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Generally, most people won’t bother thinking about cleaning their drains unless there’s a problem like a stubborn clog. Of course, clogs are an obvious sign that you need a drain cleaning service. To ensure that your plumbing system runs smoothly, you need to hire a skilled plumber. Bert Norman’s Plumbing features a full lineup of professional plumbing services, including drain cleaning. Our solutions will allow you to keep your drains operating problem-free. You may need professional drain cleaning service at your Callahan, FL, home if you note the following:

Slow Drain

A slow drain is a problem; it may not be a drain-stopping problem yet, but if you give it time, it certainly could be. Slow drains are typically caused by a buildup of debris somewhere in your pipes. This debris might be hair, grease, food items, or even a bit of all these materials. While they might loosen on their own and flow out of your drain into the sewer main, they very likely will continue to sit in your drain, slowing the flow of water.

A slow drain is usually a sign that you need to hire a plumber to provide you with a drain cleaning service. Why a drain cleaning service instead of a commercial drain cleaning product? Because commercial drain cleaners could sit in your drain and damage your pipes. A professional from Bert Norman’s Plumbing has the professional tools and equipment needed to clean your drains, removing all the stubborn debris that’s causing your slow drain.

Drain Odors

Debris, especially food debris, caught in your plumbing lines can lead to powerfully foul odors. These odors could even worsen as the food particles continue to decay. Some people may try to introduce a mixture of vinegar and baking soda into the line to eradicate the foul odor. In many cases, however, this only masks the smell. Unless the waste is washed away through the drain, it will continue to sit in the line, getting muckier and smellier.

If you need a plumber in Callahan, FL, to complete drain cleaning solutions, you can rely on Bern Norman’s Plumbing. We’ll rid your drains of odor-causing waste. Whether the situation calls for hydro jetting or rooting, we have the equipment needed to tackle the job quickly. Keep in mind, even if your drains appear to be working well and draining as they should, there could still be waste lodged somewhere in the system that needs removing.

Gurgling Noises

If you hear gurgling sounds coming from your pipes, it could indicate that there is a problem brewing. You may need drain cleaning if there is debris in the line that is slowly causing a clog. As clogs form, air bubbles can be released. The bubbling action can cause the gurgling sounds you hear. After a plumber from Bert Norman’s Plumbing provides drain cleaning service, these sounds will no longer appear.

Fruit Flies

Fruit flies in your home could be a sign that you have food debris in your drains. If there is no rotting food in your garbage or anywhere else that might have attracted these pests, there’s a strong likelihood that they were attracted by the food waste in your drain. While a plumber isn’t equipped to eradicate the fruit flies flying around your home, they can eliminate the problem that led to their infestation in the first place–and prevent the problem from getting worse.

Once you eliminate the waste in your drains and kill the fruit flies in your house, you end this insect problem. After a professional from Bert Norman’s Plumbing cleans your drains, be sure to introduce cleaning products with disinfectants from time to time to help clean your drains between professional cleanings. This might help prevent a fruit fly problem in the future.

Toilet Is Overflowing

If your toilet is overflowing, you may need drain cleaning services from Bert Norman’s Plumbing. It’s not uncommon for local homeowners to require a plumber when their toilet becomes clogged. If you can’t clear the toilet clog with plunging, you may need a plumber to determine what’s clogging the line. Sometimes kids introduce small balls or other toys that can get lodged in the pipes. This requires the skills of a professional who will extract the item without damaging your plumbing system.

Multiple Drain Backups

If you have more than one drain backing up in your home, there’s likely a problem with your sewer line. Sometimes, the problem is with the city’s sewer main. After long periods of rain, water in the drains simply has nowhere else to go but back up into people’s homes. On the other hand, in Callahan, FL, the problem is usually with the sewer line that runs through the homeowner’s property. If the problem is with your sewer line, you’re responsible for the repair.

Sewer line clogs can be serious and definitely necessitate the skills of a trained plumber. Bert Norman’s Plumbing will send skilled professionals to your home to evaluate the problem. The sewer line could be damaged because of shifting soil. There could also be tree roots in the line that have stopped up the flow of wastewater from your home. These problems can lead to serious clogs and backup. A drain cleaning professional will attempt to clean the line and, in many cases, will be successful. On the other hand, if the pipe is damaged or has collapsed, a more extensive repair may be needed.


Call Bert Norman’s Plumbing if you need a plumber to perform drain cleaning or other plumbing services at your home. A problem like backing up drains is a plumbing emergency. You can rely on our company for emergency plumbing solutions. We’ll bring everything needed to quickly tackle your plumbing problem. Call us to learn more.

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