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A modern house takes a lot of effort, time, and money to keep all the systems up and running. The-Benefits-Of-Hiring-A-Plumber-_-Callahan,-FLPainting, hard-cleaning, electrical checks, and plumbing repairs all need to be completed before the winter kicks in for good. Especially when it comes to plumbing repairs, it’s necessary to make plans with your local plumber on how to prepare the house for the increased amounts of water required during the winter.

Unforeseen weather can impact your property’s plumbing network and even cause water shortages. If you live in an area affected by hurricanes, snowstorms and other extreme weather phenomena, it’s necessary to secure the house well in advance to avoid blackouts, water shortages and heat loss.

Plumbers are called on a daily basis during this season to assist with the house maintenance and provide expertise input to plumbing issues. External pipes, waste tanks, and water heaters are just some of the parts that are vulnerable and prone to damage during severe weather conditions.


Hiring a professional to secure the house for the difficult months that lie ahead is the best strategy and guarantees that you won’t have to spend days without water or heat in the future.

The benefits of outsourcing the plumbing maintenance to a specialist are numerous. Apart from saving your precious and limited recreational time, professional plumbing maintenance can be cost-effective, cleaner than DIY attempts, and of course, much more secure for you and your property.

Wastewater, rust, and heated water all require a plumbing expert who can inspect the network and safely proceed to any repairs required. In this post, you will find why it’s really worth calling a professional during the annual house maintenance and the benefits of professional workmanship, when it comes to plumbing.


In a perfect world, the pipes installed inside and outside your property would function properly, forever. However, as plumbers in Callahan, FL, report every day, a lot of house owners are suffering from pipe bursts and pressure drop-downs.

Despite being robust, pipes tend to weaken with the passage of time and the heavy use. When the weather deteriorates, and ice conditions start to appear, pipes can entirely break or develop an ice clog.

A professional can easily inspect the condition of the pipes by using specialized equipment. specialised tools and extensive experience in dealing with pipe issues is the best combination you can expect when you decide to hire a plumber. Given the hidden location of most of the pipes, it takes special procedures to confidently say that the house piping is working properly.


Have you ever turned on the hot water only to find out that it’s ice-cold? If you are experiencing temperature drops when you shouldn’t, then it’s time to give a call to your local plumber. A malfunctioning water heater can cause sudden drops in the temperature or even the pressure of water. This problem can cause a lot of disruptions to your daily life and disrupt daily housekeeping tasks.

A water heater is a delicate part of the plumbing network that requires some methodic maintenance before and after the winter season. Due to the hot water contained and the electrical circuits inside the control unit, it’s dangerous to meddle with it by yourself. Given the amount of free time that you probably have in the first place, it’s always a better idea to have your local plumber take a look at this.

A specialist can quickly check the heater for signs of malfunctions and provide the necessary support to restore order. A water heater inspection usually includes a thorough check of the pipes that circulate the water around the house as well as the protective pipe insulation.


Dripping faucets are a common issue and easy to ignore. Especially when the dripping frequency is low, you will get used to the sound and soon you won’t even notice it anymore. While a dripping problem might look innocent and doesn’t disrupt the comforts provided by the house, it can cost you up to 3000 gallons worth of freshwater per year.

Hiring a plumber to take care of the dripping faucets will make your house more environmentally friendly and at the same time help you keep the water bills in check.

Apart from dripping faucets, a leaky toilet flush can also add to your water bills. If your toilet is constantly using water, it’s essential to call a plumber for an inspection. In normal conditions, the toilet will fill the flush tank with water and then cut the freshwater supply until a top up is required. However, the daily use of the flushing mechanism and ageing can cause the stopping mechanism to malfunction and leak water.

Given that a normal toilet uses about a gallon of water per hour, it’s vital to have a plumber rectify this issue.


The external drains of the house is a very important part of the plumbing system. They protect the house from excessive water accumulating during a rain session. More importantly, they are placed around the house to avoid structural damage that may be caused from the weight of the water.

Given the location of the rain drains, it’s dangerous to attempt to clean these on your own. A trained professional can quickly and safely clean the drains of any debris that ended up inside the pipes, ensuring that the system is ready to face the next rain.


By hiring a plumbing specialist, you make sure that your property is in good condition for the winter. More importantly, professional plumbing maintenance ensures that the value of your house goes up as all the facilities and installations are working properly and provide the tenants with comfort and peace of mind. When you are ready to undertake the next plumbing maintenance, contact Bert Norman’s Plumbing. Here plumbing specialists are serving the wider area of Callahan, FL, ready to help you secure your property.

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