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Unwanted leaks and drips could contribute to about 10% of your water bills if not immediately attended to by a professional plumber. If not repaired or replaced, they could even cost you more money.

Plumber-Tips--10-Effective-Ways-to-Save-on-Water-Bill-_-Fernandina,-FLOther plumbing-related issues such as having an inefficient washer or showerheads also contribute to your bills as they use a great amount of water. Thankfully, you can fix these by either replacing them or installing new ones. Always call a professional when you need help; do not attempt to do them on your own.

When a plumbing problem is fixed, you don’t get skyrocketing water bills and you can save money. Below are other ways to effectively conserve water at home and save on your utility bills.

1. Buy Energy Efficient Appliances

When acquiring a new washing machine, find out the amount of water it uses per load. If possible, look for the Energy Star seals on the label or WaterSense. These types of machines usually use 50% less water per load. They are a bit more expensive than the regular washers but it should give you massive savings in the long run.

When washing, do make sure that you have a full load. And you may want to skip an additional rinse to save up to 5 gallons of water. To avoid more rinses, just use less detergent powder.

2. Repair Leaks

A professional plumber in Fernandina, FL should be able to help you fix these leaks. You can have regular maintenance with a plumber so they can check the pipes for leaks and other problems that might contribute to water loss. Another option would be to do the inspection yourself. Call a plumber right away if you think there is a problem.

You may think that a small leak isn’t really much — this is not true. Leaks on a running toilet could cost you gallons of water down the drain. So call a plumber if you suspect that you have a plumbing problem.

3. Load Up the Dishwasher

As much as possible, use the dishwasher only when it’s fully loaded to conserve more water. If you do not have a dishwasher, buy a basin for washing the dishes. You can conserve more with a basin than washing the dishes while the tap is running.

4. Turn Off Shower

Make it a daily habit to turn on the shower only when you are actually using the water for rinsing. If you are trying to shampoo or condition your hair, always turn it off. Switch it on only when you are ready to rinse your hair. If everyone in your family does this simple habit, you could save on your water bill.

Another option would be to reduce the number of minutes that you use the shower. Instead of taking a shower for 15 minutes, perhaps you could reduce it to 10 minutes.

Do the same while brushing your teeth. Turn off the faucet and use a rinsing glass instead.

5. Install Low-flush Toilets and Showerheads

Low toilets are a little expensive but they can greatly reduce your water usage. As opposed to the full flush toilets, low-flow use less water per flush. This can result in bigger savings in your water bills.

A low-flow showerhead can also reduce the amount of water by about 50%. Call a plumber to assist you with the best options for your toilets and showerheads.

6. Add Aerators to the Faucets

If you do not know what an aerator is or how to add this to the faucet, call a plumber in the area to assist you with this.

Aerators are usually attached to the faucet to reduce the amount of water that comes out. At the same time, it also increases water pressure.

7. Install a Tankless Water Heater

A tankless heater is a little more expensive but it’s efficient. It only heats water when you need it and it heats faster. Definitely one of the best options to save on your water bills.

8. Install a Smaller Bathtub or Skip it

An average bathtub needs about 35 gallons of water. Expect skyrocketing water bills if you keep using this every time you take a bath. Your options would be to install a smaller bathtub and use it only a few times a month, or completely skip using it and take the shower instead.

9. Replace Toilet Flapper Once a Year

Call a plumber to help you out with this. A newer flapper could help you save a lot on your water bill. Another option would be to replace it with an adjustable flapper so you can control the amount of water that you use for flushing.

10. Collect Rainwater

Save bills by collecting rainwater and use it for either cleaning the cars or watering the plants. You can also use this for cleaning the driveway or the outer area of your homes.

Follow our tips for saving water to see significant changes in your bills. Remember that small changes will add up to massive savings in a year.

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