6 DIY Plumbing Mistakes You’re Likely To Make: Why Hiring A Professional Plumber Is Worth It | Jacksonville, FL


Think you can fix your plumbing problems yourself? You’re not alone. Many people think that if they have a basic understanding of plumbing, they can take care of any issue. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Many homeowners make costly mistakes when trying to fix their plumbing issues.

This can lead to water damage, more expensive repairs than if you had hired a professional in the first place, and even health hazards. If you’re not sure what you’re doing, it’s best to hire a professional plumber who can help get the job done right. This article will discuss 6 common DIY plumbing mistakes and why hiring a pro is worth it!

Over-tightening Pipes

Over-tightening pipes is a mistake many people make when attempting to do their plumbing. While it may seem like the logical thing to do, over-tightening can damage the pipes and cause them to leak. In addition, over-tightening can lead to the development of Burr’s, which are small metal fragments that can break off and clog the piping. Furthermore, over-tightening can damage the threading on the pipe, making it more difficult to remove the fitting in the future.

Pipes are tightened only as much as is necessary to create a seal. That is why it is important to hire a professional plumber in Jacksonville, FL, who can properly tighten pipes without damaging them.

Using the Wrong Pipe Material

Another mistake that many homeowners make is using the wrong pipe material. Depending on the application, different types of pipes are needed to ensure a proper seal and prevent leaks.

For example, using PVC pipes for hot water lines is a common mistake. PVC is only designed to handle cold water, so using it for hot water lines can cause the pipes to become brittle and break. Another example is using galvanized steel pipes for drinking water lines. Galvanized steel pipes are coated with a layer of zinc, which can leach into the water and cause health problems.

Using the wrong type of pipe can result in leaks, poor water pressure, and other frustrating issues. Save yourself the headache and potential damage by hiring a professional plumber for your next plumbing project. They will know which type of pipe to use and how to install it properly.

Cross-threading Pipes

Cross-threading is another common mistake people make when trying to do their plumbing. Cross-threading occurs when the threads on the pipe are not aligned properly with the fitting. This can happen if you try to force the pipe into the fitting or are not careful when screwing it in.

Cross-threading can damage the threads on the pipe and the fitting, making it difficult to create a seal. In addition, cross-threading can cause leaks. If you’re not careful, you may even strip the threads completely, requiring you to replace the entire fitting.

To avoid cross-threading, it’s best to hire a professional plumber in Jacksonville, FL, for any plumbing work. They will know how to properly align the threads and screw the pipe into the fitting.

Trying to Fix a Leak with Duct Tape

Duct tape is one of those universal tools that can be used for just about anything, right? Wrong. While duct tape can be used for various things, fixing a plumbing leak is not one of them. Duct tape is not designed to hold water pressure, so it cannot properly seal the leak.

In addition, over time, the adhesive on duct tape will break down and lose its stickiness. This will cause the tape to become loose, and the leak reappears. If you have a plumbing leak, the best thing to do is shut off the water and call a professional plumber. They will be able to fix the leak without resorting to using duct tape properly.

Installing Plumbing Fixtures in the Wrong Places

Plumbing fixtures come in all shapes and sizes, from bathroom sink faucets to kitchen garbage disposals. While two fixtures may seem similar, they may not be interchangeable. It’s important to know where each fixture belongs.

For example, many people think that any faucet will fit any sink. However, this is not the case. The faucet’s size and shape must match the sink’s size and shape to fit properly. If you try to install a too big or too small faucet, it will not seal properly and leak.

Another common mistake is installing a garbage disposal in a sink that is not designed for one. Garbage disposals require a certain amount of space to be installed properly. If there is insufficient space, the disposal will not work correctly and could cause a clog.

Therefore, it’s best to leave the installation to a professional plumber regarding plumbing fixtures. They will know which fixtures are compatible and how to install them properly.

Trying to Save Money By Skipping the Permits

Depending on the scope of your project, you may need to pull a permit to do the work. For example, if you’re planning on doing a major renovation involving moving plumbing lines, you will need to pull a permit.

While trying to save money by skipping the permit may be tempting, this is not a good idea. First, the work may not be up to code without a permit. This could lead to problems, such as leaks or electrical issues.

In addition, you could be held liable if something goes wrong and someone is injured. Without a permit, your insurance company may not cover the damages. Therefore, it’s always best to pull the necessary permits before starting any home improvement project.

Hiring a Professional Is Worth the Cost

As a homeowner, it’s only natural to want to take care of small maintenance and repair tasks yourself to save money. However, it’s important to know your limitations regarding plumbing. Many homeowners attempt to fix plumbing issues themselves, only to end up causing even more damage that is costly and time-consuming to fix.

Hiring a professional plumber may cost more upfront, but it will save you money in the long run. They are trained and experienced in all aspects of plumbing. They will be able to quickly and efficiently diagnose the problem and come up with the best solution.

In addition, plumbers have access to all the necessary tools and equipment. This means they can do the job right the first time without having to make multiple trips to the hardware store.

So, if you’re facing a plumbing issue in your Jacksonville, FL home, don’t try to fix it yourself. Hire a professional, and rest assured, knowing the job will be done correctly.

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