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Imagining our “Warehouses on Wheels,” you might have a picture of something immense, but like all our plumbing practices, we’ve just carefully prepared to serve you. We have the right equipment and parts in all our vehicles to take care of common problems and routine installations. You can schedule a visit from Bert Norman’s Plumbing in Jacksonville, FL, and get prompt, often same-day arrival and single-visit service whenever possible. We’re your well-prepared plumber, professional in appearance and experienced in the full range of plumbing services. Our services cover everything from faucet repairs to sewer services and repiping and more. For nearly 40 years, we’ve been taking great care of homeowners and their plumbing needs in Jacksonville, FL.

Trusted Emergency Plumbers You Can Count On

A plumbing problem can catch you off-guard, making a mess while you’re trying to figure out what to do. If you don’t have the number of a plumber you can trust, there’s even more uncertainty and stress. Our customers know us, and know they can count on us. We’ve served generations of families in the area, and they know that we’ll make the time to come quickly, 24/7, and get to work resolving the problem. When the work is done, we’ll make an orderly finish and look forward to seeing you again. We establish long-term relationships, making life easier for our customers and helping us to serve you by getting to know you and your home’s plumbing. With our experienced, carefully checked team, you can also call us late at night when things go wrong with your pipes or fixtures, and know you’re getting someone you can trust in your home.

Sewers, Drains, and Complex Wastewater Backups

Even a backed-up toilet requires expertise and care to properly resolve the situation, since there’s a lot that goes into a toilet’s plumbing internally as well as in your home. Your home’s drains can develop clogs anywhere, and our plumbers have tools and techniques to clear them out wherever they are. You may have experienced multiple-fixture backups, including flushing here, backup there, and recurring trouble on the top floor of your home. In some cases, the problem may be a clog deep in your pipes that affects most plumbing upstream from it. For top-floor issues, we have to think about the effect of your plumbing vent on drain operation, and might have to head to the roof to fix the problem! You may find that you get temporary fixes from your plunger, but wonder why the problem keeps coming back. The complexities of residential plumbing is the answer, and we have both the knowledge and experience to get to the real problem. We also have a few specialized tools, such as video inspection gear that lets us go inside and look for the problem, and hydro jet high pressure spray that cleans right to the pipe walls, and can even be effective on some sewer line clogs.

Solving Plumbing Puzzles a Specialty

Clogs and major drain problems aren’t the only plumbing puzzles our plumbers solve, there are many ways that your plumbing can misbehave that are routine to us, but quite odd for most homeowners. For example, garbage disposals are supposed to grind up everything so it flows nicely down without trouble. Why, then, do some homes have problems with their garbage disposals so frequently, with sink backups? There’s a bend in your sink’s drain pipe called the P trap, which keeps noxious sewer gas from rising out of your drain lines into your kitchens and bathrooms. Water, and some ground-up food, may linger there after you’re through working at the sink. As it turns out, pasta and rice are like sponges, and if they linger, even ground up, in the P trap, they’ll expand and cause a blockage. Our plumbers can provide all sorts of helpful hints about garbage disposal use, and install a replacement or more powerful new model if you like. One other disposal issue can appear in your dishwasher, which is especially strange. If there’s no “air gap” or similar device installed when your dishwasher and disposal share a drain, backups can occur from your drain to the dishwasher. We can take care of the problem for you, and avoid this nasty surprise.

Leak Detection and Repair

A damp spot on the wall, puddle near your foundation, or ceiling drips can lead you to wonder what’s happening. It could be a pipe leak, which can occur anywhere in your home’s plumbing, especially as the pipes get older. You may have images of “old school” leak repairs that required destructive hunts for the source of the leak. After all, water tends to flow, and the source may be far from where you see evidence of the problem. In some cases, you may just see a faster-spinning water meter and higher bills, and wonder what’s causing it. These days, our plumbers have technology to locate leaks through sound, video pipe inspection, and other methods that require only simple access to the pipe, not removal of material for a visual inspection in many locations. While leak repair can still be challenging, it’s nothing to worry about since our plumbers have such great methods for finding trouble. When pipes need repair, depending on the location we have a variety of new techniques such as relining, which is an important innovation for water lines and sewer lines running under your yard. Leaks that result from aging pipes can be handled with expert repiping as well.

Prepared to Serve You for All Your Plumbing Needs

When plumbing trouble strikes in Jacksonville, FL, or you’d like to upgrade and replace fixtures and equipment, Bert Norman’s Plumbing is the plumber to call. We’re ready to serve you, and our distinguished attention to detail ensures that our work is first-rate and complete. Our company is family-owned, and in business since 1985. Give us a call for all your plumbing service needs, and keep our number handy for emergencies!

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