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You’ve finally purchased your ideal home, and everything about it seems fascinating, let alone the neighborhood. Since a house is a significant purchase, nothing should be overlooked when looking for the right home for your family.

Some houses could be having problems, and the seller may hide them from you. For instance, the property could be having a major plumbing issue, but since fixing it means extra cost on the seller’s side, some may decide to keep it a secret. Sounds discouraging, right?

Not to worry, though; you can have a plumber conduct an inspection to identify defects and have them addressed before purchasing the house. Even though everything could be looking fine on the surface, you’ll be surprised what a plumbing inspection could reveal. Therefore, before signing that contract, it’s crucial to request a plumbing inspection that will include:

Toilets, Sinks, and Faucets

For toilets, you should look around their water chambers and the bases to identify any possible leaks. Watch out for any discoloration or warping at the bottom. Check for any rocking toilet. Also, flush every toilet within the house to determine the nature of the drainage system.

Turn on all taps and check if they have rust. It’s normal for a bit of rust to drain out for a house that’s been vacant for a while, but if it was occupied, it might imply the taps are corroded. It would also help to look below the sinks and around the faucets to check for any leakages. If you encounter any of the above plumbing issues, you should request the seller to have them fixed.

Water Supply Pipes

As a home buyer, you may notice water stains on the walls or ceilings of your house. It may seem to be an obvious thing, but it could eventually lead to a bigger problem. Water stains are a good pointer to leaky pipes. Several things can cause pipes to leak, including water pressure or the age of the pipes. A plumbing inspection will establish the age of the pipes and whether they have been replaced or not.

Also, a plumber will check for the type of material the pipes are made of and whether it’s a mix of two or more materials. Steel, as well as cast iron pipes, corrode quickly, unlike copper and plastic pipes.

Primary Sewer Drain

This may be significantly vital if you’re buying an older house. You may be sharing your sewer line with other people in Fernandina, FL. Therefore, it’s necessary to have a certified plumber check the sewer in the neighborhood.

Your primary sewer drain could fail to function if it’s worn out or due to old age. Sometimes tree roots may be growing into it, or it could be corroded or clogged. Getting an expert to run a camera inspection would reveal such issues. Don’t forget that having undiscovered sewer line problems can lead to floods and contaminated water.

Water Heater

It’s no doubt that most homeowners fancy warm showers or may need hot water on a chilly day. What if the water heaters in your newly purchased home aren’t working? Running an inspection before owning that home may save you disappointments that may come afterward.

First, you need to check the age of the heating equipment. Generally, most water heaters have a lifespan of up to 15 years; if it’s more than that, you should probably request the seller or realtor to install a new one before moving in. The plumbing inspection will identify any rust on any part of the tank or weird sounds that indicate a problem with the heater. Leaks at the inlet or outlet valves of the tank are also a red flag, and if sand or muddy fluids are coming out of the hot water tap, a repair may be necessary.

Water Pressure

To determine if there’s enough water pressure in the house, you need to turn on the shower that is farthest away from the water source. Say if a shower in the upstairs works perfectly, then there’s a high chance other appliances work well too. If this isn’t the case, you can request a professional plumber to check the pipes.

Winterized Pipes

Some areas may be prone to snow. If you’re buying a home that is located in a place that experiences extreme weather patterns, you need to ensure it has a plumbing system that can withstand such conditions. If the water pipes are wrapped and insulated, it means they are winterized, and so you’re safe. Otherwise, a plumber should come into play. If the water source is a well, you have to ensure the well is protected from severe cold.

Water Hardness

Buying a new home costs a fortune, at least for most homeowners. Hard water may seem like a common issue, but if it’s left unsolved may cause scale to build up in the pipes leading to clogging and reduced water pressure. Check the outer surface of each pipe, and in case you see any signs of scale build-up, you may inquire from a qualified plumber on what to do.

Water Meter

Most homes in Fernandina, FL, may have water meters, but it doesn’t end there. As a buyer, you need to inspect the water meter to confirm its working condition. Doing this helps identify hidden leaks in the plumbing system.

To check for leaks, you can turn off all taps in your house and have a keen look at the water meter. If it’s still turning, then probably that’s a sign of a faulty plumbing system. Therefore, you should request the realtor or seller to fix it before signing the contract.

Shut-Off Valve

To check if the shut-off valves are functioning properly, close it completely and then turn on all taps in the house. If water drips slowly or gushes out, there’s a higher probability that the valves are defective. In such cases, you can request the seller to replace the valves. Apart from the primary shut-off valve, a plumber will check other valves that control water flow to the toilets or showers.

Septic System

Another critical plumbing part that needs to be checked is the septic system if you buy a residential property that doesn’t use the local sewerage system. An experienced plumber will conduct a video camera inspection to check its condition.

Broken septic pipes are a common problem with septic tanks. Tree roots easily damage them because of their closeness to the surface. Having a septic system in good condition may spare you sewerage nightmares.

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