The Do’s and Don’ts of Hiding Your Septic Tank | Tips from Your Trusted Callahan, FL Septic Tank Pumping Professional

No matter how helpful your septic tank pumping system is to your everyday life, they are often not very flattering The-Dos-and-Donts-of-Hiding-Your-Septic-Tank-_-Tips-from-Your-Trusted-Callahan,-FL-Septic-Tank-Pumping-Professionalwhen it comes to pretty landscaping. In order to make your grounds look more beautiful and hide your septic tank system, you will want to do your best to conceal your septic tank pumping system. These tips will help you hide your septic tank without bringing any harm to it.

Do Not Plant Trees Near It: A lot of people think that using trees on their property in Callahan, FL is a good way to disguise anything that is not attractive on their property like their septic tank pumping system. It is not a good idea to plant trees near your septic tank due to the fact that they can damage your system and upset its normal balance of working. You should never plant trees any closer than twenty-five feet away from your septic tank pumping system.

Grass is Not a Good Idea Either: Grass may seem like an easy and quick solution to hiding your septic tank pumping system. However, it is not a good idea to grow anything permanent on the top of your system. Every time that you need to have your system serviced or have routine maintenance done on it, you will have to dig up the grass. You should cover your tank up with something that can be easily moved when you need to move it.

Animals Need to Stay Away from Your Septic Tank System: Keep animals away from your septic system. If your dog goes too far down into your septic tank system, they may confuse a piece of PVC pipe for a bone and chew it all up.

Building a Fence is Bad as Well: Even though building a fence will cover up your septic tank, you really need to keep an eye on how deep you put the fence posts in. If the posts go too deep into your soil, they could cause a lot of harm to your septic tank plumbing and have a huge negative impact on how the waste flows through it. Also, if the posts are placed in the drain field, it can compact the drain field and make it useless.

Grow a Vegetable Garden: Having a vegetable on your property is a great way to have fresh vegetables for you and your family. They can also make your yard look very pretty. It is not a good idea to grow a vegetable garden to cover up your septic tank pumping system though. The waste from your system can easily travel into your vegetable garden before it is treated, which will cause your vegetables to become contaminated.

Put Heavy Things on the Top of It: Items that weigh a lot such as lawn ornaments, gazebos, automobiles, and heavy machinery should never be put on top of your septic tank pumping system. These items can put pressure on your system and cause a lot of damage to it. Also, if they are put on top of the drain field, these items will compact the soil, which, in turn will damage the flow of the drain field.

Do Plant Grass Around the Lid: It is never a good idea to plant grass directly on top of your septic tank lid due to the fact that it will make maintaining it a lot harder. However, if you grow tall grass around your septic tank system in Callahan, FL, it will successfully conceal your septic tank lid without upsetting your beautiful landscape.

Do Put a Lightweight Lawn Ornament on Top of It: Heavy items should never be placed on the top of your septic tank pumping system. However, lightweight items that you can easily remove when needed is a good idea to conceal your septic tank on your property at your home in Callahan, FL. Some of these lightweight lawn ornaments include: statues, birdbaths, and potted plants. Not only will they cover up your septic tank, they will make your property look a lot prettier.

Rocks Are a Really Great Idea: Rocks that made to make your landscape prettier are a perfect way to conceal your septic tank. A mobile rock garden is a good idea as well. Due to the fact that they are temporary and can be easily moved around, they will not be in the way when you need to have your septic tank pumping system serviced at your home in Callahan, FL.

Create a Mosaic Lid Cover: Another option that a lot of people use to conceal their septic tank is to create a mosaic lid cover. Instead of concealing the septic tank, it adds color to it to make it look better. To create a mosaic lid cover for your septic tank, you can use small tiles on the concrete lid and it will look visually appealing and help your lid stand out nicely on your property.

Paint the Lid: If none of these ideas for concealing your septic tank are attractive to you, you can also paint its cover. Painting the lid, the same color as the color that surround it will make it blend it without upsetting any of its functionality. This option is a quick and easy solution to improve the look of your septic tank system.

Wine Barrels Can Be Wonderful: An old wine barrel can be cut in half and filled with flowers or turned upside down. It is a pretty alternative to a fake rock cover and it will also help make your yard look very attractive.

If you follow these dos and don’ts of concealing your septic tank, not only will your septic tank be concealed, it will also make your garden look very beautiful. Just do not forget to add any permanent things to cover up your septic tank, so you will easily be able to get to it when it is in need of maintenance or any type of repair. For all of your plumbing needs call Bert Norman’s Plumbing at 904-225-5888.

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