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Essentially, garbage disposal units break down waste and drain it away, ensuring your kitchen is neat at all times. Consequently, they improve your home’s drainage system and help protect your plumbing pipes. Many people hardly notice the garbage disposal appliances in their residence when they’re working efficiently.

However, garbage disposals are routinely exposed to gallons of running water, food scraps, and lime, making them likely to break down. If your unit starts making strange noises, takes forever to crush light waste loads, or emits a nasty smell, then it’s about time you contact your Jacksonville, FL, plumber.

They can help you identify garbage disposal issues early and provide the appropriate solutions to avoid potential drainage system damages. Below are some of the issues that new or old garbage disposals may experience.

Jammed Garbage Disposal

If your home’s garbage disposal unit starts making a humming sound or has problems draining solid refuse, it could be a sign that it’s jammed. You should contact a professional plumber since the humming sound often indicates a poor power supply.

Clogs are a common occurrence in garbage disposal units. They may come about due to objects such as eggshells, fruit peelings, and bones obstructing the disposal blades from spinning. The blockages can also result from draining too much food waste at once or failing to pour hot water into the sink after disposing of cooking grease.

Failure to clean the blades regularly will make them blunt and slow down their crushing speed. Blockages near the top of the unit can be easily cleared. However, if they run deep within the drainage infrastructure, you may need the expertise of a plumbing service.

Slowly Draining Garbage Disposal

If you observe that your home’s garburator is taking more time to drain than expected, it could mean that the disposal or sink pipes may have a blockage. This may happen when you discharge a higher volume of waste than usual, for instance, during home parties.

The interior of your home’s drain pipes will get narrower with time as layers of leftover waste accumulate. The additional waste may end up blocking the pipes. If this problem is left unattended, the resulting damages may cost you a pretty penny to fix.

You may need the assistance of a plumbing professional with troubleshooting and resolving the problem. They can use advanced tools to remove any obstructions in the pipes.

Smelly Garbage Disposal

If you notice your home’s disposal emitting a foul smell, it’s a sign that there may be a problem. It could mean that the motor isn’t chopping food particles efficiently or there are drainage problems.

If your home’s garbage disposal isn’t thoroughly cleaned, food particles can accumulate over time, producing an unpleasant smell as they decompose. If you use home-based remedies to clean the system and the odor still lingers, that’s your cue to call a plumber near Jacksonville, FL, for assistance.

An odor that won’t go away even after cleaning the disposal may mean that it’s time to replace it. An experienced plumbing service may be in a position to deliver lasting solutions based on your needs.

Leaks in the Garbage Disposal Unit

Garbage disposal leaks are likely to happen due to a missing putty sealing around the unit, a non-functional O-ring, and an improper connection to the dishwasher or drainage pipe. A sharp object that finds its way into the disposal may also poke the casing of the disposal system, causing a crack.

These leaks may damage various items in your residence, including carpets and valuables stored under the sink. They may also promote mold and mildew growth and attract bacteria and insects that could create a health hazard in your home.

Luckily, your plumber can resolve the leaks by tightening loose parts or replacing worn-out parts such as the flange gasket or the O-ring. If the leak is due to an issue with the sink flange, your system may need advanced diagnosis and repair services. Some circumstances may warrant replacing the unit altogether.

No Noise When You Turn on the System

If the disposal unit doesn’t respond once you turn it on, an interior plug could be loose, or its reset button may have fallen out. It may also mean that the electrical switch needs replacing or the circuit breaker may have tripped in the electrical service panel due to an overload. Also, the motor could be dead. Your local plumber can help you get to the bottom of the matter quickly to avoid further damage to the unit.

They can check if the unit is on and if the reset button, usually located at the bottom, has popped outwards. They can also check the circuit breaker to ensure it hasn’t tripped. If the disposal still doesn’t turn on or make any noise, it could be beyond repair. At this point, your plumber may provide a professional opinion regarding the next course of action.

Smoke From the Disposal

If smoke or a burning smell is coming out of your unit, it could be due to a burnt motor capacitor or motor. This could happen if solid waste particles get jammed in the grinding chamber, causing the motor to overheat. A functional safety mechanism will grind the disposer into a halt, and then you’d have to reset it. If the safety button is faulty and the reset button fails to work, this may cause a fire or damage to the garburator.

Contacting a professional plumber helps protect your unit and residential property in such scenarios. Remember, you should never ignore awkward sounds coming from your home’s disposal unit. They may be due to the blades crushing a sharp object or a misplaced part of the unit. Also, they may tell you when something is jammed in the system, allowing you to seek solutions from your plumber before the situation worsens.

Contact a Reliable Plumber in Jacksonville, FL

At Bert Norman’s Plumbing, you are assured to work with experienced plumbers who deliver impactful solutions to all your plumbing problems. Since 1985, we have been at the forefront of addressing the plumbing needs of local residents and throughout Nassau County.

Besides plumbing maintenance and inspections, you can rely on us for garbage disposal installations, repairs, and replacements. Our professional technicians are available 24/7. Reach out to us today.

Plumbing service is always a critical must, and those who own homes or run businesses know the high price of plumbing gone bad. Quality-Plumbing-Service-_-Jacksonville,-FLAnything from a drain clog, an aging water heater, or leaky water fixtures are all the basic plumbing necessities of your home’s indoor plumbing. Pipes can go bad due to wear, tear, or simple aging, and nothing is more stressful than a pipe that suddenly bursts without any warning.

Drain clogs have symptoms of their own, and they are many and varied. Keep in mind that all of your drains are interconnected, and that what happens in one affects the others. In your bathroom, if your toilet or sink drains are clogged, they can back into each other. And when you see this happening to your fixtures, then you know it’s time to call on the professionals at Bert Norman’s of Jacksonville, FL for your plumbing service needs.

Anything can cause a drain clog. Grease and oil collection can align the walls of your pipes and start hardening once they cool, thus causing a drain clog that slows the passage of water into the sewage system. Other items, such as food bits, hardened soap scum, jewelry, and small toys often have sneaky ways of creeping into your drains and getting stuck without warning.

A leaking or malfunctioning garbage disposal can be another cause of your drain cleaning woes. One good sign that your disposal is on the brink is the sudden appearance of fruit flies that lurk around your sink area. Thankfully, good plumbing service also includes the ability to repair or replace a broken garbage disposal.

There may be a time when you turn on your garbage disposal only to have it regurgitate a mountainous mess of food bits, both great and small. Before you know it, both sides of your sink are covered in leftovers, leaving you with a giant mess in which to deal with.

Thankfully, the contractors at Bert Norman’s have plenty of experience in assessing and treating your garbage disposal needs. As part of good, quality, plumbing service, your plumber can look at your unit and determine the course of service at a cost that’s affordable to you. They have vast knowledge of all types of makes and models and can give you a reasonable estimate of the cost of parts and labor involved. Good plumbing service includes the installation of a garbage garbage disposal, repairing an existing one, or simply maintaining one on a periodic basis.

And homeowners should beware that a bad garbage disposal can be another leading cause of a clogged drain. In fact, if it fails to properly grind your food up, then it can choke the very life out of your drain and cause the kind of damage that leads to the need for professional plumbing service.

DIY efforts may appear to be normal, even heroic, but they are hardly recommended for your drain cleaning needs. Home drain cleaners such as Draino can cause more harm for your pipes and drains, thus leading to more costly and time consuming repairs down the road. Therefore, it’s best to rely upon good, quality professional plumbing service from a licensed professional.

Many times, a plumber can use a mechanical snake to pull out solid debris from a clogged drain, This method is commonly used in cases where a bathroom drain may suffer a clog with origins that can be traced to a collection of hair or two-ply toilet paper. Other cases will need to use other measures of drain cleaning, however, and these include those where drains are clogged due to food, oil, grease, or soap scum build up. In those cases, it becomes critical for the plumber to use hydro-jetting, where several pounds of pure water are injected straight into the drain pipe without the added use of harmful chemicals.

There are many other modern-day plumbing amenities we have all come to rely upon; and, in some cases, even taken for granted. For example, water heaters are certainly nothing new to homeowners, and those who live within the Jacksonville, FL area know all too well that without a reliable water heater comes much undue plumbing distress.

Hot water has a variety of uses within the home, and without it, basic tasks of normal daily living cannot be done as well as you’d like. Think of those long, warm, luxurious tub baths that are a source of comfort and luxury right after a hectic day at the office. Plus, those nice, steaming morning showers that have you feeling clean and ready to start your day are the result of a good water heater that does its job and does it well.

Your plumbing service does include water heater installation and repair, which is a major source of help once your unit loses the steam it needs to keep you and your home clean and sanitized. The plumbing service team at Bert Norman’s knows all too well that taking a cold shower is no fun, and that we humans take great pride in how well we keep ourselves nice and clean. Sometimes, a new unit can break down due to poor installation or a missing part, but older units with a lifespan of ten years or more will need to be replaced as soon as possible.

The good news is that newer water heater models stand a far better chance of running much more efficiently and of being in full compliance with EPA standards. Plus, a better, more improved model can greatly reduce your monthly water bill, thus saving you even more money in the long run.

This is especially true if you decide to have a tankless water heater installed. Tankless water heaters are reliable about heating only the amount of water you will need to use in the course of a day. It also uses far less water due to the fact that it doesn’t need to come up through the pipes to the source of output, as the unit is very tiny and typically uses much less water than traditional brands.

Whatever the issue is, don’t wait. Trying to fix it yourself may come across as noble, but the consequences are great and outweigh the benefits. You can call or visit online today to speak with a professional for an appointment with Bert Norman’s Plumbing.

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