If you have a plumbing problem, you need to hire a professional plumber in Callahan, FL. Plumbers are highly trained and experienced in all aspects of plumbing, and they can provide you with the services you need to get your home or business back up and running in no time.

At Bert Norman’s Plumbing, we pride ourselves on being the leading plumbing services provider in Callahan and the surrounding areas. We have been in business for over 35 years and have the experience and expertise to handle any plumbing problem you may have.

Here are some of the things that plumbing pros in Callahan can do for you:

Locate and Repair Leaks

Leaks, especially those located behind the wall, under the floors, or underground, can be a difficult task for homeowners to find and repair. They can cost you money in higher water bills and significant damage to your property. The telltale signs you have a leak in your home include:

  • Soft areas on walls, ceilings, or the floor
  • Mildew growth
  • Musty odors
  • Higher than usual water bills

It’s the role of plumbing professionals to identify the cause of the leakage and fix it before it can cause further damage to your home.

Install or Repair Plumbing Fixtures

If you’re planning to renovate your bathroom or kitchen, you need the help of a professional to install or repair the plumbing fixtures. Plumbers have the knowledge and skills to properly install or repair different fixtures, including toilets, sinks, bathtubs, showers, dishwashers, and more.

Furthermore, they can help you choose the right fixtures for your home that will fit your budget and needs.

Drain and Sewer Cleaning

Drains and sewers can get clogged over time due to the buildup of grease, hair, soap scum, and other debris. That can lead to several problems, including bad odors, slow drainage, and flooding. Worst still, clogged drains and sewers can attract pests, like rats and roaches.

Plumbing specialists rely on advanced tools and equipment such as drain snakes and hydro jetters to clean the drains and sewers and prevent these problems.

Water Heater Repair or Replacement

Water heaters are an essential part of every home. They provide hot water for cooking, laundry, and bathing. However, like any other appliance, water heaters can break down over time. When this happens, you need to hire a professional to repair or replace it.

Plumbing experts have the training and experience to properly install or replace various water heaters, including gas, electric and tankless water heaters.

Fix Low Water Pressure

It’s the worst experience to walk into the shower, only to find out that the water pressure is low. Often, the issue is due to a problem with your local water company. Other times, it may be due to other reasons, such as:

  • Mineral deposits
  • Leaks
  • Faulty fixtures
  • Clogs
  • Corrosion
  • Water main break

Irrespective of the cause, a licensed plumbing pro can quickly rectify the problem and restore normal water pressure in your home.

Breathe Life into Gas Lines

Plumbing work doesn’t revolve around fresh water and drainage systems only; it also includes installing gas lines. A professional should always do the installation to prevent problems, such as leaks. Most plumbing specialists are licensed, meaning they can help with gas line repairs and installations. As a general rule of thumb–anything that involves pipes, a plumber can take care of it.

Thaw Frozen Water Pipes

Low temperatures and poor insulation can cause your water pipes to freeze and burst. Frozen pipes can lead to expensive repairs, so it’s crucial to prevent them from happening. Professionals can help you thaw frozen water pipes and insulate them to prevent them from freezing again.

Pipe Relining or Replacement

Fixing your home pipes often involves two options: pipe relining or pipe replacement. Pipe relining is a less invasive and more cost-effective solution that entails placing a liner inside your pipes to repair them. On the other hand, pipe replacement involves removing the damaged pipe and replacing it with a new one. Professionals can help you determine the best solution for your needs.

Handle Water Main Break

Have you noticed patches of wet grass or water pooling in your yard? It could be a sign of a water main break. This line carries water from the city’s water supply to your home.

If you suspect a water main break, shut off your home’s water at the shutoff valve and call a plumber for assistance.

What to Look For When Hiring a Plumbing Service in Callahan

Not all plumbers are created equal. Some are more qualified and experienced than others. Here are a few factors to consider when hiring a Plumbing specialist:

– Plumbing experience: You want to hire someone that has been in the business for several years.

– License: Plumbing professionals need to have a valid state license.

– Certification: In some states, they’re required to have a journeyman or master plumbing license.

– Insurance: They should have liability insurance to protect you from damages that may occur in your home.

– Good reviews: You can check a plumber’s reviews on Google and other platforms to see what other homeowners have to say about their work.

– Warranty: The plumbing company should offer a warranty on their work.

We Can Handle All Your Plumbing Repair Needs

Hiring a qualified and experienced plumber is the best way to ensure that your plumbing needs are met. The experts can help you with various issues, from fixing a leaky faucet to fixing a broken water heater.

Bert Norman’s Plumbing is a licensed plumbing company servicing Callahan, FL and the surrounding areas for over ten years. We have a proven reputation for having the best plumbers in the business. These professionals don’t shy away from a challenge and are always up for a plumbing repair.

To check out the services we provide to Callahan, FL, visit our website or give us a call today. We would be happy to discuss your plumbing needs and provide you with a free quote.

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There are many myths and misconceptions about how waterborne diseases came to be. You probably have heard some narrative claiming that waterborne diseases have something to do with the aliens. That aside, have you ever come across another exciting myth that the first waterborne disease breakout was because a cave dweller who was infected used to relieve himself upstream? It is believed that the cave dweller’s waste mixed with the piped water supplying water to the city.

This resulted in the sudden deaths of healthy residents, hallucination, fever, ghastly blue pallor of the residents who lived close by, and soldiers fainting because of water contamination. This deadly plague was associated with the contamination of the drinking water and the poor plumbing services. Putting the myths and misconceptions aside, stagnant water and floods might result in serious issues. According to an article published by The Guardian, about 500,000 U.S households don’t have indoor plumbing. Further, most of these tenants also live without flushing toilets or water within some of the wealthiest cities in the U.S.A.

If you are a resident of Jacksonville, FL, you should note that any damaged urinals, clogged drains, leaking bathrooms, sewer systems, burst pipes, and wastewater accumulation are hazardous. All these can make you or your family vulnerable to various infectious diseases. Hence, you should engage a reliable plumber for routine inspections and plumbing needs. Below are the main reasons why plumbing services are necessary for any homeowner.

To Preserve the Water Pipes

Do you know that the excess mineral content dissolved in your water might shorten your plumbing tubes and ducts? The innately occurring minerals such as calcium, copper, and magnesium accumulating within the interiors of your pipes might restrict the pressure and flow of the sewage or water. A DIYer or an inexperienced plumber only has a basic knowledge of installing, repairing, or replacing the water softeners, which use sodium to neutralize the minerals dissolved in the water.

Hence, it would be best to enlist a professional, licensed plumbing service provider for any plumbing issue. They will also properly install the water softener and filtration system to remove the minerals dissolved in the water. The softener uses various processes, including electrostatics, to soften the hard water, removing the elements that might make the pipes corrode or accumulate at the bottom of the water heater. Hence, you can preserve your pipe conduits, ducts, and tubes.

Protect Your Home and Family from Disease Outbreaks

Did you know invisible germs and bacteria swim around and thrive in standing water? Yes, stagnant water is a source of an impending health hazard which is why you must remain alert to any water leaks. The water leaks caused by poor plumbing services can result in molds. It is worth noting that molds could cause allergic disorders, asthma, and other respiratory complications.

Rotten drain pipes, sewer backups, and clogged drains from an ideal thriving and breeding ground for the mildew, bacteria, and other germs. Hence, your Jacksonville, FL home might experience outbreaks such as obscene black boils, cholera, dysentery, black or green excreta, or vomit. At worst, a blocked sewer line results in foul odors that might cause hepatitis, bloating, and gastroenteritis.

Similarly, Escherichia Coli and Shigella are other bacteria that might thrive in stagnating water. Other waterborne diseases that might result from poor plumbing servicing include encephalitis, shigellosis, and relapsing fever. Properly installed water lines and drainage systems can help prevent these health complications. Further, ensure that you enlist drain cleaning service from a professional to ensure that there aren’t any clogs in your drainage system.

Saves Energy

The regular plumbing service to upgrade the insulation on the piping can help reduce or even minimize any possibility of the pipes freezing during winter. The insulation prevents heat transfer, meaning that whenever the plumbing pipes are insulated properly, your water heating unit will efficiently operate to deliver a constant heated water supply to your home.

Regular plumbing upgrades on the plumbing fixtures, such as the faucets and showerheads, also mean that the professional can notice and remove any accumulated sediments. The water pressure increases whenever the sediments are removed, minimizing water by taking long showers and wastage of heat, saving energy.

Prevents Wastage of Water

One of the notorious leading causes of high water bills every month is the leaky faucets. It is estimated that a leaky faucet in your bathroom or kitchen can waste about 150 gallons of water every week. Whether a dripping faucet, trickling washing machine, leaking water heater, or a leaky toilet, enlisting a professional plumbing service provider for inspection is beneficial. These technicians will patch or seal the leaking parts or even replace the severely damaged parts. They can also install aerators in the faucets to prevent wastage of water stemming from the high-pressure water.

By having the professionals regularly check the plumbing system, you could rescue the cracked fittings or pipes, damaged seals and washers, or even the wobbly nails and rivets. All of these are culprits of water wastage. O-rings and corroded valve seats are other commonly forgotten notorious water wasters. The O-ring is the part of the faucet that seals the cartridge. Enlisting a plumber for a regular plumbing service is beneficial because the professional can detect such breakdowns. Whenever they detect them, they will take measures to remedy the issue.

Improved Drainage and Water Pressure

It could be deeply unsatisfying to begin or even end your long day after work by taking a low-pressure shower. Further, the gurgling sounds of a clogged bathtub can be frustrating, not to mention the smells emanating from the clogged drainage system that might bring about health complications, as discussed above. Hence, it would be best to enlist a certified plumbing service provider to address the drainage and water pressure issues. The professional can adjust valves, replace the water pressure regulator, remove the clogs, clean the drainage system and even adjust the faulty plumbing fixtures.

Reliable Plumber Near You

From the above, you can see many benefits of having a plumber inspect and maintain the various parts of a plumbing system. From ensuring you are safe from the diseases and ensuring the appliances live to the full extent of their service life to saving you from unwanted replacements and repairs, routine plumbing maintenance is critical. Do you need any plumbing service in your Jacksonville, FL home? Call our reliable plumbers at Bert Norman’s Plumbing today.

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Water leakages in residential homes in the country account for over 1 trillion gallons of wasted water annually. The startling high amount of water wastage requires early intervention measures that help detect the leakages on time for prompt repairs.

In Fernandina, FL, a plumber can use different leak detection methods to swiftly identify water leakages in the plumbing system, such as faucets and showerheads, toilets, water pipes, and irrigation systems.

Most leakages arise from:

  • Faulty plumbing materials that can crack with exposure to heat or cold weather,
  • Cracks due to corrosion or penetrating tree roots, and
  • Loose connections.

How Leak Detectors Work

An experienced and qualified plumber can install the leak detectors in your piping system in different parts of your home, including close to the tubs, sinks and toilets in the bathroom and the water heating systems, sink and dishwashers in the kitchen.

While some detectors alert you of a leakage, others indicate the exact location of the leaking pipe or plumbing system for swift repairs or replacements. Some of the leak detection methods used by a qualified and experienced plumbing professional in identifying the leaking water systems in a home are not limited to:

Noise Loggers

To top my list are noise loggers that effectively analyze the entire piping system. A plumber can install the acoustic-based sensors temporarily to check the system for leaks or permanently. If you choose permanent installation, the water leak detecting device continuously monitors specific areas in the plumbing pipes and alerts you whenever they detect a leak.

The plumbing expert should consider the piping materials before deciding on the intervals to install the noise loggers for leak detection. Some pipes like the PVC water lines require the noise loggers to be close to each other for effective detection of water leakages. When closely installed, the noise loggers listen for high frequency that signifies a leakage.

The optimal placement of the loggers ranges from 100 to 300 ft to scan the pipes during low-use hours of the day. The technologically advanced noise loggers feature frequency filters, digital readouts, and wireless connectivity to help the hired plumber interpret the data and detect the exact location of a leak. But, if you want to use the noise loggers to identify a leakage in bigger water systems, it might be too costly.

Smart Water Meters

Another way of detecting water leakages in plumbing systems is the smart water meters (advanced meters). It has wireless or Wi-Fi connectivity, cellular, hardwired or radio that communicates the amount of water used to analytic monitoring services. The data the devices gather on water usage is essential for a plumbing professional to identify a leakage in your home.

So, if the Smart meter reads high water usage when no taps are open, it is evidence of water leaks that require urgent repairs. To get the precise location of a leak in the water systems, you may have to use another method such as the noise loggers, making the entire process expensive.

Temperature Monitoring

Folks in areas where freezing temperatures are frequent require temperature monitoring or low-temperature leak detectors. The sensors alert you when they sense freezing pipes or excess humidity. Frozen pipes are a high risk for homes as they can burst and leak out gallons of water if not identified and repaired on time.

So, the temperature monitoring device is the best system during the winter season because it checks the freezing temperatures and informs you of potential frozen pipes for prompt insulation that prevents cracks and water leakages.


In addition to the above leak detection methods is the In-Pipe technology. The plumber in Fernandina, FL, uses the one-time device with electromagnetic, acoustic, or pressure sensors to find leakages in water pipes.

They can use the device when the water pipelines have no water in them or with water. The in-pipe tool tethers or floats freely in the water to inspect the pipes and mark the exact locations of the leak for easy identification and repairs.

In de-watered systems, the device becomes a robotic crawler to identify parts in the pipes that could be leaking. The marking of the specific leaking part helps the plumber replace the corroded, cracked, or damaged pipe with a more advanced corrosion-resistant pipe.

Advanced Metering Infrastructure

Furthermore, plumbing technicians can install the advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) in your plumbing pipes to detect leakages for prompt repairs. It features Smart meters and analytical software that monitors the water systems.

The analytic software processes the water usage data and alerts you of any abnormalities that indicate a leakage. The plumbing expert uses the data to identify the leaking locations in the pipes for fixing or repairs. Advanced metering is the best for homeowners with ample water systems.

Automatic Water Shut-Off

People can also opt for automatic water shut-off devices to automatically turn off the water supply when they sense a leakage. The system can come in handy for travelers and folks that rarely stay at home, saving their valuable and beautiful houses from water damage that is costly to restore.

They are also applicable in sprinklers as a water-saving technology because they shut off the water after detecting system damage. Therefore, having a plumber install the automatic water shut-off leak detectors in your home is the best decision that saves water and protects your valuables.

In a Nutshell

Leaks due to cracked pipes, failed connections, faulty plumbing materials, corroded pipes, and burst water systems are the leading cause of water wastage in most homes.

The best way to save water is to identify the leakage using different leak detectors in time, and call a skilled plumber to fix it as soon as possible.

Call Us For The Best Plumbing Solutions!

Therefore, you should not hesitate to reach out to Bert Norman’s Plumbing, serving Fernandina, FL, if you suspect you have leaked one of your plumbing systems. We are a family-owned and state-certified plumbing company serving residential clients since 1985.

Our plumbing experts offer personalized, competent, and reliable services, such as repairs, replacements, maintenance, and installation. You will get the best plumber for transparent diagnosis, proper analysis of the problem, and the best solutions to all the identified leaking problems.

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The bedroom and living room beauty are some of the aspects that the homeowners planning to renovate their homes or build a new home consider. This goal also applies to the kitchen and bathrooms for some people. There are many modern plumbing fixtures that you could use to make your home more aesthetically appealing and pleasing. Bathroom and kitchen fittings have varying qualities, sizes, durability, styles, patterns, and textures. Hence, homeowners are left with selecting the fixture that fits their preferences.

With the help of a plumber, the homeowner can explore the different options available in the plumbing stores in Jacksonville, FL. The professional can guide a homeowner on the best aesthetically appealing fixtures currently available in the market that have the perfect functionality. Many plumbing system manufacturers have leveraged the technology to make new appliances and fixtures that enhance comfort and aesthetics in your home. Their practical designs and skills make them stand out, designing fashionable and quality plumbing fixtures that add value to the kitchen or bathroom.

Your bathroom and kitchen décor will give your residential space an aesthetic appeal increasing its value. The visiting family and friends also will have high regard for the unique and new designs. However, enlisting the help of a plumbing service company is the best way to go about the installations. Professional plumbers will use their expertise to install the modern plumbing fixtures in your home for a beautiful and unique outcome. Based on the kind of a plumbing fixture that you need for your house, there are many state-of-the-art designs, finishes, and styles to choose from, including:

WaterSense Faucets

Some plumbing fixtures use higher volumes of water than they should, resulting in high water bills. For instance, according to the EPA, toilets account for 30% of indoor water use. An inefficient toilet may use about 6 gallons of water per flush, and hence, they end up wasting a lot of water. Fortunately, you could upgrade to water sense faucets and low flow toilets that use about 1.28 gallons for every flush. This is considerably lower than the federal standard, which is 1.6 gallons for every flush.

The showerheads are the next features that you could have a plumbing professional upgrade. Homeowners can install low-flow showerheads. Normally, showerheads could add up to 17% of the total indoor water use for every household. Hence, homeowners should adopt low-flow showerheads and faucets to reduce water usage. By installing WaterSense rated or certified showerheads, homeowners could save about 2700 gallons of water annually. If you feel that replacing the entire faucet or showerhead is beyond your budget, enlist a plumber to install an aerator.

Deck Mount Faucets

Deck-mount faucets installed in your bathroom and kitchen means that the plumber mounts the faucets not to the wall or sink but directly to your countertops. You can have your plumbing company set up the double, single, or even three-hole deck mount faucets. These faucets can be fitted in bathrooms or kitchen sinks. You could request the plumber to install a single-handle faucet or even a two-handle faucet, where you can use one for the cold water and the other for the warm or hot water.

Though the deck mount faucets have been in existence for some time, the manufacturers are making more beautiful and advanced versions using modern technologies and equipment. A homeowner can choose many desk mounting fixtures for their home to give it an aesthetic appeal according to their preferences. In addition to their beauty, the plumbing fixtures installed on the decks are easier to use and maneuver. A modern light-emitting diode (LED) waterfall single-handle one-hole faucet is a great instance of a modern deck mount tap that could give any home an aesthetic appeal.

These faucets give your bathroom or kitchen a curb appeal because they feature water-powered LED lights that change their colors with water temperature changes. They also have a trough style that creates a beautiful and appealing waterfall experience when the water flows from the faucet. Hence, they give your home visual fun and make the curious children or younger relatives enjoy their use.

So, if you’re building your home or even renovating it, you should have a plumber install the latest facts, such as touchless or even deck-mount faucets. Besides enhancing the curb appeal, this will also improve the hygiene and increase the value of your home at the same time. These professionals will properly install the modern taps, ensuring they serve your home for an extensive period.

Hot Water Recirculation Pumps

Installing a recirculating pump at your home saves you time, money, and water. The hot water recirculation pump continuously keeps the heated water circulating through the pipes to deliver hot water instantly. Hence, you will not have to wait for the hot water to flow into the showerhead or faucets. Like a tankless water heater, the hot water recirculation pump ensures that you have heated water immediately or on-demand. This means that you do not have to wait for the shower to heat up.

Additionally, you will reduce water wastage since the water does not have to flow down the drains. Therefore, you are saved from incurring high water utility bills at the end of the month. Therefore, a hot water recirculation pump is a must-have for your Jacksonville, FL home. Hence, ensure that you consult a plumbing professional for their installation before you buy one.

Garbage Disposals

These units are installed beneath the kitchen sinks to break down the food wastes before the particles flow down the drainage system. This plumbing appliance plays a critical role in keeping your kitchen clean. Nowadays, there are two garbage disposal models; batch feed and continuous feed units. You have to turn the unit on for a continuous feed, and it will work whenever you want it. On the contrary, the batch feed models only work whenever you have the food wastes ready.

Hence, you are protected from flushing any unwanted materials down the drains. Because of their convenience, garbage disposal units are becoming highly popular and essential. They can also help increase the value of your Jacksonville, FL home, meaning that installing one will see you make a profit on resale. To install or buy an adequately sized unit, enlist a professional plumber.

Professional Plumbers In Jacksonville

One way of increasing the value of your home is by performing various upgrades to the plumbing system. From installing low-flow toilets and faucets to using WaterSense Certified showerheads, there are many plumbing upgrades that a reliable plumber can perform to make your home more aesthetically appealing and valuable. Do you need any plumbing upgrades at your home? Call us at Bert Norman’s Plumbing today.

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