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Multiple people find purchasing a residential property as a good investment. However, potential home buyers might fail to conduct a thorough inspection of the things that make the home run efficiently, including the plumbing. A full-scale plumbing inspection is a primary aspect of the home that a buyer should be keen on before sealing the deal. Hiring a professional plumber to handle future repairs may be expensive in the long run, and you may end up getting frustrated.

It’s quite common for a plumbing contractor to make mistakes when connecting the sewer systems, which can be quite stressful when you move in. Why not get a seasoned plumber to check every fixture in your home and ensure they are operational to avoid plumbing headaches in the future? Below are the reasons you need a plumbing inspection before purchasing a house.

Identify the presence of water leaks

Before moving into your new home it’s advisable to be on the lookout for any water leaks. Water leaks are a nuisance since they involve water wastage, which in turn increases your utility bills. Leaks can also destroy your walls and cause mold growth that can be harmful to your health. They often fill the sewer system faster than expected, causing an entire problem that needs an urgent fix.

A certified plumber can conduct a thorough inspection of the sewage waste system and freshwater supply pipes to ensure there is no leakage. In-slab and sewer leaks can cost you thousands of dollars to repair if you do not detect issues at an early stage. Don’t forget to have a professional inspect the bathroom flooring since it is easier to identify any leakage by checking the texture and condition of the floors.

Additionally, you can check on the kitchen cabinets to see if there is a sign of moisture or mold. Open the faucets to ensure the water is not discolored or smelly. And if any problems need fixing, your seller can work on them, or you can negotiate a lower purchase price to fix the issues on your own. That will go a long way in preserving the coziness of your future home.

Check the condition of the water heater

Water heaters are a lifesaver, especially when it is time to take a hot bath or shower after a long day of work. Having your local Jacksonville, FL, plumber inspect the condition of your water heater should be top of the list before buying a new home. They can scrutinize the appliance for any evidence of corrosion on the exterior of the pipes. Be on the lookout for a manufacturer’s sticker on the heater so you can have an idea of when it was manufactured and assembled. A heater that is more than ten years old may need replacement sooner since it may not be in perfect condition.

You should also check the size of the water heater and whether it can satisfy the hot water needs of your household. A seasoned technician can guide you on the process. Additionally, ask your local professional to check for the presence of a drain pan or flood stop that prevents serious damage in case of a leak.

Examine the state of the sewer

The sewage system is a crucial aspect of any home since it collects all the household waste. A poorly maintained sewage system can lead to leaks, which can be detrimental to your family’s health. It can also cause your new home to have a foul smell since the waste is not passing through the pipes correctly. A seasoned plumber should be able to diagnose any clogs in the pipes and leakages from the septic tank. They can also ensure that the septic tank is in the right position and in the right size to handle all your household waste.

With expert help, you should be on the lookout for any broken pipes, damaged sump pump, and poor installation of the sewage system that can cause a backup. Also, you should ensure that no trees or plants are growing close to the sewage system since the roots may end up damaging the underlying pipes. A certified professional can come up with a detailed plumbing inspection report that will help you decide if the system is in perfect condition.

Check the water pressure

Low water pressure can be annoying, especially if you have a large family that requires the use of water quite often. It might make your daily activities such as doing laundry and showering frustrating and time-consuming. Low water pressure may be hard to detect at first, and only a thorough plumbing inspection can identify any underlying problems. There could be debris and mineral build-up in the pipes, which end up creating a blockage in your home’s plumbing and subsequently low flow of water. Also, leakages may lower the water pressure since it’s being channeled in the wrong direction.

It’s only through a thorough inspection of plumbing pipes that you can detect clogs. Tagging your plumber along during the inspection can help you identify water supply problems, including any underlying leakage from the pipes. There may also be an issue with the municipal water supply in the area, causing the water to have minimum pressure. A professional plumber will help you pinpoint the exact cause of your woes and provide a lasting solution. You wouldn’t want to be stuck with a new home whose taps cannot provide enough water, will you?

Scrutinize the foundation of the sinks and toilets

It is vital to inspect the toilets and sinks since you probably use them more than any other fixtures in the house. A clogged toilet or sink can give you sleepless nights since they may have a foul odor. During an open house, most sellers tend to clean up the property, so it might be difficult to know if there is an underlying issue.

A clogged toilet or sink can be due to poor installation or maintenance, blocked pipes, or damage to the fixtures. Water leakage may also destroy the quality of the sink or toilet, causing it to rot with time. A plumbing inspection from a certified plumber will help you know if there is an issue with the toilets or sink. You can then request for the sellers to fix the problems or bargain a fair home purchase price that caters to the repair costs.

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