Toilet Repair And Replacement: End Leaks Now! [2024]

Are you tired of the constant hassle and frustration from needing toilet repair and replacement?

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Understanding Your Plumbing Needs And Challenges

Ever woken up in the middle of the night to the sound of a relentless drip, drip, drip? 

Or perhaps, faced the Monday blues with a clogged toilet refusing to flush? 

If these scenarios hit too close to home, you’re not alone. 

From pesky leaks that stain ceilings, clogs that turn bathrooms into no-go zones, to installation mishaps that could flood your living room—plumbing woes are as common as they are varied. 

Beyond the inconvenience, these issues can lead to significant property damage and unexpected expenses if not addressed promptly.

But fret not, because this is where Bert Norman’s Plumbing steps in, wielding wrenches and expertise like no other. 

With a knack for nipping plumbing problems in the bud, our team promises not just solutions but peace of mind. 

We’re not just about fixing leaks; we’re about restoring your home’s harmony. 

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Why Choose Bert Norman’s Plumbing?

Imagine having a seasoned plumber, one with years of battles against leaks and clogs under their belt and helping with toilet repair and replacement needs, ready to come to your aid. 

That’s Bert Norman’s Plumbing promise. 

With decades in the game, our licensed professionals are not just experts; they’re guardians of your home’s plumbing integrity. 

Every drip stopped and every flow restored is a testament to our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.


Emergency Services: Because Plumbing Doesn’t Wait

Plumbing problems don’t have the courtesy to occur at convenient times. 

Whether it’s a burst pipe at midnight or a clogged drain on Thanksgiving, our emergency services ensure that you’re never left stranded. 

Quick response times? Check. Effective solutions? Double-check. Peace of mind? Absolutely.

Visit our page to find an Emergency Plumber for urgent plumbing needs.


Servicing Callahan, Fernandina, and Jacksonville, FL

Our reach spans across Callahan, Fernandina, and Jacksonville, FL, making us the go-to solution in these communities. 

Whether you’re dealing with a stubborn clog in Callahan, a leaky faucet in Fernandina, or need a toilet repair and replacement in Jacksonville, we’ve got you covered. 

Our local presence ensures quick dispatch and a deep understanding of the plumbing nuances specific to our beautiful Floridian communities.

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Expert Toilet Repair And Replacement: The Essential Throne

Ever walked into your bathroom only to be greeted by the unwelcome sound of water constantly running from your toilet, or worse, discovered a leak that’s slowly turning your floor into a shallow pond? 

These aren’t just minor inconveniences; they’re battle cries from your porcelain throne, signaling it’s time for a repair or possibly a complete overhaul. 

At Bert Norman’s Plumbing, we recognize that a fully functional toilet is not just a cornerstone of modern hygiene but a critical component of your daily comfort and convenience.

Our suite of Toilet Repair and Replacement services is designed to address every hiccup your toilet might face.

From simple fixes like replacing a flapper to more complex issues requiring total toilet replacement. 

With the precision of a skilled plumber wielding a wrench, we ensure every toilet repair and replacement service needs is handled with the expertise that only years of experience can bring.

Visit our page to explore our Bathroom Remodeling Services and transform your space today!


Common Toilet Problems And Diagnostics

A running toilet, leaks between the tank and bowl, clogs that defy the plunger, or a flush that’s more of a whimper than a roar—sound familiar? 

These common issues are not just a nuisance; they’re a cry for help from your toilet, and a signal that something’s not quite right down under. 

At Bert Norman’s Plumbing, we believe in empowering our clients with knowledge. 

Let’s talk about some initial diagnostics you can perform to understand the severity of your toilet troubles before you call in the cavalry.


DIY Diagnostics: A First Glance Before the Expert Dance

Running toilets often betray a faulty flapper or a fill valve issue, both of which can usually be identified with a quick look inside the tank.

Leaks between the tank and bowl might indicate a compromised seal, and while tightening bolts might offer a temporary fix, it’s often a sign of a deeper issue. 

Clogs? Well, they can range from the simple to the sinister, depending on what’s blocking the way. 

And if your flush has lost its gusto, the culprit could be as simple as a clogged rim jet or as complex as a systemic issue within your plumbing.

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Toilet Replacement And Installation Options

Ever found yourself pondering the myriad of toilet options out there? You’re not alone. 

Choosing the right toilet for your home goes beyond just picking a color. It’s about water efficiency, comfort, and yes, even style. 

Enter Bert Norman’s Plumbing, your trusted guide in navigating the sea of toilet options. We understand that the process can be as overwhelming as a clogged drain. 

But worry not, we’re here to flush away the confusion and help you make an informed decision.


A Throne That Suits Your Realm

Comfort and Accessibility: 

Did you know the height and shape of your toilet can significantly impact your comfort? 

Whether you’re looking for something that caters to accessibility needs or simply seeking the throne that promises the most royal of experiences, we’ve got you covered.

Style That Speaks to You: 

A toilet can be a statement piece, believe it or not. 

From contemporary designs to classic elegance, your choice can complement your bathroom’s theme beautifully. 

Our experts at Bert Norman’s Plumbing are here to help you match functionality with aesthetics.


Expert Installation: A Seamless Fit

Once you’ve selected your perfect toilet, our team of licensed professionals in Callahan, Fernandina, and Jacksonville, FL, will ensure a flawless installation. 

We treat your home with the respect it deserves, ensuring a tidy workspace and a thorough clean-up post-installation. 

With Bert Norman’s Plumbing, your new toilet will be more than just a fixture; it will be a seamless addition to your home.

Our suite of Toilet Repair and Replacement services is designed to address every hiccup your toilet might face.

Contact us for expert Toilet Repair and Replacement services– dial 904-225-5888 today!


Innovative Toilet Repair and Replacement Techniques: Beyond The Plunger

A leaking toilet or a weak flush can be frustrating, to say the least. 

But before you reach for the plunger or resign yourself to the idea of an expensive replacement.

Let Bert Norman’s Plumbing shed some light on innovative repair techniques that can breathe new life into your weary commode.


Sealing the Deal: Leak Prevention and Repair

Leaks between the tank and bowl are not just annoying; they’re wasteful. 

Our team utilizes cutting-edge sealants and techniques to not only fix existing leaks but prevent future ones. 

This means your toilet stays dry, and your water bill stays reasonable.


Flow and Go: Resolving Water Flow Issues

Low water flow can turn your toilet into a frustration station. 

Our experts at Bert Norman’s Plumbing utilize innovative techniques to improve water flow, ensuring a powerful flush every time. 

From adjusting water levels to upgrading components, we ensure that your toilet performs at its best.


Bert Norman’s Plumbing: Where Quality Meets Innovation

At Bert Norman’s Plumbing, we’re not just about fixing problems; we’re about providing solutions that last. 

Our commitment to utilizing the latest techniques and technologies ensures that your toilet repair and replacement needs are met with the highest standards of quality and efficiency. 

We ensure every toilet repair and replacement service needs are handled with the expertise of our plumbers. 

Serving the communities of Callahan, Fernandina, and Jacksonville, FL, we’re here to make your plumbing worries a thing of the past.

Contact us for expert Toilet Repair and Replacement services– dial 904-225-5888 today!


Emergency Plumbing Services: 24/7 Availability

Bert Norman’s Plumbing understands that plumbing emergencies wait for no one. 

Whether it’s a burst pipe in the dead of night or a severe leak on a holiday, our emergency services are a beacon of hope. 

We’re not just talking about quick fixes but expert solutions that nip the problem in the bud, ensuring it doesn’t gatecrash your life again anytime soon.

Contact us for expert Toilet Repair and Replacement services– dial 904-225-5888 today!


Drain Cleaning And Maintenance

Now, let’s shift gears to something a bit less dramatic but equally crucial—drain maintenance. 

Ever noticed your water draining slower than usual, or, heaven forbid, a backup? 

These are the tell-tale signs of clogged drains, the silent disruptors of domestic bliss.

Visit our page to learn more about our Drain Cleaning Services and solutions.


Why Regular Drain Maintenance is Non-Negotiable

Regular drain cleaning might not be on your top-ten list of fun things to do, but it’s essential for preventing those major blockages.

That can lead to water damage, unpleasant odors, and a whole host of other issues you’d rather not deal with. 

Bert Norman’s Plumbing offers comprehensive drain cleaning and maintenance services that keep everything running smoothly.

Preventing the build-up of soap scum, hair, grease, and other gunk that loves to call your pipes home.

Contact us for expert Toilet Repair and Replacement services– dial 904-225-5888 today!


Conclusion: Choosing Excellence With Bert Norman’s Plumbing

When it comes to the plumbing in your home or business, settling for anything less than the best can lead to ongoing issues and dissatisfaction. 

That’s where Bert Norman’s Plumbing steps in, offering a beacon of reliability and expertise in an industry where these qualities are paramount. 

Our dedication to providing high-quality service, combined with our rapid response times and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, sets us apart in the bustling locales of Callahan, Fernandina, and Jacksonville, FL.

At Bert Norman’s Plumbing, we understand the critical importance of having functional, efficient plumbing systems. 

Whether you’re grappling with a stubborn toilet that refuses to work as it should or you’re in need of comprehensive plumbing services, our team is equipped to handle your needs with precision and care. 

Our years of experience, coupled with a toolbox of the latest techniques, ensure that your plumbing issues are not just temporarily fixed but resolved for the long haul.

Contact us for expert Toilet Repair and Replacement services– dial 904-225-5888 today!

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FAQ Section

  1. What areas do you serve?

We proudly serve the communities of Callahan, Fernandina, and Jacksonville, FL, offering a comprehensive range of plumbing services to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

  1. How do you price your services?

Our pricing is upfront and transparent. We assess the scope of work during our initial consultation and provide you with a detailed estimate before any work begins, ensuring there are no surprises.

  1. What is your scheduling process?

Scheduling a service with us is simple and convenient. You can call our office or request a service through our website. We strive to accommodate your schedule and provide prompt service, especially in emergency situations.

  1. Do you offer a warranty on your services?

Absolutely! We stand behind the quality of our work with a comprehensive warranty on services and parts. Specific warranty details will be provided at the time of service, giving you added peace of mind.

  1. What makes Bert Norman’s Plumbing the right choice for toilet repair and replacement?

Our expertise in toilet repair and replacement, along with our commitment to using the latest techniques and high-quality parts, ensures that we can tackle any issue efficiently. Our approach is tailored to your specific needs, making us a trusted choice for homeowners and businesses alike in our service areas.


By addressing these common inquiries, we hope to not only enlighten you about the breadth and quality of our services.

But also to reflect our commitment to transparency, reliability, and customer satisfaction at Bert Norman’s Plumbing.

Visit our Google Business Profile to learn more about our services and customer reviews.


You most likely have never had to endure a life without plumbing. The-Importance-of-Having-A-Professional-Plumber-For-Plumbing-and-Plumbing-Maintenance-_-Jacksonville,-FLThis privilege has a long history of invention and innovations. The plumbing systems we take for granted daily have played a pivotal role in our everyday lives and the way we live today.

Sanitary waste removal has been a hot button topic for centuries. Before large communities began forming waste removal was fairly simple. All you needed to do was dig a hole and presto. This natural process was good for the environment at the time. With the birth of sidewalks and pavement, dirt and trees became less prevalent. People began to live close together and privacy was becoming a thing of the past. Waste removal techniques before plumbing were extremely unsanitary and toxic to the civilians that lived there. Do not take your plumbing systems for granted. If you notice a problem fix it by contacting a trusted and local plumber in Jacksonville, FL.

How Flushing Toilets Tremendously Improved Our Lives

Toilets are such an important component of everyday life. If we suddenly ceased to have them, we would suddenly not know what to do. The streets would be filthy with sewage. This was a problem before the first sewage waste pipeline was invented for New York in 1728 due to a compelling need for more sanitary conditions. Before the invention of the sewage lines human waste was just thrown into the street. This is why your waste disposal lines are especially important.

The invention of the flush was also revolutionary and has brought us a lot of conveniences. The invention was brought to us in the late 1800s by a man named Thomas Crapper. This is why we sometimes refer to the toilet as the crapper. The name may have a slightly humorous tone to it but it has seriously improved our quality of life. Due to this amazing invention, we can now go to the bathroom in our homes without any smells or toxins permeating the air for too long. If you notice any issues with your toilet you need to contact a professional right away. Toilet issues can be a serious problem.

You may need to invest in a new toilet if your porcelain throne is in need of constant repairs. Bert Norman’s plumbing will come out to your home and property and help you decide on how to proceed. The issue may not be as simple as a replacement. A plumber may be required to replace the entire appliance if it has reached the end of its lifespan.

The Benefits of Preventive Maintenance

You can rely on your trusted local plumber from Bert Norman’s plumbing to take care of all your plumbing system needs. Plumbing is a big job, there are a lot of components to a one single plumbing system. Preventive maintenance for your plumbing system is just as important as the plumbing specialist you hire to maintain your property’s systems. Your plumbing technician should be certified and reliable, this way you can rest easy knowing your very necessary plumbing systems are taken care of.

Fewer Breakdowns

The median age of American homes is 36 years of age. Your home may be a little older or younger. Older homes will have more frequent breakdowns than newer homes. When a newer home begins to break down you need to stay on top of the maintenance to not further damage your property and keep it as new as possible for longer. Plumbing systems can last anywhere from 17 to 100 years. The amount of time your plumbing systems last depends on how you care for it and what your pipes are made out of. Hire a professional who is experienced and certified to ensure your plumbing systems are working normally.

Contact a plumber to inspect your home at least once a year. This will greatly reduce the number of plumbing repairs your property may need. This will save you money and postpones the need for a total plumbing system replacement which can be an extremely costly investment.

The professionals at Bert Normans plumbing will perform plumber services on any of the systems you need to be checked. They are located in Jacksonville, FL and have been servicing the area since 1985.

Sufficient Water Pressure Helps You Save Money

Pipes can be made out of things such as copper, lead, or polyvinyl chloride. PVC is the most common type of pipe used today. PVC is durable but has its weaknesses. Some homes have different kinds of materials connecting. Special configurations require a trained and experienced plumber to handle.

Water pressure can be affected by the type of pipes you have within your walls. The water supply pipes are typically made of copper. Copper is the best material for such a large job. Some older homes still have iron pipes for water supply. This is what was used decades ago as plumbing systems evolved. Copper is the best for water supply due to its tolerance for high water pressure amounts staring through it constantly. If you notice a difference in your water pressure It may be time to contact a plumbing technician.

Depending on the issue your plumbing specialist may be able to simply patch up the issue. Your plumber may also suggest a total replacement of the water supply system if your systems aren’t up to par. Contact Bert Norman’s plumbing to have a plumber inspect your water supply system to help you decide on what the next best steps should be.

Water Quality Improvement

Another benefit of preventive maintenance directly affects the quality of water coming out of your faucets. Having your plumber inspect your plumbing and water supply systems will help improve your water quality. If the professional were to replace your iron pipes with copper ones you have instantly increased the quality of your water. Iron tends to rust and leave small particles of debris in your bath and drinking water. Copper can rust as well but isn’t as prone to doing so as iron would.

Bert Norman’s Plumbing offers 24/7 plumbing services in case of an emergency. You can also count on them to perform services such as drain cleaning, repairs, replacements, and more. They are known to use high-quality materials as well as modern and efficient techniques. Contact Bert Norman’s Plumbing for more assistance if you live in or around the area.

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Most homeowners are smart enough to know that a toilet is not a trash can. The-10-Worst-Things-to-Flush-Down-Your-Toilet-_-Tips-from-Your-Trusted-Jacksonville,-FL-Plumbing-ServiceAfter all, if you try to flush most of your garbage down the toilet, you’re going to find yourself making a phone call to a Jacksonville, FL plumbing service in a rather short amount of time.

However, in this day and age, there are quite a few things that people think can be flushed that actually shouldn’t ever go down the toilet. You might get away with flushing a couple of these items once or twice, but if you do it regularly, you’re going to wreck your plumbing. A few of these items are so devastating for your pipes that even one time will require a plumber to come out and fix the damage. Here are some of the worst things to send down the toilet!

Flushable Wipes

Many people might be surprised to see these on here. After all, the name flushable is even part of the title! But just because something is advertised as flushable doesn’t mean that it’s meant to go down the toilet. The reason that toilet paper goes down the toilet without issue — and even it’s been known to clog a toilet if you use too much — is that after a few minutes, toilet paper will break down in water. Flushable wipes don’t break down, and they end up causing real problems in the sewers if you flush them. You might not need a plumber to rescue you from flushing these, but Jacksonville, FL and Duval County will certainly be feeling the negative effects of your decision if you send flushable wipes down the toilet.


It’s easy to make the mistake of accidentally letting one of these slip into the toilet and thinking that it’s no big deal. But they present the same problems as flushable wipes: they don’t break down. If you use the ones that are partially plastic, it’s even worse. Be careful not to toss these down the toilet, or you’ll cause a sewer blockage over time.

Menstrual Pads

This would fall under the category of “call a plumbing service” if you flush one. Think about it: the purpose of a menstrual pad is to absorb fluid when necessary. Why would you want something that absorbs fluid going into your pipes? It’s going to expand and cause a major blockage if one gets flushed.


Take everything that was just said about menstrual pads and multiply it. Diapers’ main purpose are to absorb wetness so that your baby’s skin doesn’t suffer from irritation as long as you change your baby quickly. Again, something that absorbs wetness going down your pipes is going to require you to call a Jacksonville, FL plumbing service to fix the damage.


This is another entry that might surprise you, but bleach causes damage to your pipes in a different manner than a clog. Bleach is a corrosive liquid, and if it doesn’t get flushed through your pipes promptly, it’s going to break down the glue in PVC pipes and cause a serious issue that requires calling a plumbing service for immediate attention. If you’d like to clean your toilet, use a specific toilet bowl cleaner, or toss some common white vinegar down your pipes. Vinegar is actually an excellent choice for cleaning your toilet, as it won’t cause any problems if it goes down your pipes.

Undigested Food

The same cannot be said for other kinds of food, however. Human waste obviously goes down the toilet without issue, but when food hasn’t had a chance to be digested, it causes real problems for your pipes. Unlike flushable wipes or diapers, food will eventually break down in your pipes and clear away, but the process takes so long that you’re likely going to have to call for a plumbing service long before that happens. Bottom line: if a human body hasn’t had a chance to break it down, it doesn’t belong in the toilet.


Have you ever heard that water is a renewable resource? Well, that becomes substantially less true if you’re putting medicine into the sewer system. Unlike other items on this list, medicine will break down when you flush it — but not all the way, and that’s a serious problem. The medicine will break down enough to toxify the water, costing Jacksonville, FL and other localities more money to properly clean it. Flushing medication won’t require you to call a plumbing service, but it’s still a very bad idea.

Pet Waste

Human waste goes down the toilet with no problem, so why not pet waste? Simple: cats and dogs’ waste dries out over time, and putting dried pet waste down the sewer is a major issue. Don’t think it will rehydrate and get through the pipes without any problems. It won’t, and you’ll likely be stuck calling a plumbing service for assistance.


Hair doesn’t break down in water. Hair expands in water by up to 30 percent, and when it’s surrounded by water, it doesn’t shrink back to its original size. Hair doesn’t belong in your shower drain, let alone your toilet’s pipes. Be sure to pluck it out of the drain and throw it away.


This might be the worst thing you can flush because of how damaging it is to your pipes. As grease cools, it solidifies, and you can probably see where this is going for your pipes. Under no circumstances should you ever flush grease of any kind down your toilet. If you do, there’s no maybe about it: you will be calling Bert Normans Plumbing for help because that’s the only way to fix the damage that grease causes.

What Can I Do?

Don’t flush anything that isn’t human waste or toilet paper down your toilet and always be sure not to use too much toilet paper for your toilet to handle. By restricting your flushing to those two items, you’ll do a lot for your pipes and keep them in top shape — and you’ll limit the amount of emergency calls you have to make to a Jacksonville, FL plumbing service, keeping that money free for things you really want to use it for, such as a new shower!

Your toilet can’t speak. It can’t tell you to stop flushing random 10-Things-You-Shouldnt-Flush-Down-the-Toilet-_-Tips-from-Your-Yulee,-FL-Plumberthings. So today, we’re not here to tell you to only flush what’s supposed to be flushed. Hopefully, you already know what is! We’re here to speak on behalf of your plumber in the Yulee, FL area. Here’s what you should never flush down your toilet.

Remember, with each flush, you’re using up almost three gallons of water. Make sure that you’re not wasting water by flushing the wrong things. If you do, it’s best to call a professional in the Yulee, FL area.

Do you want to make sure you’re not flushing any of these things down your toilet? Do yourself a favor and go through this list:

1.    Flushable Wipes

Names can be deceiving. Sometimes people can say things they don’t mean. Similarly, some makeup and baby wipes claim to be flushable. We suggest you refrain from risking the damage caused by flushing them down the toilet. They are usually not biodegradable and can clog up your toilet. When there’s a trash can nearby, use it. It’s a much safer alternative.

2.    Diapers

While, we’re on the topic of baby products, one thing you should definitely not be tossing in the toilet is a diaper. They’re big and smelly and your plumber will not be happy to see that you’ve tried to flush it away. A diaper is technically already a portable toilet for your baby anyway. The only sensible decision to make after it has been used is to throw it in the bin.

3.    Floss

You should be flossing twice a day. Once when you wake up and once before sleeping. Your toilet, however, does not need to floss. So please don’t throw your floss in there. It may seem like it isn’t a big deal at first, but floss bunches up over time and will lodge itself in your bathroom plumbing. It can also get caught with more gunk and create a huge mess.

4.     Cat Litter

Humans and cats are meant to use different toilets. If you find yourself flushing kitty litter down the toilet, stop before your plumber has to buy you a litter box. Cat litter often becomes blobs of solid once it touches water. If you put it in the toilet, chances are it’ll form clumps inside the pipes and clog your pipes.

5.     Food

Waste food and you’ll be labeled a terrible person. Attempt to flush it down the toilet and your plumber will never see you the same way again. Not only is it disgusting to take your food to the bathroom, but trying to dispose of it this way is one of the worst ideas you could have. If there’s ever any extra or unwanted food at home, try dropping it off at the local soup kitchen.

Along these lines, you shouldn’t be getting rid of oil or grease this way either. You may think that you’re only putting liquid in the bowl, just like the majority of things that usually go in there, but you’re not. Oil and any kinds of grease will eventually solidify in your pipes and clog them.

6.    Tampons

It may seem like the easiest solution when you’re in a hurry. As convenient as it may seem, it’s very harmful for your pipes, and you will have to call your plumber to save you. Be responsible when disposing of your tampons or other hygiene products. Wrap them with toilet paper and throw them in the garbage. It may seem like a handful at first, but you’ll get used to it.

7.     Pets

This is as bad of an idea as it is cruel. Animals, especially your pets deserve to be disposed of with as much dignity as anyone else. People tend to throw their fishes in the toilet, but this is going to cause you trouble in the long run. Animals do not break down in the pipes and you will have to call a plumber to unclog the blockage.

This shouldn’t have to be said, but you definitely should not be getting rid of living pets this way at all. Find someone who wants to adopt your pet if you don’t want them anymore.

8.     Medication

You may be wondering what the issue is when medicine also dissolves in your body? Well, although they won’t clog your pipes and be an issue for your plumber they will dissolve into the groundwater and release chemicals into your sewers. This will, over time, become a problem for you too.

The water that runs in our sewers is the same water that goes into the major water bodies around us. The last thing you want is your favorite beaches to become contaminated.

9.     Hair

Hair loss is real and anyone will tell you they hate it too. Do you really want to flush your precious locks down the toilet? Any kind of hair should be thrown into the garbage. Hair can get tangled up with other things in your pipes.

If your pet is suffering from fur loss, make sure you throw their fur away properly too. When detangling your hair from your brushes, try to do it near a garbage can.

10.   Cotton Swabs

You may think these little creatures aren’t going to create any issues for you, but your plumberwill tell you otherwise. Like paper towels and facial tissues, these aren’t made to be put in your toilet. They might not dissolve in the water as easily as toilet paper. Regularly flushing them down the toilet after removing your makeup will lead to a clog in your pipes.

If you are looking for a professional plumber in the Yulee, FLarea, give Bert Norman’s Plumbing of Yulee, FL a call at 904-225-5888 or fill out our online request form.

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