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Many Jacksonville, FL homeowners take their plumbing system for granted. As long as clean, clear water is coming into the home and water, and waste is removed, they don’t think about their plumbing system too often. It isn’t until something goes wrong that people begin to worry.

Although plenty of projects around the house make great DIY projects, plumbing repairs aren’t one of them. The plumbing system in your home is very complex. If you attempt a DIY repair and make a mistake or skip a step, it can result in disastrous consequences.

If you are experiencing any of the issues below, it is best to schedule an appointment for plumbing service immediately.

#1 Slow Or Clogged Drains

If the water in your home is flowing down the drain slowly or isn’t draining at all, you should schedule an appointment for plumbing service. Many homeowners will take the DIY approach and try to use a liquid drain cleaner. If the drain is completely clogged, the liquid drain cleaner won’t reach the clog. If the water is draining slowly, there is no guarantee that the drain cleaning will work. Also, these products contain harsh chemicals that can cause damage to the pipes.

When you call for plumbing service, the plumber can use one of several methods to remove the clog. The method they choose would depend on the size and location of the clog. When you hire a professional, you can be sure that the entire clog will be removed without causing damage to the pipes.

#2 Rusty Water

If you turn on the water in your home and it comes out rusty, it is a serious issue. It is not safe to bathe, drink, or cook with rusty water; therefore, you should immediately schedule an appointment with a plumber.

If just the hot water is coming out rusty, the issue likely lies within your water heater. If sediment is built up in the water tank, it can come out in the water, making it rusty.

If the hot and cold water are coming out rusty, the problem is likely due to old, corroded pipes.

When you call for plumbing service, a licensed plumber will inspect the plumbing system to determine the source of the problem so it can be repaired.

#3 Water Heater Issues

The water heater in your Jacksonville, FL home is essential to your everyday life. If your water heater is not functioning properly, it can make daily household tasks impossible.

If you are experiencing any of the issues listed below, you should call for a plumber immediately.

  • No hot water: The issue could be with the thermostat or the heating element.


  • The water isn’t getting hot enough: If the water coming from the faucet is lukewarm, one of the heating elements could be faulty, and the water in the tank won’t be able to reach the desired temperature. The issue could also be that the thermostat is not set correctly or it is broken.


  • You are running out of hot water too quickly: If your water tank isn’t large enough to meet your family’s hot water demand, you will run out of hot water quickly. If sediment is built up at the bottom of the water tank, there will be less space for hot water storage, causing you to run out quickly.


  • Poor hot water pressure: If sediment builds up in the waterline in the water tank, poor hot water pressure can occur.


  • Rusty hot water: If just the hot water is coming out rusty, there could be sediment buildup in the water tank or the waterline, adding rust to the water.


  • Strange sounds: Strange sounds coming from the water heater is a major cause for concern. When sediment builds up inside the water tank, it can hit the sides, causing a banging or clanging sound. If this issue is ignored, the sediment can crack the water tank, causing a major flood.


  • Moisture or water pooling around the water tank: Because this issue can promote mold growth, this is a serious issue. There could be a loose or broken hose or a crack in the water tank.

If you are having any issues with your water heater, schedule an appointment with a plumber immediately. The longer you wait, the worse the problem will be.

#4 Broken Toilet Or Faucet

If the toilet or faucet in your Jacksonville, FL home isn’t functioning properly, schedule an appointment for a plumber to come.

A leaky faucet is a sign that there is something wrong inside the faucet. This issue can also waste a great deal of water, causing a significant increase in your water bill. If you ignore the problem, it will get worse. Over time, the drip will turn into a flow that cannot be stopped.

A broken toilet can be a major inconvenience, especially if you only have one bathroom. If the toilet doesn’t flush or flushes on its own, you should call for plumbing service. The same is true if your toilet runs constantly. A constantly running toilet can waste so much water that it can cause your water bill to increase up to $60 per day.

A broken toilet or faucet should not be a DIY project because the issue could be more complex than you think. It is best to call for professional service and leave the job to a licensed plumber.

Why Choose Bert Norman’s Plumbing?

If you need to schedule an appointment for plumbing service, don’t waste your time on a Google search. Instead, schedule an appointment with Bert Norman’s Plumbing.

We are a family-owned, state-certified company that has been in business since 1985. Over the last 35+ years, we have earned an excellent reputation in the community and the industry.

We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and a 5-star rating on Google. This should give you peace of mind that you will be satisfied with our plumbing service.

We understand that plumbing emergencies can arise at any time. This is why we offer 24/7 emergency service. If you call for plumbing service during the night or on a holiday, we will get a plumber to your home as quickly as we would if you had called during regular business hours.

To schedule an appointment for plumbing service, give us at Bert Norman’s Plumbing a call today.

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Plumbing is an important component of any home. Plumbing systems are used every day and as a result malfunction from time to time. Common malfunctions are usually products of natural wear and tear on the plumbing systems. The best way to avoid natural wear and tear is by utilizing the services of a professional preventive maintenance plumber. Cultivating a relationship with your local professional has many benefits. Preventive plumbing maintenance will help you save money, prevent plumbing malfunctions, and prevent the need for future repairs. Hiring a preventive maintenance plumber gives that professional more in-depth knowledge of your home’s plumbing system and its unique quirks and features. This will help make repairs easier and faster in the future. If you live in or around the Callahan, FL, area, contact Bert Norman’s Plumbing for all of your plumbing system needs.

What Is Preventive Plumbing Maintenance?

Preventive maintenance is a proactive approach to maintaining and repairing machinery or systems in order to prevent malfunctions and other mishaps from occurring. A proactive approach to your residential property care will benefit you by reducing the number of repairs needed, increasing the lifespan of your home’s systems, and preventing system failures. Properly maintaining your plumbing system and caring for it will ensure the cleanliness and efficiency of your plumbing. An efficiently running plumbing system will keep your bills stable and keep your energy efficiency simple.

Preventive plumbing maintenance must be completed by a professional plumber. Professional plumbing maintenance is different from common DIY solutions we use to get rid of pesky plumbing problems. Professional plumbers use special tools along with their specialized knowledge of plumbing systems to ensure your pipes, fixtures, and appliances remain in good working condition for as long as possible. According to statistics, plumbing systems can last an average of 17 – 100 years. This is, of course, dependent on the type of materials your plumbing systems have and how well you have cared for them throughout the years.

Preventive maintenance usually includes the cleansing of your household pipes, the gutters, and the water heater. Other preventive maintenance techniques include checking for leaks, and other common malfunctions.

Benefits of Preventive Plumbing Maintenance

Better Air Quality

Did you know that your plumbing can affect your air quality? Your plumbing system has a series of traps and different fixtures that are meant to prevent certain gasses from escaping and permeating your home’s atmosphere. When these fixtures and pipes are overwhelmed, dirty, or operational, it can lead to foul odors, as well as mold, bacteria, and mildew. Mold and mildew can form in other parts of the home as a result of unseen leaks. Leaks are not always visible right away. There are pipes all throughout a property. The pipes are behind walls, in the floorboards, and sometimes the ceilings. If these leaks are allowed to persist, it can cause mold and mildew to form before the leak can be repaired.

Individuals with existing health conditions such as asthma may experience worsened systems in the presence of dangerous pathogens such as mold and bacteria. Keeping your air clean, means keeping your plumbing system clean and efficient as well.

Less Leakage

The pipes that are strategically placed around your home are full of bends and joints that connect them together. These joints can sometimes become loose and cause leakage. If the leaks go unnoticed the malfunction can become larger and larger. The sooner leaks are repaired, the less damage will occur. Addressing other potential leaks can prevent them from occurring in the first place.

Prevents Plumbing Disasters

Hiring a local plumber to keep up with all of your plumbing needs will help prevent potential plumbing disasters. A local professional will have an understanding of your local area and different best practices used to help ensure your plumbing system is operating correctly. Areas that experience frequent pipe bursting may benefit from pipe insulation or other preventative measures. Ask your local, preventive maintenance plumber what preventative measures you should be taking to prevent plumbing disasters in the future. If you live in or around the area, contact Bert Norman’s Plumbing for all of your plumbing needs.

Better Water Quality

The maintenance of your plumbing and pipe system directly affects the cleanliness and quality of your water. This is especially true for older or historic homes. When plumbing was first installed in homes, iron piping was used in the water supply system before it was realized that iron rust easily. Now materials like copper and steel are used to supply water. Most homes have been remodeled to account for this mishap. It is important to note that any metal can rust over time, and eventually this can happen to steel and copper. Proper maintenance of these pipes can prevent this or at least catch It before it causes damage.

Your hot water heater is also a direct source of water supply in your home. This appliance must be cared for and maintained properly in order to prevent sediment and other forms of debris from depleting your water quality. Hire a local preventive maintenance plumber to maintain your water supply system and hot water heater. If you live in or around Callahan, FL, area, contact Bert Norma’s Plumbing for preventive plumbing maintenance and emergency repair.

Properly Attuned Plumbing Fixture

Is your water too hot or cold? Is the water pressure too much or not enough? If the answer is yes, you need these features to manage properly. It is suggested that your water heater be set between 114 and 120 degrees Fahrenheit and your water pressure should be between 60 PSI and 80 PSI. This depends on your specific wants and needs. Your preventive maintenance plumber can make sure that these features are attuned to your specific preferences.

Having a preventive maintenance plumber maintain and repair your plumbing systems fixtures, appliances, and pipes, will help increase the lifespan and prevent all sorts of common plumbing failures from occurring. This will give you peace of mind and save you money in the future. If you live in or around the Callahan, FL, area, and are in need of a professional, contact Bert Norman’s Plumbing.

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Your plumbing system is being used every day, multiple times a day. It is bound to experience a malfunction at some point in time. To prevent the malfunctions from making your plumbing system obsolete or causing more damage it is important to contact a professional plumber in the event of a plumbing system malfunction. Major plumbing failures require urgent repair. If you are experiencing a major plumbing failure, contact an emergency plumber for urgent assistance. If you live in or around the Fernandina, FL, area, contact Bert Norma’s Plumbing for all of your plumbing system repair and maintenance needs.

Emergency Plumbing Malfunctions

If your plumbing system is malfunctioning you should contact a plumber. However, if your plumbing system is experiencing a major failure, you will need a prompt and professional to repair the issue as soon as possible. Serious plumbing malfunctions can easily cause damage to your property resulting in a higher repair bill. Allowing major plumbing malfunctions to linger can cause catastrophic damages. It’s best to have an emergency professional repair these malfunctions with haste.


Not all leaks can be considered an emergency, however, all leaks must be addressed. Even the smallest leaks can lead to serious damage. Water that is allowed to remain in the household outside of the pipe system can result in mold and mildew damage, as well as the presence of bacteria and other dangerous pathogens in the air. Unseen leaks can be the most damaging if they go unnoticed for too long. This is why preventive plumbing maintenance is important for every property.

Leaks that would be considered an emergency usually include the leakage of rapid water. Rapid water leaks usually occur due to a problem in the water supply system. If you’re experiencing a rapid water leak have to contact an emergency professional right away. They may instruct you to turn off the main water supply by locating and turning the main water valve. This valve is usually located in the basement or garages of the home. Do not use the water until the rapid water leak has been repaired.

Toilet Blockages

The toilet is important. You may not realize how important they are until there isn’t one available to you. If your toilet is malfunctioning or refusing to flush all the way it could be due to a toilet blockage. Toilet blockages happen for a variety of reasons. Whatever the cause may be, you should have a professional emergency plumber remove and repair the blockage as soon as possible.

Toilet blockages present several serious problems that must be addressed in order to live comfortably and safely in your environment or home. If your toilet is blocked you wouldn’t be able to conveniently use your restroom. One toilet blockage can lead to other problems in your sewage system. The toilet blockage could be a result of an underlying sewage system issue. Stale or dirty toilet water can lead to environmental issues in the home. If your toilet is blocked, contact an emergency plumber right away. If you live in the Fernandina, FL, area, contact Bert Norma’s Plumbing for professional plumbing assistance right away.

Clogged Tubs and Sinks

You may believe that a clogged tub or sink is just part of owning a home. However, allowing your pipes and sinks to become severely clogged can lead to other issues in the future. If you notice your tub or sinks are beginning to clog, contact a professional plumber for urgent services right away. You can prevent clogs from happening by following some guidelines and hiring a professional for regular drain cleaning services. If you do still experience a clog, removing It before it gets out of hand will prevent further damages from occurring.

Clogs become emergencies when the water is barely being drained or not being drained at all. This could be a sign of a significant blockage in the pipe system. Clogs and blockages in tubs and sinks may happen for a variety of reasons. The usual cause of major blockages is a combination of different forms of debris. Hair, food, and other forms of biodegradable debris can cause major blockages to occur in the sewage lines of your home resulting in a clog.

Removing a clog before it grows inside and stubbornness will help you save money. Plumbers use a variety of tools to professionally remove clogs with minimal damage to your pipe system. Regular over-the-counter methods to remove clogs do not always work, and can easily cause damage to your pipes. Do not allow a clog to persist and get worse over time, contact a professional to alleviate the issue as soon as it occurs.

Sewage Back-Ups

Sewage back-ups are serious plumbing problems that must be addressed by an emergency professional. Sewage backups are unsanitary and unhealthy for individuals in the home. Sewage backups can also cause major damage to property. Sewage backups happen for a variety of reasons.

Sewage backups can sometimes be mistaken for a common clog, however, they are very different. A sewage backup can be identified by a foul odor and clogs or dirty wastewater refilling a tub, basin, toilet, or sink after draining. If you notice your plumbing system has a foul odor and wastewater backups, contact an emergency plumber for urgent plumbing system repair.

Septic Tank Failure

Not everyone has a septic tank. Septic tanks are more common in rural areas or in places without public sewers. Septic tanks require regular maintenance and monitoring to prevent septic tank failures. Septic tank failure could be the cause of some clogs and backups. Septic tank failures can also lead to sludge in the yards of the septic tank owners. This can happen when your septic tank is full or malfunctioning. To prevent septic tank failure from damaging your property or cultivating unsanitary living conditions, have your local professional plumber perform preventive maintenance tasks on your home on an annual basis. If you live in or around the Fernandina, FL, area, contact Bert Norman’s Plumbing for all of your emergency and regular maintenance plumbing needs.

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Water heaters are essential to every home. They provide us with hot water when we need it. To extend the lifespan of your water heater, you need to be able to fix common problems and properly maintain them. In this article, we’ll talk about common water heater problems, why maintenance is important, and why you need to switch to tankless water heaters.

For other water heater problems, call a plumber in Jacksonville, FL.

Common Problems:

No Hot Water

If you’re using an electric heater, the first thing you need to check is if the water heater is receiving power. Check the circuit breaker as it may have been tripped. You can also turn it off and then turn it back on. The heating elements may also be faulty or the fuse may have blown and you will need to replace that first. If you’re still not having hot water after doing the steps we’ve mentioned, consider calling a plumber for assistance.

For gas heaters, check if the gas valve is open. There might be issues with the burner too. Call a professional if you don’t know how to fix it.

Not Enough Water

This would depend on the type of heater you have. For a tank-type heater, it’s possible that it may not be enough especially if you have a big family. Consider getting a new water heater and make sure you only work with a plumber during installation.

If the water isn’t hot enough or too hot, the problem could be your thermostat. Check if it’s set to your preferred temperature.

You may also check the pressure valve when it gets too hot. If it’s damaged, it’s not going to shut off when it reaches your preferred temperature. Call a professional to help you resolve the problem.

Water Leaks

This may be caused by loose connections or from your valves. In that case, you will have to replace the valves and tighten the connection. For tank-type heaters, your tank may be corroded. Call a plumber in Jacksonville, FL to get your tank replaced.

Consider getting tankless water heaters so you won’t have to think about mineral buildup in your tank or having not enough water. For installation, work only with a licensed professional.

Unpleasant Smell

This is a common problem if your water source comes from a well. Bacteria could also be one of the causes of smelly water. Consider flushing your tank or clean it out with chlorine bleach. If you smell rotten eggs, it could be due to a failing anode rod. Contact a plumber to help you replace that.

Dirty Water

When you get dirty water in your heater, it could be due to corrosion or a failing anode rod. Make sure that you drain the water in the tank before replacing your anode rod. Homeowners are advised to clean their tanks once or twice a year to get rid of the mineral buildup or corrosion in the tank. Maintenance is important to avoid water heater problems in the future. If you still have dirty water after flushing the tank, call a plumber. It may be time to replace your water heater.


How old is your water heater? If you’ve been using it for several years, it’s likely that it will make noise. However, the most common cause of tank noises is the buildup of minerals in the tank. You will have this problem if you don’t maintain your water heater. It’s important to do preventive maintenance to avoid costly repairs or replacements. Make sure that you only work with a licensed plumber when doing repairs or for water heater installation.

Switch to Tankless Water Heaters

How long have you been using a conventional water heater for your home? If you keep having to call a professional for water heater repair, consider getting a tankless water heater for your home.

With a tankless water heater, you get an unlimited supply of hot water. You won’t have to keep filling the tank to have a constant supply. You get hot water almost instantly with a tankless heater.

If you’re concerned about saving more energy, then having a tankless water heater for your home is the best solution. With a conventional heater, you’ll need to keep heating the water which means more energy usage. Tankless water heaters work by heating the water as needed which means you get to save more energy. Also, you won’t have to think of a space to store your heater. It can easily be mounted on your wall as opposed to conventional heaters.

Conventional heaters last from 10-15 years while tankless water heaters can last up to 20 years. Also, there’s no need to worry about flooding when you have a tankless heater. Most importantly, you get to increase the value of your home if you decide to install tankless water heaters. Consider getting energy-efficient heaters to save more energy. Speak with a plumber in your area if you can’t decide what water heater to purchase or when you’re ready to install one.

Importance of Water Heater Maintenance

You can save money and extend the lifespan of your water heater with regular maintenance. Periodically check your water heater for leaks or other signs of problems. Drain the water heater tank every few months or so to remove the mineral buildup. During winter, make sure that you insulate the pipes so the water inside doesn’t freeze. It’s important to also insulate the water heater so you don’t lose energy.

While you can do preventive maintenance on your own, it’s best to also schedule professional maintenance to ensure a thorough inspection.

Get Help from Bert Norman’s Plumbing

Bert Norman’s Plumbing is committed to providing top-notch plumbing services in Jacksonville, FL. Our plumbers are highly experienced and competent to complete any plumbing issues. Whether you have problems with the water heater, dishwasher, toilet, or garbage disposal, we can help. Call us today for an appointment and let us know how we can help. Our professional team is always ready to assist!

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The plumbing system in your Jacksonville, FL home is essential to your daily life. If your plumbing system isn’t functioning properly, it can make life in the home difficult and inconvenient.

With all of the DIY videos online today, many homeowners try to make plumbing repairs themselves. This is a mistake. The typical homeowner doesn’t have the skill, knowledge, experience, and tools to get the job done properly. Skipping one step or making one small mistake can have disastrous results.

If you have any of the following plumbing issues in your home, you should immediately call a licensed plumber.

#1 Leaky Faucet

It is very easy to ignore a leaky faucet. Most people think that if the water is just dripping, they aren’t wasting water. Also, after a day or two, they no longer notice the dripping sound. Just because it is easy to ignore a dripping faucet, it doesn’t mean that you should. A dripping faucet wastes more water than you think. If your faucet is dripping at a rate of one drip per second, you can waste over 3,000 gallons of water per year. This equals about 180 showers and can cause a significant increase in your water bill.

If your faucet is leaking, it is a sign that there is a mechanical issue that needs to be repaired. If the problem is not repaired, the problem will worsen, and the dripping can become a flow. It is best to call a licensed plumber as soon as you notice the problem.

#2 Toilet Issues

Toilet issues can be very frustrating and can make life in your Jacksonville, FL home very difficult, especially if you only have one bathroom. If you have an issue with your toilet and ignore it, your bathroom can sustain significant water damage. If you are experiencing any of the issues listed below, it is essential that you call a licensed plumber immediately.

  • The toilet tank won’t refill after flushing.
  • The flushes are very weak and cannot clear the bowl.
  • It takes a long time for the toilet to complete a full flush.
  • The water level in the bowl is low.
  • The toilet flushes multiple times on its own.
  • There is water leaking from the base of the tank.
  • Other drains in the home gurgle when the toilet flushes.
  • The toilet won’t flush at all.

Another serious issue is if the toilet runs constantly. This may seem like a minor issue, but a constantly running toilet can waste a significant amount of water. A running toilet can waste up to 4.5 gallons of water per minute, which equals about 300 gallons of water per hour and 6,840 gallons per day.

The most common cause of a running toilet is an issue with the flapper. If you ignore the issue, your water bill will increase by close to $60 per day.

It is essential that you hire a licensed plumber as soon as your toilet starts to malfunction.

#3 Poor Water Pressure

Poor water pressure can be very frustrating. It can make it difficult to rinse the shampoo from your hair and to perform daily household chores. Also, poor water pressure can affect how your water-based appliances function, such as the washing machine and the dishwasher.

There are a couple of reasons that the water pressure in your home is poor. It could be something minor, like a clogged aerator. It can also be something more serious, like a leak in the waterline. If this problem goes ignored, the leaking water will pool behind the wall, causing water damage. It can also promote mold and mildew growth, which can be difficult and expensive to remove.

If your water pressure is poor, it is best to hire a licensed plumber as soon as you notice the problem.

#4 Appliance Installation

New appliances can be expensive, which is why some homeowners will try to install the appliance themselves. They would rather do the job than spend even more money on a plumber. While this sounds good in theory, it is a mistake. Installing a dishwasher, washing machine, or water heater are all complicated jobs. If you make a mistake, you could cause damage to the appliance and your plumbing system. Also, if your new appliance is under warranty, attempting a DIY installation will void the warranty before you have a chance to use the appliance.

It is best to pay the additional cost that a plumber will charge to install your new appliance. This will ensure that it is installed safely and correctly. It is well worth the cost in the long run.

Why Choose Bert Norman’s Plumbing?

If you are having plumbing issues and need the help of an experienced plumber, don’t call the first company that comes up during a Google search. Instead, contact the professionals at Bert Norman’s Plumbing.

We are a family-owned and state-certified business that was founded in 1985. Over the last 30+ years, we have earned an excellent reputation in the community and the industry.

We offer a variety of services, including:

  • Drain cleaning
  • Faucets
  • Sewer
  • Water heaters
  • Sump pumps
  • Water softeners
  • Repipes
  • Emergency repair

Whatever your plumbing issue, we can help.

We at Bert Norman’s Plumbing understand that some plumbing jobs can be expensive, and Jacksonville, FL homeowners, don’t have the money in their savings to make the necessary repairs. This is why we have financing options available. We can make the repairs while you make the payments over time.

We understand that plumbing issues can arise at any time of the day or night. This is why we offer emergency service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you have a plumbing issue during the night or on a holiday, we will be there to help just as quickly as if you had called during regular business hours.

When you hire us, you can be sure that you are in good hands. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and a 5-star rating on Google.

If you need a plumber to provide any plumbing repair or service, give us a call today.

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If you own a home, you know that plumbing leaks happen, but what you may not understand is why they happen. There are a good handful of reasons why they occur, and understanding them may help you prevent them in the future. While you will still need to call a plumber when you notice a leak in your Jacksonville, FL home, your aim should be to prevent future leaks.

Plumbing leaks are an odd thing because sometimes they are hidden behind walls, under sinks, and in the basement. To the untrained eye and everyone but the plumbing service, it can seem like leaks come out of thin air. One day you may be sitting in a dry home and the next day you are sitting in one with a notable leak. This is what makes them so annoying to deal with.

Depending on where the leak may be coming from, it can even seem like its sole purpose is to annoy you. No one likes a dripping faucet or a leak that appears to stop and then come back like you are playing some obnoxious version of tag with your plumbing system. This is why you should always call a plumbing service if you suspect a leak because it will not fix itself on its own.

While you may not want to hear it, almost all pipes will leak eventually because at the end of the day they are just metals that corrode and deteriorate like anything else. While piping is usually made of every strong piping that is much less likely to break, it still has a lifespan attached to it. One way you can lengthen that lifespan is by keeping good plumbing habits and having a plumbing service out for an annual inspection. That said, there are a few things that can impact how long it takes for that leak to pop up. Here are just a few.


Any plumbing service in Jacksonville, FL will tell you that clogs are one of the number one reasons why pipes leak before their lifespan is up. Both partial and full clogs prevent water from flowing the way it is supposed to lead to an increased amount of water pressure inside of the pipes. Pipes are not designed to deal with sustained extra pressure over time, and eventually, that pressure takes its toll on the pipe walls and in areas where seals are used to help create one long piping system.

Eventually, that pressure is too much for a pipe or seal to handle and a small leak pops out to relieve some of the pressure. The leak is not always noticeable, as even a small leak can relieve enough pressure that the pipe is then able to take the sustained pressure. This is one reason it is very important to call a plumbing service when you have a clog in your home because while you may only be concerned about breaking the clog up, the plumber will know to look for any other damage that clog may have caused in your plumbing system.

It is also important to remember that a small leak can cause a large amount of damage over time. While you may not immediately notice that a pipe is leaking, when your paint starts to bubble or mold starts to grow you will wish you paid more attention to the signs of a leaking pipe. If you have any indication that there may be a small leak hiding in your home, it is important to call a plumbing service.

Broken Seals

Almost every major home appliance has a seal at the point that water from your home plumbing system connects to them. If you have a washing machine, a refrigerator with an ice maker or water fixture, or a water heater in your basement then you have an appliance that may eventually need some attention from a plumber. The seals that are placed on the connection points are not meant to last forever, because that is virtually an impossible task.

If you have not looked at the joint in years, now is a good time to go inspect the seals on each of your major appliances. After years of use, the seals simply wear out or if there is sustained extra pressure they may break. The end result will be a leak at the connection point. While not immediately a concern, you might see the leak reflected in your water bills or notice that the floor behind an appliance is dry rotting because of sustained water damage. Unfortunately, most people don’t notice this because they don’t often move their washing machines or fridges to look behind them. You can prevent this from occurring by making sure you pull out your machine once a year as part of your spring cleaning to spot check. If you have any reason to suspect a problem, make sure to call a plumbing service that can properly reseal the appliance.


Even the best-kept pipes will rust and corrode eventually at which point you may need a plumbing service to reinstall your plumbing. If there is extremely high water pressure in your home this may happen even faster. There are also other things that can lead to corrosion that can be avoided.

For instance, when you have a clog it is best to contact a plumber versus using chemical drain cleaners. A lot of people think that drain cleaner will save them money versus calling a plumbing service, but actually, the opposite turns out to be true. Drain cleaners can’t differentiate between clogs and the sides of your pipes, so over time, they eat away at your pipe walls leading to much more damage. Regular use can actually lead to your pipes corroding faster than they would have.

If you have noticed a leaking pipe in your home, call Bert Norman’s Plumbing of Jacksonville, FL, and we will happily come out to your home to troubleshoot the problem.

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As expert plumbers, at Bert Norman’s Plumbing we’re pretty good at predicting when you might need us. It just takes a brief inspection of your plumbing and a lot of knowledge of local Jacksonville, FL homes to get a feel for what’s down the road. We also provide plumbing services that help avoid trouble, like annual drain cleaning services. Why not put us on your schedule for maintenance and repair visits and take it easy? We also provide emergency plumbing service of course, because plumbing is never totally predictable.

Drain Cleaning Really Makes a Difference

It may be that some people see their drains as an on and off kind of situation: either they’re working or they aren’t. Of course, that major clog is usually something that built up over time, unless of course you know exactly what caused it because you saw it go down. That happens. But generally, a combination of factors such as corrosion making the pipes more clingy, grease and other sticky materials narrowing the drain pipes, and traps and joints gathering material on sharp bends adds up over time. Sometimes the clog even occurs deep in the wall, nowhere near the sink or toilet, and you get strange effects such as waste going down one drain and popping up from another. It’s messy, and well worth avoiding, trust us. One of the biggest challenges of drain and sewer problems that our plumbing service encounters is the sanitary cleanup.

Our drain cleaning plumbing service is an extension of the advanced technology we use on emergency calls to clear stubborn clogs. When the pipes are still flowing, it’s a lot easier to clean them out but we’ll still use techniques such as video inspection and hydro-jetting to make sure everything is cleared out for the year to come. We’ll also check the condition of your drain pipes, and identify any corrosion or damage that may need attention. From the kitchen to the showers, bathrooms, and basement sinks, you’ll know that everything has been cleaned out and is flowing fine.

Sewer Issues Don’t Need to Lead to Emergency Repairs

Down the line from your drains, your sewer has a tendency to build up large clogs, as this is where gravity isn’t doing as much work for you as it does from your upstairs bathroom. Fortunately, when we’re inspecting drains it’s a simple matter to open a sewer cleanout and run a video line inside, taking a look at how things are doing. This is really helpful information for homeowners, and also for potential buyers who are thinking about what major repairs and plumbing service may be needed. The video will show any major blockages from drain material, and may also reveal sewer pipe damage from heavy equipment driving above, shifting soil, tree root intrusions, and decay from the passage of time. Cast iron pipes may be corroding, while clay pipes can degrade. Since you’re getting this information before there’s obvious trouble, you’ve got the power. You can plan your plumbing service needs.

Sewer Repair Options

The old school sewer line repair was quite dramatic, with a full-length trench dug, usually by a backhoe, a replacement pipe swapped in and connected at both the home and the city line. Work at the city sewer line usually involved other services, including city workers, traffic detours and police services to guide them, and repaving the street where the necessary cut was made. Fortunately, a lot of work has been put into reducing the amount of disruption that sewer work involves. In Jacksonville, FL subdivisions built at the same time, with pipes aging at about the same rate, you can imagine there would be years when detours would pop up all over! Now, we have repair techniques that target the specific flaw in the pipe, avoid tearing up your yard, and generally last as long as new pipe. These repairs involve relining the pipe with durable material drawn through from the end, using video technology to target a patch, and other methods that work to perform the repair in place. It’s a lot to take in when you’ve got foul water backing up into your home, but when you’ve got some time to think about it, that can give some peace of mind.

Water Lines and Hot Water Heaters

A couple of other areas where problems tend to creep up rather than burst onto the scene are problems with your incoming water line and with your hot water heater. In both cases, routine inspections and plumbing service maintenance will help you identify things like pipe corrosion, leaks, and water pressure problems on your waterline, and hot water supply or tank corrosion problems on your hot water heater. When our team has eyes on your plumbing on a regular basis, we can help you keep track of what’s coming up next on your planned repair list, and we can even suggest ways to make your plumbing last longer. It might be as simple as making sure that your anode rod in the water heater is replaced as needed to preserve the tank, or adding a water softener to improve your water quality and give your pipes a break. Our plumbing service professionals use their experience to guide you.

Relaxing in Beautiful Jacksonville, FL with Your Plumbing Service Needs Planned and Scheduled

Bert Norman’s Plumbing has been serving area homes since 1985, helping people relax and live with planned repairs rather than unscheduled emergencies. The key to managing both time and costs is information, and our experienced team of professional plumbers has that in abundance, ready to share with our customers. Chances are we’ve experienced similar problems in homes built the same way down the road, with the same kinds of pipes and fixtures. In many cases, we may have been the plumbers that the previous owner of your house relied on. We make life easier for you. Call us and plan ahead.

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Benjamin Franklin once said that “nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes”. He could have added that you are almost certain to need a plumber at some point. If you need an experienced plumber for an emergency, where do you find one in Callahan, FL? That is an easy one to solve, you call Bert Norman’s Plumbing.

We have been Callahan’s most trusted and dependable plumbers for many years, and we provide a comprehensive range of plumbing services to business and residential customers, at prices that will suit your wallet. Unlike many of our competitors we are willing to help, day or night, weekends, or holidays. When you need an experienced plumber, we are just a call away.

A Plumbing Service Second to None

We are renowned for our emergency plumbing service, but we provide other services as well. You name it, we have a plumber to fix it, and these include:

  • Emergency Plumbing Service
  • Plumbing Inspection
  • Drain Cleaning
  • Tank and Tankless Water Heater Services
  • Sump Pumps
  • Repairing and Replacing Pipes and many others

Emergency Plumbing Service

With the busy lives, we lead, it is easy to forget how important good plumbing is. We get used to the fact that clean water flows out of the taps when we turn them on. Likewise, we expect hot water when we turn the water heater on. It is easy to see why we get stressed when this does not happen. When you have an emergency, you want a plumber around quickly to sort things out, you want a highly trained plumber from Bert Norman’s.

Plumbing Inspection

Bert Norman’s Plumbing suggests that you have your plumbing system regularly inspected. If you think that you have a clog or blockage forming somewhere in your pipework, then call us straight away. Leaving the problem for another day will only make matters worse. That blockage could cause your toilet to overflow. It could also mean that your sewer line is blocked and damaged with the prospect of sewage backing up into your home. Unlike in the past, we may not have to do any digging, with new technology like fiber optics and closed-circuit video cameras, a plumber can see exactly what is going on and where the blockage is.

Drain Cleaning

The main reason why the water in a sink starts to drain more slowly is that a clog has formed in the pipework. These clogs are usually due to grease and other material sticking to the insides of pipes, building up and restricting the flow of water. Some companies use acid-based chemicals to remove grease. We at Bert Norman’s think that this is not a good idea. These chemicals may dissolve the grease only to deposit it further along the pipe. Any harsh chemicals have the potential to damage old pipes and joints and so cause a leak. We use a method that converts the grease into CO2 and water, and this makes certain that the grease is fully removed.

Tank and Tankless Water Heater Services

The best thing you can do for your water heater is to have a regular service in Callahan, FL from Bert Norman’s. This will ensure that your heater is operating safely and efficiently. But even the best-maintained water heaters will need replacing eventually.

If you have an old water heater over ten years old, it may be time to replace it. You may also want to upgrade it if you now have a larger family or have more water appliances. If you use too many at the same time your water heater may not be able to cope and even shut down. If this happens too many times, you increase the risk of needing a repair.

But which water heater do you pick to replace it? More and more people are buying tankless water heaters these days and it is easy to understand why! There is no need to have a large permanently heated storage tank, as a tankless system heats water on demand. They are more energy-efficient and can have a longer working life if they are well maintained. A skilled plumber from Bert Norman’s can help you decide the correctly sized unit that will cope with any current and future hot water demands.

Whatever type of water heater you have or need you can rest assured that we at Bert Norman’s Plumbing have many years of experience in servicing, repairing, and installing new water heaters.

Sump Pumps

A sump pump will remove any excess water that collects in your basement and so prevents any flooding. It sits in a gravel pit dug in your basement; any excess water will gather in the pit. As the pit starts to fill up, a pressure sensor or a float activator arm will turn the pump on, removing the water through pipes that usually lead into a specified outdoor drainage area.

Rather than wait until heavy rain or the risk of flooding increases, we suggest that you clean and test the pump regularly. You should pour a bucket of water into the pit to be sure the pump begins automatically and that the water empties rapidly. If the pump does not start, then call Bert Norman’s, you need one of our sump pump services.

Repairing and Replacing Pipes in FL

If you live in an older house and you are having endlessly leaking pipes, it may be time to think about having them replaced. Older pipework may be badly corroded, and if your water has an unpleasant taste, it may be due to bits of rust passing into your water. A Bert Norman Plumbing team can help you redesign a new plumbing network to suit the space you are renovating.

Why Choose Bert Norman’s Plumbing?

We at Bert Norman’s Plumbing are only too aware of the consequences of having a water heater break down or having to deal with a burst pipe. We are a family-run firm and we understand the problems that a family faces during a plumbing emergency. That is why we are available 24 hours a day in Callahan, FL, and will respond promptly to any plumbing emergency you have. You and your family’s safety are our number one priority. Whatever your plumbing problem we are here to help!

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Homeowners in the Jacksonville, FL area have been calling us their plumber for generations now. We’re Bert Norman’s Plumbing, founded in 1985, about the same time cell phones were introduced in the area. Now, our mobile “warehouses on wheels” are easily connected around the clock with our customers, with a quick call to our 24/7 number. It’s never been easier to get a plumber to your house, plumbing companies don’t need expensive radio dispatch, but people keep calling us in particular because of our service. They know us, they rely on us, and our customers keep saying that they have good reason to. They keep our number handy. Why not join them?

An Emphasis on Safety

Our team of expert plumbers knows that plumbing is a matter of health and safety as well as convenience. We treat your home as we do our own, taking precautions to make sure that your plumbing provides you with safe drinking water and carries your wastewater down the drain and out of your house without a hitch. That can be more complicated than it sounds, and our customers appreciate that we understand the art and science of plumbing. Beyond that, we’re highly trained in advanced plumbing techniques and use the latest technology to make our work efficient and highly effective. From hidden leaks to sewer scares, we can often find a way to get the problem under control quickly, even in the middle of the night.

Time to See a Specialist? We’re the Plumber You Call When You Need a Second Opinion

There are lots of ways that people connect with providers to do their plumbing work. As a longstanding team of plumbing experts in the Jacksonville, FL area, we get calls for second opinions from people who want to make sure they are getting the right work done. After all, there are many ways to solve a problem, and that applies to plumbing as well. Our experts know plumbing, they know area construction techniques, sewers, water lines, soil quality, and of course the process for promptly obtaining the right paperwork. We can pay attention to details because we’re quite familiar with them, and if there is a right way to do things, we’re the ones to call about it.

About Our “Warehouses on Wheels”

To finish a plumbing job promptly, especially an emergency call, you have to have the parts on hand. That’s one reason that we stock our vehicles with a carefully selected inventory that’s most likely to meet our customers’ needs on the first visit. It’s also a great reason to call us instead of trying to do the job yourself — you know how many trips to the supply store you’re going to make! Let’s just get the job done for you and you can use your Saturdays for something else. Once you see how carefully and considerately we perform every job, you’ll be glad you called us and you’ll know that you’ve found a plumber you can trust when things get out of hand late at night.

Emergency Plumbing Service

We’re here for you when your sink overflows from a clogged drain, a water line bursts in the wall somewhere, or your hot water heater floods your basement. There’s nothing like an experienced plumber, focused on quality work and excellent customer service, showing up in the night to take care of you and your family. We have a sense of urgency, but we don’t add to the chaos. In fact, seeing how we work under pressure, many of our first-time customers who don’t have a favorite plumber put our number on speed dial for the future. Then we start to get the calls: a faucet fix here, a drain cleared there, a new fixture, a garbage disposal replacement, maybe a bit of remodeling. With the perspective of time, we can see how our relationships grow.

Let’s Start with Your “To Do” List and Move Towards Your Dreams

You can do as many customers of Bert Norman’s Plumbing have done before, and after you meet us on an emergency call or urgent repair, have us cover your “To Do” list. The faucet repacking, the slow sink, the dishwasher that has issues, and the shortage of hot water are all things we can make short work of. As professionals, we’ll also do each job using the latest techniques, parts, and equipment, for a repair that lasts. Once you see how well this system works for you, there’ll be new showerheads, updated sinks and faucets, steel washing machine hoses to replace the risky rubber ones, and maybe even a shutoff valve by the kids’ toilet to allow quick response when another toy goes circling down.

Not All Plumbing Jobs are Small

Homeowners know that there are a few plumbing jobs that are going to make a big difference in their plans for the year if they arise. The major sewer problems, for example. When you start to get serious backup issues, especially in the basement, you know that you may need to arrange one of a homeowner’s most complex repairs. That’s if you’re lucky, and you have time to sort it out. Sometimes things happen quickly. Who do you call? How do you decide? It can be challenging to sort out a critical situation in an area where you don’t have much personal experience. That’s when you need a trusted advisor who not only can help you make choices but who takes the time to explain the key points and options. For us, a plumbing crisis is not a sales opportunity, it’s a chance to help our neighbors as expert plumbers.

Keep Bert Norman’s Plumbing of Jacksonville, FL On Your Speed Dial

With so many choices to make every day, we know you’ll enjoy making your choice of plumber an easy one. We’re here to serve you and your family, whatever your plumbing repair and improvement needs. Call us at Bert Norman’s Plumbing.

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The plumbing system in your home is one of the most essential systems. It is responsible for bringing clean, clear water into the home. It is also responsible for removing water and waste from the home. Many Fernandina, FL homeowners will try to make plumbing repairs a DIY project. There are plenty of videos online these days to help homeowners learn to make home repairs themselves. If a homeowner attempts to make a plumbing repair themselves and make one mistake or skip a step, they could do more harm than good.

If you are experiencing any of the following issues in your home, you should call a licensed plumber immediately.

#1 No Water

The most obvious sign that there is an issue is if you have no water coming into the home. Before you call a plumber, you should make sure that your water bills have been paid in full. You should also ask your neighbors if they have water. If there is a widespread water outage, there is nothing you can do until your city or town restores the water service.

If everything checks out, you should call a licensed professional. There are a few issues that could be preventing water from coming into the home. These include:

  • Corroded or clogged pipes
  • Old, decaying waterlines
  • A clogged tap connection

It would take the help of a licensed plumber to find the source of the problem and make the necessary repairs.

#2 Poor Water Pressure

There is nothing more frustrating than having poor water pressure. If the water pressure isn’t powerful enough, it can make rinsing shampoo from your hair difficult. Also, if the water pressure in the home is poor, it will affect the way your water-based appliances function.

There are a few issues that could be causing the poor water pressure. It could be something simple like a clogged aerator that needs to be carefully cleaned by a licensed plumber. The issue could be something more serious, like a leak in the waterline. If this is the cause of the problem, it should not be ignored. The leaking water line will cause water to accumulate behind the walls, causing mold and mildew growth. It can also waste a lot of water.

If you are experiencing poor water pressure in your Fernandina, FL home, you should call a licensed professional immediately.

#3 Water Heater Issues

Your water heater is responsible for heating the water in your home. Many daily household tasks require hot water; therefore, it is essential that you can recognize the signs that there is an issue so you can call a licensed plumber. If you are experiencing any of the following issues in your home, you should call a professional immediately.

  • No hot water
  • The water isn’t getting hot enough.
  • You are running out of hot water faster than usual.
  • Poor hot water pressure
  • Rusty hot water
  • Strange sounds coming from the water heater
  • Moisture and water pooling around the water heater

There are several issues that could be causing these issues; therefore, you will need a licensed professional to examine the water heater and make the necessary repairs.

#4 Drain Issues

If your plumbing system is functioning properly, water should flow freely down the drain. If the drains are slow or clogged, many homeowners will try to repair the problem themselves. Many people will use a liquid drain cleaner, but these products don’t always work. Also, the harsh chemicals can cause damage to the pipes. Some homeowners will use a drain snake to remove the clog. If they don’t know how to use this tool, they could end up causing serious damage to the pipes.

A licensed plumber will be able to use a few different methods to remove the clog. The one they choose would depend on the size of the clog and the location. Hiring a plumber will give you peace of mind that the clog has been removed completely without causing damage to the pipes and the plumbing system.

#5 Loud Drains

If the drains in your home are functioning properly, the water should flow down quietly. If you hear a gurgling sound when the water goes down the drain, you should call a professional immediately. The gurgling sound is a sign that you will have a serious issue in the near future.

When there is a large clog in the drain, the water will need to change directions to find a way down the drain and through the pipes. This change in direction causes the gurgling sound. If the problem is ignored, it won’t be long before the drain becomes completely clogged, and the water won’t drain at all. It is best to call a licensed plumber as soon as the gurgling sound begins.

Why Choose Bert Norman’s Plumbing?

If you have any plumbing issues in your Fernandina, FL home, don’t waste your time performing a Google search. Instead, schedule an appointment with Bert Norman’s Plumbing Inc. We are a family-owned and state-certified business that was founded in 1985.

Over the last 30+ years, we have developed an excellent reputation in the community and the industry. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and a 5-star rating on Google.

We understand that you may not always have the money to handle a major plumbing repair, which is why we offer financing options. It is our mission to ensure that every customer gets the plumbing service they need, even if they don’t have the money to cover the cost.

We understand that plumbing issues can arise at any time of the day or night, which is why we offer 24/7 emergency plumbing service. If you call during the night, during the weekend, or on a holiday, we will get a plumber to your home as quickly as we would if you called during regular business hours. We understand how essential your plumbing service is to your daily life. We will do whatever necessary to get your plumbing system running correctly again.

To schedule an appointment for plumbing service, give us at Bert Norman’s Plumbing a call today.

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