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It’s estimated that 10 million homes across Florida have water service lines and some residents may not be familiar with maintenance about these service lines. Effective-Maintenance-Tips-from-a-Plumber-Every-Homeowner-Should-Know-_-Fernandina,-FL--Most homeowners in Fernandina, FL, experience plumbing problems, such as faucet leakages, busted water heaters, broken pipes, or clogged toilets, and end up spending hundreds of dollars in keeping up with replacements or repairs. Whether you’re a first time or long time homeowner, there are some essential tips that you should know about plumbing. Below are some important tips that homeowners should keep in mind all year-long.

Check Your Drainage

Your drainage system is an integral part of your homestead and clogging of the systems may cause damage to your home. Plumbing service providers advise homeowners to conduct external drainage inspections or reach out to plumbing companies to perform these assessments every three months. Also, every homeowner should look out for puddles that last longer than 24 hours, as they may be an indicator of a hitch in your drainage system.

The Outside Matters

Professional plumbers also advise that you should regularly check the weep holes to ensure that the walls and windows don’t retain water during rainy seasons. Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs) should also be checked at this regularity by tripping and resetting the circuit interrupters. If the circuits do not trip or reset, that is just the right moment to contact any Florida-based plumber who will diligently come to the rescue. Moreover, all exterior air vents should be cleaned and lubricated to ensure that air flows freely and small animals don’t enter your house. You may go a step further and adjust the timers on your sprinklers according to the season such that there won’t be too much or too little water per station.

Your Showerheads and Faucets Are Important

The bathroom of your home is a very intriguing part of your household because even though it is small, minor problems such as leaky showerheads and faucets can spur a lot of trouble in other plumbing aspects of your house. Therefore, you should have a plumber check on the quality and condition of your showerheads and faucets from time to time. It is during these checks that the plumber looks for any dripping by ensuring no water droplets are available when the handle is in the off position. Leaking faucets may seem harmless due to the minute size, although they have serious consequences, especially on your water utility bill.

Look Out for the Pipes

The piping connectivity of your home plays an important role in determining the effectiveness of other aspects of your plumbing system. For you to identify a problematic issue in your pipes, you may observe patches and even puddles on the ground or notice that the water pressure is very low yet you pay very high water bills. These give a clear indication that something is leaky inwardly. Problems with the piping system are quite hard to diagnose and repair hence the need to conduct frequent checks to avoid inconvenience. Also, whenever you spot a wet patch on the soil or a long-lasting puddle on your lawn, make sure that you contact a plumber so he could quickly identify the problematic region and fix it. However, if you ever require the service, homeowners can fix these problems by reaching out to professional plumbing companies based in the area.

The toilet is just as important as the kitchen, and as such, maintaining it is imperative. Common household problems associated with a poorly maintained toilet include a foul smell across the whole compound, and poor hygienic conditions that can ultimately lead to ailments. To avoid this, you can contact a plumber who may effectively handle your toilet plumbing maintenance issues, since ensuring that your toilet is clean and teaching your children how to use the toilet correctly may not be enough. Moreover, the one thing that they know can guarantee minimal problems with your toilet, is to avoid dumping anything that isn’t human waste down the toilet.

Water heaters are also important aspects of your plumbing system that need constant monitoring. Some plumbing professionals claim that the water heaters can typically serve you for more than a decade without even a standard check. However, experts in the plumbing industry advise that homeowners should empty their water heaters at least every six months, with the flushing happening more often for homes located in regions with hard water. If you fail to do this, you might have a real problem on your hands. This is because the tank continues to accumulate unwanted sediments that may lead to a pipe bursting, loss of water pressure, and eventual break-down of the tank.

The septic system is often overlooked, yet it is an essential aspect of any modern residential property. A good number of plumbing issues originate from the septic system that consists of a pipe that connects directly to the house, septic tank, drain field, and the soil. It serves as a garbage disposal unit thus making its maintenance all the more important, lest you will find your home drowning in filth. Professional plumbers primarily advise all homeowners to observe the limit stipulated for the tank, information you may receive through consulting with one. Also, you are warned against using facilities such as the toilet as a garbage disposal unit and emptying hot tubs into the septic system. The septic system’s operations are dependent on the volume of water inside the tank, thus it is important to regulate these levels.

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