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A water heater is essential for any home. Without them, you would have to use cold water in your bathroom. Although scheduling the maintenance for your water heaters may not be on top of your to-do list, there are several reasons you should add it.

Enlisting the services of a professional to maintain your water heater accords you many benefits that you would not get otherwise. Here, you will learn the benefits of maintaining your water heater system as a homeowner. Continue reading to discover what benefits you are missing out, by not scheduling a routine water heater system maintenance with a plumber.

Improve the Energy Efficiency of Your Water Heater System

Minerals settle at the bottom of the water heater with time. This makes it more difficult for the water heater system to heat your water. Inevitably, it also reduces the amount of water available for heating, lowering the supply of hot water to your home. It happens if you use traditional tank systems rather than tankless ones.

The performance and efficiency of your water heater depend on whether you maintain it well. If you rarely service the water heater, it will not perform effectively. It may fail at any moment, and instead of your shower water is hot, it is lukewarm. The water may turn cloudy because calcium sediments have accumulated at the bottom of the water heater’s tank.

When maintaining your water heater system, the plumber removes any buildup of minerals within the system. Removing these sediments from the water heater ensures that your system can operate with more efficiency. Thus, get a constant supply of hot water for your various uses at your home.

Keeping the Warranty Active

Annual water heater maintenance is necessary for your manufacturer’s warranty to remain active. Your warranty only remains active when you adhere to the maintenance schedule as per your product manual. Otherwise, your warranty can be voided.

If the warranty is void, you cannot use it. Hence, if the water heater system breaks within the warranty period, you cannot use the repair services extended by the manufacturer to your advantage. You have to prove that the water heating unit had annual maintenance. Enlisting the services of a professional plumber can help keep the heater system’s warranty.

Early Identification of Issues That Need Repairs

Routine maintenance of your water heater can help you identify problems that need repairs. Besides removing the lodged sediments from your water heater system, a professional plumber can also help you identify parts of your system that need repairs early.

Early identification of a problem in the plumbing system can help you prevent financial losses, health risks, and property damage. So, you can expect the heater repairs you may need in the future and prevent a total breakdown of the system. Understanding the water heater system’s health can help homeowners plan financially for their water heater needs. Therefore, they can avoid unexpected expenses later or total system failure.

Thus, enlist the help of a professional plumber to be aware of your water heater system’s health. If you live in Jacksonville, FL, Bert Norman’s Plumbing can help you solve your water heater problems. Our plumbers are trained professionally and capable of handling all your water heater problems.

Reduce the Water Expenses

Although there are many benefits to water heater system maintenance, reducing water expenses is probably the most significant benefit. Water bills can sometimes escape high depending on your uses and location. Keeping the bills at a minimum is the ultimate goal for people using municipal piped water.

As the professional plumber removes the buildup from your system, the efficiency of your water heater improves. Therefore, its operational cost is reduced because the water heater does not have to hark too hard to provide you with hot water.

You get to enjoy a reduced cost of water heater ownership. It stems from the fact that your plumber can identify and repair the minor issues with your water heater before they can escalate to professional water heater repair requests.

With tough economic times, saving every available dollar is the aim for many. Adding the maintenance of the water heater to your to-do list is vital. It can make the difference between saving some dollars or spending vast amounts of money on full-blown repairs to your water heater. If you live in Jacksonville, FL, call us to inspect, repair, and advise you on all matters related to water heaters.

Increase Your Water Heater System’s Lifetime

Water heater systems last for years. A professionally maintained water heater system can last for over 20 years. Depending on which type of water heater system you installed, it can even last longer.

You can only get this type of longevity by having an annual repair and maintenance schedule for the water heater system. If you do not have an annual maintenance schedule for your water heaters, they are highly likely to break down totally or need premature replacement.

Spotting the minor issues that need repair and removing the minerals attached to the walls of your water heater increase your water heater efficiency. By addressing these issues early, you effectively prevent total damage to the system.

Consider having a professional plumber contact on your phone. They will inspect and repair your system, ensuring that you do not have to use the money on replacements prematurely.

Guarantees Safety

A water heater can pose many dangers to your home. It happens in case the water heater is about to malfunction. Failing water heaters may explode, resulting in fires, bodily harm, death, and structural damage.

Leaking tanks, anode rods that are rusty, and faulty or failing pressure valves can cause the water heater to explode. All the damages above are costly, and you cannot quantify the loss of life—better remaining safe than being sorry. Hire a professional plumber to inspect, maintain, and repair your water heater today. You will stay ahead of the situation and avoid explosions or fires caused by the water heater.

Professional Water Heater System Maintenance Services Near You

As we have seen above, maintaining your water heater can go a long way in reducing your energy and water bills. However, you cannot achieve such without the services of a professional in water heater maintenance.

Do you live in Jacksonville, FL? Bert Norman’s Plumbing offers water heater installation, inspection, repairs, and maintenance. We help homes avoid high expenses in repair costs and costly breakdowns. Such problems can render the water heater systems unusable.

Call us for emergency water heater services at 904-225-5888 and get $15 off for your water heater repair. We repair and replace all types of water heaters to ensure that you have a seamless flow of hot water in your home while also ensuring the longevity of your water heater. A customer is our most invaluable asset, and we treat them as such.

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