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In many cases, it’s pretty clear when you have a plumbing blockage; the water won’t go down the drain. While that’s a very clear sign that something is stuck in the drain, that’s not the only sign of a blockage. Even though you might not know what’s stopped up in your drain, you know that the drain has to be cleared in order for your plumbing system to work properly. That’s where a licensed plumber from Bert Norman’s Plumbing can help. If you experience any of the following signs, we can send a plumbing professional to your Callahan, FL, home to clear your drain and, in many instances, even tell you what’s blocking it.

Slow Drain

A slow drain is a sign that there’s a problem. Slow drains are typically early warning signs of a pending clog. If your sink or tub is draining slowly, there’s likely a clog building. Most of the time, drain cleaning can easily solve this problem. Your plumber from Bert Norman’s Plumbing can quickly clear the line so that your drain flows quickly again.

However, sometimes a slow drain can indicate that there’s some pipe damage. That’s a more significant problem. If drain cleaning doesn’t solve the issue, your plumber can check the drain using an inline camera. If there’s pipe damage, you’ll want to repair it quickly because that can lead to serious leaks. Ruptured pipes can even attract pests. Once your drain is repaired, it should flow smoothly again.

Multiple Drains Are Draining Slowly

If you have several slow drains at the same time, it’s generally a sewer line problem. The sewer line is your home’s main wastewater line. All your home’s drains feed into it. If this line develops a clog, it will cause your drains to empty slowly and unless you fix the problem quickly, it can even cause them to back up with wastewater from your sinks, showers, and even your toilet. That’s a problem worth calling a plumbing professional sooner than later!

At the first sign of a sewer line issue, you should contact Bert Norman’s Plumbing so we can have an experienced plumber check it out. Often, the culprit of a slow sewer line clog is tree root infiltration. The seams of older plumbing pipes are often vulnerable to tree roots that are searching for nutrients and water–both of which are available in your sewer line. Once the roots enter–and it only takes a small opening–they’ll continue to grow and slow or stop the flow of wastewater.

Damage to your sewer line caused by tree roots or even burrowing animals can also result in a clog. If you have a damaged sewer line, you’re responsible for its repair. Municipalities do not repair the portion of sewer lines on private property. They maintain the municipal portion of the sewer system. Bert Norman’s Plumbing specializes in sewer line repairs. We can clear out the tree roots but if something has damaged the line, our plumber can perform the ideal fix.

The Toilet Bowl Fills When Other Water Is Running in the Bathroom

The fixtures in your bathroom connect at some point in the drain apparatus. If you notice that your bowl begins to fill with more water when you run the shower or sink, there’s a clog nearby. Since this issue is confined to the bathroom, the clog is probably close. Before you reach for a commercial drain cleaner, however, it’s better to contact a plumber from Bert Norman’s Plumbing to visit your Callahan, FL, home.

Commercial drain cleaners, though marketed as safe, are not actually good for your plumbing system at all. If there is pipe damage or the clog is severe, those chemicals will sit in your pipes. These are heat-generating chemicals–very powerful! They are not the sort of chemicals you want causing wear and tear to your valuable plumbing system. It’s safer and more effective to let a trained plumber use the right equipment to handle your drain-cleaning job.

Strange Sounds Are Coming from the Drains

Gurgling noises and other strange sounds can be indicators of a drain clog. You might, alternatively, hear hissing, banging, or even bubbling sounds. As clogs form in your pipes, air pockets often develop too. The air pockets are what causes those strange noises to occur. Think of these sounds as early warning sounds of a drain clog. Don’t wait for your sink or other drains to stop up or back up. When you hear these types of noises, it’s a good idea to call Bert Norman’s Plumbing for drain-cleaning service.

Bad Smells

Unpleasant odors that emanate from your drain are a sign that something is caught in the drain and that a clog could be forming. The odors can be embarrassing if you’re having company. Plus, these aren’t the types of smells you want anyone in your household to breathe in. A blocked sewer line or organic debris caught in your kitchen drain could be causing the odors to occur. While you might be tempted to mask the odors by running soapy water down the drain, if the odors persist, contact a plumber from Bert Norman’s Plumbing to have the drain cleaned.

Maintaining your drains with periodic cleaning is a great way to prevent clogs, but sometimes even with routine maintenance, a clog can occur. When it does, you can rely on Bert Norman’s Plumbing like so many other residents of Callahan, FL, do. Our company can send a trained plumber to your home to evaluate the problem and provide you with the right solution. Call us to schedule your routine drain cleaning or if you suspect that you have a drain clog. Remember, we also feature emergency plumbing services. If you have a backup situation, don’t hesitate to call us for immediate plumbing service.

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