Why Do Pipes Clog and What Can My Jacksonville, FL Plumbing Service Do About It?

Do you have pipes that tend to clog up a lot or that you can’t seem to keep clear? Why-Do-Pipes-Clog-and-What-Can-My-Jacksonville,-FL-Plumbing-Service-Do-About-It-Maybe you’re starting to notice that the clogs come back no matter what you do or that everything that you put in the drain seems to clog it. Well, there are a number of different reasons why this is happening and the first thing you should know is that a plumbing service in Jacksonville, FL is the only way that you’re going to take care of it.

Your pipes clog because something is getting stuck down in there and can’t get out. But you knew that part, right? You want to know what it is that’s actually clogging in there. Well, there are a few different things that you should know so that you can reduce the number of times that your pipes clog as much as possible. If you’re experiencing this frequently you should know that it’s definitely not normal and definitely not something you should be continuing to deal with. So, what are you doing wrong?

The first thing is putting anything down your drain other than water. You shouldn’t be putting food waste into your drains, for example. You should be flushing kitty litter. And you shouldn’t be putting other trash into your disposal either. Water is really all that your pipes are designed for and putting anything else in there could result in a clog that could actually be quite serious. That’s because the clog could be large, solid or just firmly lodged in there and that makes it harder to get it out and clear the line even with a plumbing service.

If you’re putting chemical cleaners down the line that’s another reason that you could have a problem. People buy those chemical cleaners because they think it keeps them from needing a plumbing service. The truth is that those cleaners make it even more necessary. That’s because they’re not really helping the problem. Sure, in the moment it may seem like the clog is gone, but all you’re really doing is pushing it further down the line so that it causes problems at a little bit later time. And you could end up with multiple clogs because you keep pushing those problems further down the line.

Those cleaners are also tearing away at the inside of your pipes, which is another reason you’re going to need a plumbing service before too long. Over time, you end up with a whole lot more clogs because of those chemical cleaners than you would if you just called the professionals and had the problem taken care of right from the start. How is that for saving you some money? You definitely don’t want to spend a few dollars on a cleaner when it’s going to cost you hundreds or more to fix the mistake when you have to call a plumbing service later on.

Call a plumbing service right away if you do notice any kind of problems with your drains or if you feel like they’re not working the way they used to. Even if the water seems to be moving only a little slower than before it’s a good idea to call a professional to get it taken care of and get the clogs or problems cleared away before they become more serious and cause a big problem. You could end up with a big mess if you’re not calling right away and a big bill while you’re at it.

What To Do Next

If you do notice a clog and you call a plumbing service you’re not going to need to do anything else. They’re going to take care of it for you in Jacksonville, FL. But if you don’t have a clog you may still want to call that service. That’s because they can keep these kinds of problems from happening. They’ll be able to keep your lines clear before you ever even notice that there’s a clog and that’s definitely going to make it easier for you to keep enjoying your house.

When you schedule regular drain cleaning you’re going to be keeping your drains ready for anything (but that doesn’t mean your food and other garbage). Instead, you want to make sure that you’re only letting water flow down through the drain and that you’re talking with a professional plumbing service routinely about getting cleaning. This makes sure that the drain is clear all the way from the top of the drain that you can see to the septic tank or through the sewer line outside your home. And you would never be able to get into those areas to clear out a problem.

If you have been noticing a lot of clogs or you’re curious about what’s causing them, chances are it’s something that you’re putting into your drain that really shouldn’t be there at all. Keep an eye on all of the things you’re putting in the drain and, if you absolutely must use your garbage disposal for anything, make sure that it’s soft, small foods that will break down easily but not absorb water. Rice and pasta get clogged because they retain water as they go through the drain. Nuts and seeds get stuck because they don’t break down and tend to be too hard and large.

No matter what you’re doing, you need a plumbing service on call and ready to help as soon as you experience a problem. You could end up with something serious if you try to take care of it alone. Plus, if you’re noticing clogs a lot you want to make sure that you know what to do, how to take care of the problem and just what you might be doing. Many people are making these same mistakes, but you definitely don’t have to be. Just make sure you’re doing what’s best for your Jacksonville, FL home from now on. Contact Bert Norman’s Plumbing to schedule an appointment!

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