman’s Plumbing in Jacksonville, FL a call. From emergencies such as flooding and sewer backups to less urgent scenarios involving minor clogs and leaks, this professional plumbing repair service provider is on call 24/7 and can get your home’s water and waste infrastructure flowing smoothly again, safely, and quickly.

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Most people happily ignore their ceilings, but when they are sitting on the first-floor and feel a drip hit their head suddenly their attention is focused upwards. Ceiling leaks are a huge problem because not only can they lead to a discolored and ugly ceiling, but they indicate you have a plumbing issue that needs to be remedied immediately. You don’t want to mess around with a ceiling leak because it can compromise the safety of your home and eventually lead to your ceiling rotting out. Unless you want your bathtub relocated into the center of your living room, you need to call a plumber in Fernandina, FL.

The good news is there are a few things you can do to stop the destruction from getting any worse while you wait for the professional to show up at your house. Knowing what to do once you notice a ceiling leak is the first step towards effectively stopping the problem. Not every ceiling leak has to result in panic, but they are not something that you should ignore either. Here is a quick guide to troubleshooting ceiling leaks and understanding why they happen while you wait for the plumbing company to show up.

Signs of a Ceiling Leak

If you haven’t spent a lot of time looking up at your ceiling, now is a good time to do so. There are a lot of signs of a leak that you can spot pretty easily if you know what you are looking for. For instance, you can look for areas of discoloration, watermarks, or blistering paint. Paint that is only peeling or bubbling in one area of your ceiling is a clear sign that you have a leak buried under your ceiling.

It is not uncommon for leaks to be hidden for a long period of time before they start to show signs, so once you start to notice any outward signs it is time to take action and call a plumber. A lot of people figure they have a while since they just noticed it, but most likely the leak did not just happen. It probably happened months ago, but the leak has finally gotten bad enough that you are just seeing it now.

How to Get Ready for the Plumbing Company

If you have already called a professional about your ceiling leak, you may be wondering if there is anything you can do to address the issue while you wait. The simple answer is always yes. While you may not be able to look under your ceiling and see what is causing the leak, you can do a couple of things to guard against further property damage while waiting for the plumber to show up.

First of all, clear the area where the leak is coming from by removing all furniture and personal belongings from around it. Keep in mind that just because the leak is in one spot doesn’t mean it won’t grow as time goes on, so make sure you clear out a large radius to protect everything within touching distance. In addition, check to make sure that you don’t have any electronics near the leak such as plugged-in lamps, phones, or tablets. If you do have an electrical outlet that is in line with the leak consider turning off the circuit breaker for that room until the plumber gets there to investigate.

Clearing out the area is also helpful to the professional since they will now have plenty of space to work in the area. They will usually need to fit a step stool or a ladder into the working area depending on the height of your ceilings, so it can be extremely helpful to have a room cleared out before their arrival.

Once the room is clear, make sure to put a bucket under it to catch the leak. This will prevent your flooring from becoming the next victim of the leak. With any luck, you can contain the water damage to the ceiling which will save you a lot of money in the long run. It will also give you and the plumber a good idea of how much water is leaking which can help with troubleshooting.

Common Causes of Ceiling Leaks

Wondering what may be causing your ceiling leak while you are waiting for the plumber to show up? There are few common culprits that you may be able to stop using while you wait to help minimize the amount of damage that is done. For instance, toilet leaks often come from the supply tank and as a result of a worn wax ring. The wax ring sits around the base of the toilet and stops leaks, but when it starts to wear out water can get around it after flushing causing it to seep through your ceiling. If this is the case, don’t use the toilet until the plumber gets there if you have a second toilet in your home.

Other common issues are ceiling leaks or sink links as a result of tile or flooring start to peel or curl near the shower area. A curled-up tile on the floor may be all it takes for the shower water to leak through. If you notice that the leak only starts before or after using the shower and/or sink this is a clear sign that it stems from this fixture and you need to quit using it until you see the plumber.

Contact a Fernandina, FL Plumbing Company for Help with a Ceiling Leak

Ceiling leaks are not something that you want to play around with. If you notice a ceiling leak call a local plumber who can get to the bottom of the issue right away. Bert Norman’s Plumbing of Fernandina, FL has helped many locals with their ceiling leaks, and we would be happy and come out to help troubleshoot your issue.

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Knowing what to watch out for is half the battle when it comes to owning a home. The sooner you can spot a plumbing problem in your home, the sooner you can get it fixed and the less damage it’s going to do. However, most homeowners don’t know the first thing about plumbing, especially as it pertains to discovering and identifying problems. If you want to make sure you’re calling a plumber as soon as possible every time, here are six signs you need to watch out for.

1. A pipe or fixture is leaking

No matter how minor a leak in your home may be, it’s a big problem. Leaks only get worse with time, and they can cost you a lot of money in wasted water and water damage to your home. If you notice any pipes or fixtures leaking, call a plumber right away before you end up with a larger repair bill.

Oftentimes, stopping a leak is as simple as replacing a component of a fixture or replacing a pipe fitting. While these repairs are still going to cost you a bit of money, you’ll save a fortune compared to what you could pay for the water damage leaks can cause.

2. A pipe is frozen

Burst pipes are one of the biggest problems plumbers have to deal with, and it all starts with a pipe freezing. When the water inside a pipe freezes, it expands to the point that it can crack the pipe. If it’s below freezing outside and one of the fixtures in your home isn’t working, chances are you’ve got a frozen pipe.

A professional can help thaw your pipe out before it gets damaged, so it’s important to call the pros right away. The sooner you have somebody check out your frozen pipe, the less likely it is to burst. This can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in water damage, so preventing frozen pipes from bursting should be a top priority.

3. A pipe is badly clogged

Slow or clogged drains aren’t an uncommon plumbing problem, but they certainly can be. If you can’t get rid of a clog using a liquid drain cleaner and a plunger, that’s a sign that you need to call a professional. Any further drain cleaning needs to be handled by a professional and trying it yourself could result in hundreds or thousands of dollars of damage.

Bad pipe clogs can lead to sewage backups, which introduce dangerous sewage to your home. Drain clogs can also lead to pipe corrosion or flooding, both of which result in costly repairs. These major clogs have to be removed using an auger or snake, which can cause significant pipe damage and even flooding if done wrong. This is why you need to call a plumber if you have a drain clog you can’t take care of on your own.

4. Your water tastes, smells, or looks strange

When you fill a glass with water or turn a faucet on, you can usually tell if there’s something wrong with your water. If you notice the water coming out of a faucet tastes, smells, or looks strange, stop drinking it and have somebody check it out as soon as possible. While some changes in water quality aren’t a huge deal, you could be drinking toxins that can lead to serious health problems. In particular, you want to look out for:

  • Water that has a blue or green color
  • Cloudy or foamy water
  • A chlorine taste in water
  • Dirt and sediment in water
  • Water that smells like sulfur

If you notice any of these water quality issues in your home, call a plumber to have it checked out. The last thing you want to do is put your health at risk by drinking contaminated water.

5. You have no hot water

Every morning when you wake up, you expect to have hot water. Whether you’re washing your hands on a particularly cold day or taking your morning shower, hot water is an essential part of modern life. Unfortunately, there are several water heater problems that can lead to a lack of hot water in your Jacksonville, FL, home.

The best-case scenario is a simple breaker problem. If a breaker is tripped, it can prevent your water heater from heating up. Most of the time, however, you need to replace a heating element or thermostat. And in most cases, it’s the bottom element or thermostat that goes out first, since it does more of the work.

6. Your water bill is significantly higher than it should be

It’s normal for your water bill to fluctuate a bit from month to month, but a sharp increase in your water bill is a sign that you need to call a plumber. It could be that you’ve got a leak, a running toilet or a dripping faucet. In some cases, a high water bill can result from water meter problems.

If you haven’t added members to your household or significantly changed your water use habits lately, you shouldn’t see a massive change in your water bill. If you do, it’s time to call a plumber.

Give Us a Call

Knowing what to watch for is only half the battle when it comes to taking care of your home’s plumbing; you also have to know who to call when you have a problem. If you’re in the Jacksonville, FL, area, the best way to solve your plumbing problems is by calling Bert Norman’s Plumbing. We have a team of experienced plumbers who can help you get leaks, clogs, and other problems fixed in a hurry no matter how severe they are. We can even handle major work like plumbing an addition or remodel and repiping your home. When you need a plumber, give Bert Norman’s Plumbing a call at 904-225-5888.

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Owning a home comes with a lot of tough responsibilities, but taking care of your plumbing is one of the hardest parts. Not only do you need to educate yourself about the basics of plumbing, but you also need to keep an eye out for problems at your Fernandina, FL, home so you know when it’s time to call a plumber. Simply knowing when parts need to be replaced can go a long way. Here are some basics to help you know when it’s time to replace various plumbing system parts.

Water Lines

Water lines are responsible for carrying fresh water from the city’s water supply (or a well) to all the fixtures in your home. These pipes are generally much smaller than drain lines, plus they’re made of different materials.

In older homes, water lines were typically made of either galvanized steel or copper. Galvanized steel presents several problems, which is why plumbers stopped using it in homes. Copper, on the other hand, is fairly solid but also very expensive. On average, you can expect galvanized pipes to last about 40 to 50 years, while copper water lines can last 70 years or more.

In newer homes, water lines are generally made from a material called PEX. PEX is great for water lines while remaining affordable, making it the top choice for most of today’s plumbers. These PEX water lines may last as long as 100 years, although it’s difficult to say because they haven’t been used for that long.

Drain Lines

Drain lines are the pipes that carry wastewater from your home to the sewers, which is an important job. These drain lines are larger than most water lines, and they face a very different set of problems.

It used to be that drain lines were made of cast iron, which is a sturdy and capable material. However, that cast iron had a lot of problems, including the fact that the inside of these pipes tends to corrode a lot. While cast iron was said to have a 50-year lifespan, it may only last 20 years in some homes.

Nowadays, plumbers use PVC for drain lines because it’s cheaper, easier to work with, and lasts a lot longer than cast iron. Plus, you don’t have to worry about interior corrosion reducing the inside diameter of pipes and leading to more clogs. PVC drain lines are said to have an indefinite lifespan, although they’ve only been in use for about 50 years.

If your drain lines aren’t made of PVC, there’s a good chance it’s time to upgrade them.


In order to connect one run of pipe to another, a professional has to use fittings. These fittings can connect two straight pipes, or they can connect two pipes at a 45 or 90 degree angle to change direction. Just like the pipes that they’re attached to, these fittings have a somewhat fixed lifespan.

For the most part, you can expect fittings to last about as long as pipes that are made from the same material. A copper fitting should last about 60 to 70 years, while a PVC fitting has a much longer lifespan since it won’t break down. However, there are some exceptions to this rule.

SharkBite fittings are great for connecting copper water lines when they can’t be soldered together, but they aren’t made to last forever. If a plumber used SharkBite fittings for repairs on your home, you should have them replaced with properly soldered copper fittings in the next 25 years.


The plumbing fixtures in your home, which include things like toilets and faucets, also have a somewhat predictable life expectancy. While a fixture failing generally doesn’t cause as severe of a problem like a burst pipe or corroded drain line, it’s still important to keep an eye on your fixtures so you know when to replace them.

Faucets can last between 15 and 20 years depending on the circumstances. If you have hard water in your home or you don’t use a faucet very often, that lifespan could shorten a bit. However, most plumbers will tell you a faucet lasts a couple of decades.

Toilets, on the other hand, are designed to last up to 50 years. This depends on the type of toilet and what kind of treatment it endures, but you can generally expect a toilet to last at least 30 or 40 years before it’s time for a replacement.


The appliances that are connected to your plumbing system also need to be replaced occasionally. While you don’t need to have a plumber inspect these appliances, other parts of your plumbing system could determine how often you need to replace appliances.

Whether you’re talking about a water heater, a dishwasher, or a washing machine, hard water is a huge problem for appliances. Hard water is water that contains a lot of minerals, which means it leaves mineral deposits inside water lines and other crucial parts of appliances. You can tell if you’ve got hard water by looking for premature corrosion around fixtures and mineral deposits left behind on appliances.

If you do have hard water that’s affecting your appliances, you can have a plumber install a water softener. This reduces the mineral content of the water, which means the fixtures and appliances in your home last longer.

Get a Little Help

It’s no secret that taking care of a home’s plumbing is a lot of work, but you don’t have to do everything alone. As a matter of fact, the best thing you can do is find a plumber you can count on in the Fernandina, FL, area. Lucky for you, Bert Norman’s Plumbing has your back. If the appliances, fixtures, or pipes in your home are on their last leg, give us a call and we’ll get everything taken care of before you have to deal with a plumbing catastrophe.

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