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When water reverses through your drain and comes back up your pipes, it’s a backflow problem, especially if it spills into the room and ruins flooring and walls. Backflow is a common issue associated with sewer line problems, but in Florida, coastal areas, or other areas that get heavy rainfall, a backflow problem can be caused by conditions outside of your own plumbing system. Bert Norman’s Plumbing features a wide range of professional plumbing services, including solving backflow issues. If you need a skilled plumber to visit your Fernandina, FL, home, you can rely on our company for high-quality and fast service.

What Is a Backflow Problem?

Most people have experienced backflow issues on occasion. A sink can back up because of a clog or a toilet might back up because of a clog as well. These are ‘normal’ plumbing woes that can plague any home from time to time. A more serious backflow problem can happen when the home’s sewer line gets clogged. The clog might occur over time as food debris builds up in the pipe. Tree roots growing into the line can also stop up a pipe. These clogs can send water back up the pipe–clearing going in the direction you never intended.

Often, people don’t realize they have tree roots in their line or a sewer line clog until water backs up through a floor drain or other drains because it can’t go in the direction it was supposed to since a clog is blocking the way. In these cases, you need a plumbing professional to unclog the line.

Rainfall and Sewer Lines

Fernandina, FL, enjoys lots of sunshine, but whenever the rain falls down in sheets or local water courses flood, it can threaten the municipal sewer system. In fact, every year, hundreds of municipal sewer systems become temporarily overwhelmed by a high volume of water. When the local sewer system can’t handle the water influx, water from the sewers can flow up people’s sewer lines and back into their homes, causing immense damage and bringing health risks into the home in the form of wastewater and sewage. While you might think a professional plumber can’t do much in these situations, you should know that they can!

Backflow Prevention

There are ways to reduce your risk of a backflow, and a plumbing professional from Bert Norman’s Plumbing can help. Many homeowners have contacted their plumber for backflow preventer installation. In Florida, backflow preventers are the rule of thumb in many areas. The following are a few steps your plumber can take to reduce the risk of backflow.

Plumbing System Inspection

Your plumber can visit your home to inspect your plumbing system for backflow vulnerabilities. Our plumbing professionals can check for cross connections and weaknesses in the plumbing system that need reinforcing in the event of a backflow problem. They can also identify where you might need a backflow preventer to block the flow of water into your home. This type of device can protect your water supply and reduce the risk of serious water backups.

Backflow Preventers

A backflow preventer is often used to protect potable water from contamination. The type you install will depend on your plumbing system needs. This is why inviting a professional plumber into your house to inspect your system is important. Also, there are various types of backflow preventers. A trained plumber can recommend the ideal device for your house. In many parts of Florida, backflow preventers are a necessity, especially for homes that have an irrigation system. There’s a higher risk that these irrigation features or even a well can become contaminated. A backflow diverter is a protection that property owners need as a safety precaution.

Backflow Consequences

Backflow is a serious problem. No homeowner wants their drinking contaminated or to find wastewater flowing back into their home. A plumber has various options for guarding against this problem. While no device can 100% protect your plumbing system and water, your trained plumbing professional from Bert Norman’s Plumbing can reduce the risks of a backflow problem.

If wastewater contaminates your water, it can have dangerous consequences. This is an emergency situation that needs to be addressed before you can use your water. Also, if water comes up through a floor drain, that water is contaminated as well. Before cleaning up the mess, it’s important to wear personal protective gear as sewer water can contain harmful pathogens.

Additionally, backflow problems can spell disaster for your floors and walls. When substantial volumes of water come up through your drain, they can ruin your flooring system and drywall. That’s not all. That flooding, even minor flooding, can trigger a mold outbreak, which is further exacerbated by our high-humidity climate.

Backflow: Not a DIY Problem

Backflow problems can also cause damage to your home’s plumbing system. If you had a backflow problem recently, you should contact a trained plumbing professional to inspect your system. They can look for damage that you’ll want to repair before you attempt to install a backflow preventer. After examining your system for areas of vulnerability, your plumbing pro can recommend the ideal plan for your backflow issue. Remember, your plumbing system is a home asset. It’s always best to contact a trained and licensed plumber to address its needs.

If you live in Fernandina, FL, and are concerned about backflow issues, you can contact Bert Norman’s Plumbing. Our plumbing technicians have years of experience and the expertise needed to address all of your home’s plumbing needs. Whether you need a plumbing system inspection, plumbing repairs, or a backflow preventer installed, we can help. Call us to learn more about our plumbing solutions or to place a service call when needed.

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