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As time goes by the technology of most things improves. The components of your plumbing are no different. In the last twenty years, there have been a lot of improvements that have improved the water consumption or energy efficiency of these components. If your plumbing components are reaching the end of their life span then you should consider replacing them with the upgraded version. They might be a costly investment at first but you will save money in the long run. Bert Norman’s Plumbing in Fernandina, FL would like to tell you more about the various plumbing upgrades that a plumber could do for you. Some of these upgrades could save you money and others are just for added comfort and convenience.

1. Smart Water Heaters

Water heaters are essential to the plumbing system as water needs to pass through the water heater so that it can be heated up for use. Your water heater works every day so upgrading to a smart water heater can be beneficial. A smart water heater will use less energy to heat up the water. The thermostat of the smart water heater can also be adjusted so that you can set it to the perfect temperature. This will save you money on utility bills. Some smart water heaters also come with built-in sensors that detect when there is a problem with your water heater. It will show a notification of what the problem is. This will help your plumber to repair the problem since the water heater displayed the problem. This can also save you time and money for repair costs. There are various makes and models of smart water heaters so it’s best to consult a professional before you buy one.

2. Smart Toilets

The second smart appliance that you should consider installing is a smart toilet. This will save you a lot of water especially if you have many occupants living in your home. We often do not think about how much water we flush down the drain when we use our toilet. Toilets that were built after 1994 use 1.6 gallons of water per flush. This can add up over time and increase your water bill. A smart toilet will only use 0.6 gallons of water when you flush it. Not only do smart toilets use less water but they also come with added features such as seat warmers that can be great especially during the winter. Some also come with warning systems that inform you if there is a clog or if one of the values is not functioning properly. The more features you want your smart toilet to have the more expensive it will be. Bert Norman’s Plumbing suggests considering your budget over the added feature of the toilet. It is also important to have a professional plumber install the toilet for you so that there are no malfunctions later on.

3. Leak Detectors

This is also another upgrade that can save you money on your utility bills. Leak detectors are sensors that are installed in your plumbing system that will send you a notification if there is a leak in any of your pipes. These leak detectors can also give the plumber an idea of the position of the leak. These leak detectors will inform you immediately when there is a leak in your system so that you can shut off the water supply and conduct a plumber to repair the leak for you. This will cut down on repair time as well.

4. Greywater Systems

The next upgrade is great if you are environmentally conscious and you also want to save money on your utility bill. A greywater system collects water that was used during baths, showers, and cleaning. This water is sorted and can then be used to fill up toilets or in your irrigation system. This will also help you to conserve more clean water for consumption. This will help your wallet as well as future generations because you are not wasting fresh water. The greywater system is complex and needs to be attached to various points in your plumbing system thus it is best to hire a professional plumber to install the greywater system and maintain it. If you attempt to do it yourself then you run the risk of installing it incorrectly and rendering it useless.

5. Smart Showers

This is the last upgrade mentioned in the article because it does not provide any water-saving features. A smart shower head is there for added convenience. These smart showerheads will improve your showing experience since you will be able to set the exact temperature that you want your shower to be set at. Some can play music and more. This upgrade is just for luxury so you can leave it last on the list of things that need to be upgraded. It is also important to know that not all plumbers have suppliers that sell smart showerheads thus you will also have to do a bit of shopping to make sure you get the type of shower head that you want.

These are five upgrades that you can do to your plumbing system that can improve the water consumption of your home, decrease your monthly expenses and provide comfort to your home. Not all plumbers have the skills to install these smart or improved appliances. Bert Norman’s Plumbing in Fernandina, FL recommends that you consult your plumber before you buy any appliance since you will also have to budget for the installation fee and think about maintenance costs. You should also not attempt to install plumbing upgrades yourself.

If you are looking to upgrade your plumbing system then contact Bert Norman’s Plumbing for an appointment.

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