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The plumbing system in your Jacksonville, FL home is essential to your daily life. If your plumbing system isn’t functioning properly, it can make life in the home difficult and inconvenient.

With all of the DIY videos online today, many homeowners try to make plumbing repairs themselves. This is a mistake. The typical homeowner doesn’t have the skill, knowledge, experience, and tools to get the job done properly. Skipping one step or making one small mistake can have disastrous results.

If you have any of the following plumbing issues in your home, you should immediately call a licensed plumber.

#1 Leaky Faucet

It is very easy to ignore a leaky faucet. Most people think that if the water is just dripping, they aren’t wasting water. Also, after a day or two, they no longer notice the dripping sound. Just because it is easy to ignore a dripping faucet, it doesn’t mean that you should. A dripping faucet wastes more water than you think. If your faucet is dripping at a rate of one drip per second, you can waste over 3,000 gallons of water per year. This equals about 180 showers and can cause a significant increase in your water bill.

If your faucet is leaking, it is a sign that there is a mechanical issue that needs to be repaired. If the problem is not repaired, the problem will worsen, and the dripping can become a flow. It is best to call a licensed plumber as soon as you notice the problem.

#2 Toilet Issues

Toilet issues can be very frustrating and can make life in your Jacksonville, FL home very difficult, especially if you only have one bathroom. If you have an issue with your toilet and ignore it, your bathroom can sustain significant water damage. If you are experiencing any of the issues listed below, it is essential that you call a licensed plumber immediately.

  • The toilet tank won’t refill after flushing.
  • The flushes are very weak and cannot clear the bowl.
  • It takes a long time for the toilet to complete a full flush.
  • The water level in the bowl is low.
  • The toilet flushes multiple times on its own.
  • There is water leaking from the base of the tank.
  • Other drains in the home gurgle when the toilet flushes.
  • The toilet won’t flush at all.

Another serious issue is if the toilet runs constantly. This may seem like a minor issue, but a constantly running toilet can waste a significant amount of water. A running toilet can waste up to 4.5 gallons of water per minute, which equals about 300 gallons of water per hour and 6,840 gallons per day.

The most common cause of a running toilet is an issue with the flapper. If you ignore the issue, your water bill will increase by close to $60 per day.

It is essential that you hire a licensed plumber as soon as your toilet starts to malfunction.

#3 Poor Water Pressure

Poor water pressure can be very frustrating. It can make it difficult to rinse the shampoo from your hair and to perform daily household chores. Also, poor water pressure can affect how your water-based appliances function, such as the washing machine and the dishwasher.

There are a couple of reasons that the water pressure in your home is poor. It could be something minor, like a clogged aerator. It can also be something more serious, like a leak in the waterline. If this problem goes ignored, the leaking water will pool behind the wall, causing water damage. It can also promote mold and mildew growth, which can be difficult and expensive to remove.

If your water pressure is poor, it is best to hire a licensed plumber as soon as you notice the problem.

#4 Appliance Installation

New appliances can be expensive, which is why some homeowners will try to install the appliance themselves. They would rather do the job than spend even more money on a plumber. While this sounds good in theory, it is a mistake. Installing a dishwasher, washing machine, or water heater are all complicated jobs. If you make a mistake, you could cause damage to the appliance and your plumbing system. Also, if your new appliance is under warranty, attempting a DIY installation will void the warranty before you have a chance to use the appliance.

It is best to pay the additional cost that a plumber will charge to install your new appliance. This will ensure that it is installed safely and correctly. It is well worth the cost in the long run.

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