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If you are new to electric tankless water heaters, Bert Norman’s Plumbing will help you out with a guide to electric tankless water heaters to get a better understanding of the product you are working with and if it adjusts to your needs.

Electric tankless water heaters can be great for your home, and when fused with our first-rate installation, maintenance, and repair services, its utility will be at its best!

How it Works

Electric tankless water heaters consist of a simple process where the water travels back and forth through the heat exchangers. The machine comes with four elements that are fired up by the modulating control depending on the demand, starting with 1 amp powering up whenever you turn on the hot water.


The main benefits of electric tankless water heaters are; you save space in your home since they can be installed anywhere, they are energy effective and only consumes electricity based on demand saving up to 60% energy costs, and they provide endless hot water.

Electric tankless water heaters are a great option, but it mainly depends on the quality of the product. Bert Norman’s Plumbing works with professional-grade products and comes with at-home and manufacturer warranties to ensure your electric tankless water heater works it best. To ensure a safe purchase and installation, get in touch with us.

What to Consider.

If you’re looking to buy an electric tankless water heater, it is always good to consider some important aspects. The main aspect is your temperature rise needs. The electric tankless water heaters work best in low-flow residences such as small homes and apartments. If you’re looking to install it in your home, your panel load should be at least 200 amps. To guarantee effective energy use, look for electric water heaters that modulate the power.

Although electric tankless water heaters may look like a simple product, installing them on your own can result in a great risk not only for your health but also for your investment. However, when you work with Bert Norman’s Plumbing, you can have the peace of mind we’ll secure both.

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