Over the decade, the number of homes in the United States with sump pumps has increased. Based on a recent study, 14000 homes and workplaces experience emergency water damage, and approximately 98 percent of basements in most households will experience water damage in their lifetime.

Imagine how devastating it can be waking up to a flooded home. The most effective way to protect your home from flooding is by installing a sump pump. There are a variety of sump pumps available today. However, deciding on the one best fit for your home can be challenging without the guidance of a professional plumber.

This blog highlights some of the most common sump pumps, how they work, and their pros and cons to help you choose the right one for your home.

Submersible Sump Pumps

These sump pumps are submerged in the sump pit, thus, saving you space in your basement. If you live in an area with heavy rainfall, this sump pump may be what you need. Submersible sump pumps are built with highly powerful motors to move a lot of water at once.

The submersible sump pumps can also prevent flooding in your home since they filter debris, preventing clogging that can cause flooding and water overflowing in homes.

Despite being so powerful, these machines also have their drawbacks. Firstly, they are costly compared to other sump pumps; hence, homeowners in Fernandina, FL who are on a budget, cannot afford them.

Also, these sump pumps are not easy to access, making it difficult for the plumbers to service or replace them. In addition, they have a short life span of about 5 to 10 years.

Water-Powered Sump Pumps

Compared to other sump pumps, water-powered pumps are less common. If you live in an area that experiences frequent power outages, this sump pump would be perfect for your home. The water-powered sump pumps don’t need electricity; instead, they rely on the water pressure from your area’s municipal water source.

Another significant benefit of these sump pumps is their long lifespan because they do not have a battery or moving parts. Hence, you won’t have to be concerned about the water damaging it.

However, if you acquire water-powered sump pumps, be ready for your electric bills to go up due to the water used to create a vacuum in your pump. With these sump pumps, you’ll also require city water since low water pressure from sources such as wells can compromise the efficiency of your system.

Pedestal Sump Pumps

They are also referred to as upright pumps. Unlike the submersible, the pedestal pump’s sump motor is raised above the sump pit to prevent it from coming into contact with water. It has an extensional shaft that reaches inside the pit so it can reach the water and filter it out.

Since pedestal sump pumps are situated above the pit, they are easy to access. Hence, if you need to replace or repair the pump, it will not be hard for the plumbers to access it. Because they are not in contact with water or debris, these sump pumps have a longer lifespan than the submersible sump pumps and can serve you and your family for about 25 to 30 years.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, these sump pumps might be just what you need. They are less costly than submersible sump pumps, and since they have a long lifespan, you do not have to replace them for a long time.

However, these pumps are also quite noisy. In addition, these pumps are not as powerful as the submersible sump pumps. Hence, plumbers don’t recommend them for low-level properties or houses with a basement susceptible to flooding.

Combination Sump Pumps

Combined sump pumps are considered the most reliable and effective compared to the other sump pumps. They are designed to be used with your main electricity or a backup battery.

One of the significant benefits of these sump pumps is that they protect your basement at all times; thus, you don’t have to be worried about your basement flooding. Whether there is a power outage, the sump pump will continue operating. Also, the combination sump pump is as powerful as the submersible pump when you have electricity.

Despite their high initial cost, combination sump pumps are cost-effective in the long run. You do not need to be concerned about buying any extra parts since all the pieces are included once you purchase the sump pump.

However, since combination sump pumps are built like submersible ones, they tend to be very difficult to access, making it difficult for plumbers to perform repairs and replace them. Also, they are prone to breakages.

Effluent Pumps

You will often find these pumps in homes with effluent basins or tanks. Most people confuse them for sewage pumps. However, unlike sewage pumps, effluent pumps get rid of wastewater that collects in your sinks and showers and pump it into the leach field or effluent disposal area. The plumbers can install these pumps on a different pump chamber in either your septic tank.

Once the plumbers have installed effluent pumps, they run automatically. These pumps are relatively durable depending on how you maintain your pump and how frequently it is used. They can serve you and your family for approximately 10 to 15 years.

However, the effluent tanks are not suitable for every home. Before purchasing your home pump, read the label or consult a professional plumber in Fernandina, FL to avoid buying one that will not meet your home’s needs.

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For all your sump-pump needs, call Bert Norman’s Plumbing. We are a plumbing company with experienced and certified plumbers who offer sump pump installation, repairs, and replacements. We have been serving the residents of Fernandina, FL since 1985 by offering quality, reliable, and customer-based services. Please do not hesitate to contact us to book an appointment.

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There are different reasons why homeowners remodel their bathrooms, including updating the fixtures, updating plumbing, increasing storage, and bringing a new style into the space. When remodeling the bathroom, most homeowners bring in special features that will make the bathroom safer for people with disabilities or seniors. A handicap-accessible bathroom is not only good for your family, but it also increases the value of your home. Also, you will help improve the confidence of your loved ones and enable them to access the bathroom independently. Here are common additions that will make your bathroom accessible to those with mobility issues.

Install a Walk-in Shower

A walk-in shower will significantly help people who like everything done in the bathroom. Because stepping over the edge of the bathroom can be challenging for those with mobility issues, a walk-in shower will be of great help. The safety features of a walk-in shower reduce the risks of slips and fall, giving you peace of mind while showering. The features included in a walk-in shower include non-slip flooring, thermostat control, shower seats, and ultra-low access floors.

Walk-in showers are mainly designed for your bathroom, meaning you can utilize most of your space and improve the overall layout. Call a plumber in Jacksonville, FL for assistance if you need help installing a walk-in shower in your bathroom.

Wet Rooms

Wet rooms are a practical modern-day way of bathing. Some features of regular showers are less comfortable for seniors or those with limited mobility. Feeling to sit while showering is a common problem the elderly face, and not all showers can accommodate a seat. Also, many seniors require a small step over the shower tray to access the shower. You can solve all these problems by hiring a plumber to install a wet floor. A wet room will provide your loved ones adequate security when using the bathroom.

Fold Down Seats

A fold-down seat will make showering much more comfortable for those who can’t stand for long periods. Fold-down seats are affixed to the shower wall and can be folded down when in operation and folded back against the wall when you are done. However, for a folding seat to operate smoothly, you must ensure it is installed by a licensed plumber who understands the job. Improper installation can lead to unpredicted issues.

Non-Slip Grab Rails

Grab rails are another ideal addition to help anyone with mobility issues access the bathroom comfortably. Grab rails enable you to remain steady on your feet, and they are an easy addition a plumber can install quickly. The safest grab rails have a textured surface for a firm hold. Furthermore, grab rails can also be installed around the toilet to help those who struggle to use the toilet. Instead of having only one rail mounted on the wall, two rails can be installed on the sides to help people with sitting, and standing issues use the toilet seat easily.

Low-Level Shower Trays

One main advantage of low-level shower trays is that they eliminate the need to step over a small rise to get into the shower. Low-level shower trays will give easy access to the shower for those with mobility problems but can still manage to get a small step. Low-level shower trays sit level with the floor, helping reduce the step height needed to enter the shower. They help reduce the risk of slips and falls. Therefore, hire a plumber today to install a low-level shower tray to make your bathroom accessible.

Baths With Lift

A bath lift is a luxurious addition more beneficial to people with disabilities. Bath lifts are devices that lift and lower you in and out of the bath. They have a handheld remote that allows you to control the lift and are good if bathroom renovation is impossible. If you are interested in a bath lift, contact a plumbing company, and they will send a plumber to help you choose the best for your needs.

Accessible Toilets

If you have people with disabilities in your home, the bathroom will need an accessible toilet. Your toilet should be higher than average to accommodate those with special needs. Toilets with a raised height allow individuals in wheelchairs and seniors to do their business in the toilet comfortably. To bring more safety, grab bars can be installed next to the toilet to add safety. Besides, they come with different finishes and styles to match any bathroom décor. Look for a plumber in Jacksonville, FL to install an ADA-compliant toilet that will give people with disabilities more confidence to use their toilet.

Accessible Sinks and Faucets

For people with no disability or mobility problems, a standard faucet and sink height should not bother you. However, people with disabilities will need a sink that will be very easy to access without putting them at risk of sliding and falling. For instance, you will need to adjust the height of your sinks if there is someone who uses a wheelchair in your home.

All the sinks should be lower enough to be used from a seated position and include reachable faucets. If you have an under-cabinet sink, hire a plumber to install a pedestal sink to get disabled individuals as close as possible. However, a higher height will be a good option if the individual can walk but struggles to bend.

Making changes in your bathroom to accommodate the needs of your seniors, people with disabilities, or those with mobility issues is important. The additions can range from simple or complex, depending on different circumstances. If you need help making these changes in your home, hire Bert Norman’s Plumbing in Jacksonville, FL. We are a reputable plumbing company with skilled plumbers who will install any plumbing addition you need in your bathroom. Hire us today, and we will make your bathroom safe, accessible, enjoyable, and comfortable for everyone. Call us now to get started!

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Do you need to place a plumbing service call to a reliable Jacksonville, FL plumber? If you do, here are some things to know ahead of time. That way, you’re able to get the most out of the interaction. After all, you’re paying money to receive excellent care!

For the new homeowner, hiring a plumber is no easy feat. It takes some time to research your options. Finding the perfect plumber is possible. It does require you to weigh the pros and cons of each candidate that you locate in the area.

This guide makes the entire process of searching for and hiring a plumber fast and easy. It gives you access to the best plumbing service company in the city to assist you with your drainage issues. If you need a new water heater installed, you’ll know who in the area can do the work for you. It makes future plumbing calls much easier for you to place.

What the Right Plumber Is Willing to Do for You

Trusting someone with your home and property can be challenging. It’s reassuring to find a plumbing service provider that prioritizes customer service. The way they treat their customers paints a picturesque viewpoint of their company. It makes it much easier for you to work with a plumber that you’ve never met prior to your scheduled service call date.

Here’s how to get the most out of your plumbing service call in Jacksonville, FL:

  • Research your options online. See which companies offer plumbing services. It takes no time at all to do a web search using your city or zip code to limit the results to your area. Once you’ve found the names and contact information for companies in the city, start calling the ones that interest you. Visit their websites to learn more about their backgrounds, services offered, and payment options.
  • Ask questions for clarification. If you’re not sure what to expect from the company and its services, ask the representative to explain things more fully to you. When you speak to a person over the phone, you’re able to get a more detailed response than you would if you were to read the words on a webpage. If there’s something you need to know before you decide who to hire, make sure you ask the right questions.
  • Listen to the advice the plumber gives you to prevent costly repairs. The plumbing professional is your partner in keeping your plumbing operating well. If they give you tips and tricks for preventing drainage and burst pipe issues, you’ll want to listen closely. You can avoid many problems and headaches by simply putting good advice to use. Being mindful of the things that cause clogs helps you find other ways to dispose of them.
  • Take advantage of emergency services. There’s a reason why they exist. Some plumbing issues cannot be ignored. They must be addressed immediately. Making sure that they’re taken care of means that you’ll have working plumbing and it won’t cost you a fortune to have the plumbing service provider come to your home. After-hours service calls may be more expensive, but they’re absolutely vital when you have a leaking water heater tank or a burst pipe.
  • Protect your guarantees and warranties. If the company that you’ve hired to give you plumbing service offers promises, get them in writing. Put the guarantees and warranties in a safe location where they can be retrieved easily. If you were to need them in the future, you’ll know exactly where to look to access the documents.
  • Get to know your plumber better. Find out all you can about the professional that you’ll be working with that day. It helps you feel confident in their abilities to assist you in the future. You can find out how long they’ve been working as a plumber, any specialties that they have, and even what they do to make their customers happy. When you develop a close working relationship with your plumber, you’ll receive the best plumbing service money can buy.

Jacksonville, FL residents know the value of good plumbing service. It’s the reason why so many people stick with one service provider throughout the years. Once they’ve found the perfect plumber, they favor working with them long-term. It’s one less decision they need to make regarding how they care for and maintain the various systems in their homes.

Locating a plumber for your current and future plumbing needs tops your list of priorities. It’s essential to keep your plumbing in excellent working order at all times, so your schedule isn’t disrupted by a repair. You’ll know exactly what it takes to get the job done to your highest standards by what the plumber tells you about the service they provide.

Who to Contact When You Want One Plumber to Resolve All of Your Issues

Bert Norman’s Plumbing takes care of all of your plumbing needs. Contacting us with your request for a plumber is the first step in getting your problems resolved in a timely and satisfactory manner. Reach out to us at 904-225-5888. We’re committed to making your life as easy as possible by getting to the bottom of your annoying plumbing issue.

Finding that one company that you can count on day or night is a blessing. It provides you with peace of mind and the ability to move forward with your schedule if something unexpected does happen. You’ve got the resources available to resolve the issue in no time at all. That means that you’re able to get the issue addressed without it costing you extra time or energy.

Spend some time getting to know us. We’re committed to giving you the absolute best service available. When you hire us for your plumbing needs, you get our guarantee that we’ll do everything we can to resolve your issue. When there is more than one choice available for fixing the issue, Bert Norman’s Plumbing will make sure to run them by you so you have options.

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A plumber in Callahan, FL can provide you with peace of mind as a brand-new homeowner. They give you what you need to address plumbing issues small and large. It doesn’t matter if it’s a persistent drip or a flooded sink that’s giving you grief. The plumber that you hire gives the same amount of time and attention to all the jobs they’re hired to do for their customers.

Selecting a single plumbing professional from a pool of candidates can be challenging. Accessing the resources you have available at your disposal such as review sites and family and friend recommendations makes the entire process easier. You’re able to get a sense of how the company works based on what you’ve read or heard from others. Keep in mind that there’s likely someone you know personally or professionally that’s needed to have plumbing work done in their home.

What a Plumbing Professional Can Do for You and Your Home

A plumbing professional is there for you in your time of need. They come to your rescue when you can’t get the pilot light lit on your water heater, and they’re able to tell you why your toilet isn’t flushing properly. They can get a drain unclogged and even replace it altogether. The plumber can also fix and replace pipes that have deteriorated over the years.

Here’s why hiring a plumber in Callahan, FL is a necessity as a homeowner:

  • To increase your levels of comfort and convenience. When your plumbing system is working well, you don’t encounter obstacles. You can shower and wash dishes with ease. The laundry that you need to do doesn’t pile up until it’s unmanageable. Instead, you have access to everything that flushes and drains with ease.
  • To prevent structural damage from occurring. A drip or leak can harm your floors, wall, and even the foundation of your home. If you want to prevent mold and mildew from growing, hire a plumber and gain peace of mind knowing that things are being taken care of the way that you expected them to be by a professional who takes pride in the work they do.
  • To keep the home clean and hygienic. When the plumbing works, so does the bathtub, shower, sink, dishwasher, and washing machine. You’re able to maintain a level of cleanliness that’s impossible to keep when you don’t have access to running water. When sinks and toilets overflow, it’s a mess that makes things less hygienic. Don’t you want to avoid issues by having a plumber come in on a regular basis to clean your drains and inspect your pipes? It’s worth the effort to prevent plumbing issues from happening in the first place.
  • To prevent your water bill from rising. When there is a surge in water usage, it’s often due to a leak. If it goes undetected for any length of time, it can be problematic. That’s why you should make it a point to get a hold of a plumbing professional right away. The sooner they’re able to tackle the task at hand, the faster you’ll be able to address your increasing water usage. You can report the issue to the utility company to see if they’ll offset some of the extra cost. It’s something that makes you feel good to take care of because no one likes wasting money on something that’s preventable. A good plumber will check for leaks and drips to help prevent water damage in your home and help keep utility bills from rising.
  • To allow you to enjoy your bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room for years. You’ll have access to the plumbing you need to fully utilize the space that you have in your home without disruption. You’ll have everything you need to bathe, wash dishes, do laundry, and clean your floors and countertops. It’s yet another reason why you need to contact a plumbing professional to help you in your home.
  • To prevent your pipes from bursting and breaking. Old pipes can be rusty and worn out. They can burst and break without notice. Investing in having the home re-piped can be very beneficial. From a cost perspective, it may be the best use of your money. Think about what you can do to prevent the worst-case scenario. Keep your plumber’s number readily available.

As a homeowner in Callahan, FL, there isn’t anything you won’t do to protect your property. Keeping your plumbing up and running is the best way to avoid structural issues such as water damage. A small leak can destroy wood flooring and cabinetry. That’s why you should always check the areas of the home with plumbing to ensure that there aren’t issues that need the attention of a plumber.

A plumbing professional is part of the team of professionals that help you keep your home safe, clean, and comfortable at all times. When you decide to hire a professional in the area, you’re doing so to maintain the high quality of your home. You’re creating an environment that feels good to other people, too. Your family and friends appreciate access to working plumbing every bit as much as you do.

Get the Help You Need with Your Plumbing 

Bert Norman’s Plumbing is here to make the search for a plumbing company easy for you. Call us at 904-225-5888 day or night to request a pro. We’ll dispatch one to your Florida home just as soon as we’ve heard what you’re experiencing. If it’s something that can wait until the morning, we’ll schedule your service for a time that’s convenient for you to be home to greet us.

Having a company like ours that you can reach out to with your questions is advantageous. It lets you know how much you matter to us as a company. We want you to feel comfortable speaking to us whenever you need assistance. The team at Bert Norman’s Plumbing encourages you to schedule regular drain cleaning and other maintenance services to keep your plumbing in the best working condition possible throughout the year.

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