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Having smart plumbing fixtures, fittings, and appliances in your home can yield lots of benefits, including improved aesthetics, enhanced quality of health, and convenience of advanced usage. These pros of going smart with plumbing made some homeowners shift from traditional plumbing systems to modern ones. If you’re not already using the technology, you ought to seek help from a professional plumber. It will certainly be a great deal that you will not regret investing in!

How many times have you purchased a home appliance or fixture and realized it does not work the way you pictured? Or how many times have you tried the DIY methods and messed up with the installation of new fittings in your home? Some homeowners have fallen victim to such circumstances.

To avoid the scenarios, you can contact a professional plumber to not only get insight into smart plumbing appliances but also get quality installation services. Here’s a look at some of the smart fixtures you should have in your Fernandina, FL, home.

Leak detectors

Leakage has been one of the biggest plumbing problems in homes that cost homeowners high water bills. An eighth-inch crack on your plumbing pipe can leak up to about 250 gallons of water per day. Now imagine having several small cracks on your pipes. You will spend a lot on utility bills for sure. But thanks to inventors in the plumbing industry, you can stay ahead of the problem by having a plumber install leak detectors.

Leak detectors alert homeowners of leaks in real-time via communication gadgets such as smartphones or tablets. They give a heads up to the exact location of the problem. Apart from saving you from huge costs such as water damage restoration and high repair bills, you will certainly not have to pay a technician for leakage troubleshooting services.

To benefit from the smart appliance, why not talk to a professional plumber to get the best product brand ideas and installation services?

Smart toilets

Toilets are among the biggest consumers of water in any home. A traditional inefficient toilet can use up to about six gallons of water per flush. Imagine having a family of over five people living under one roof. You might end up incurring expensive water bills just for the toilet! Worry not, though. Technologists have come up with newer toilet models modified to consume as low water per flush as possible.

Smart toilets have multiple features tailored to meet the specific needs of consumers. If you are keen on hygiene, you can purchase a toilet with features such as self deodorization, automatic flush, self-cleaning, overflow protection, and emergency flushing during power outages. And if your idea is getting ultimate comfort, you can get those with characteristics such as heated seats, Bluetooth capabilities, and automatic closing lids. A plumber can help you find the perfect options.

Homeowners who are environmental enthusiasts and those who are keen on saving money can go for toilets with built-in sensors to detect leakages and those with specific water quantities for solid and liquid waste. If you find that any of these features suit your needs, then it is time to go smart with your toilet. Talk to a certified plumber to get advice on the most effective brand and installation services.

Smart showers and Bluetooth showerheads

Showers account for about 17 percent of water use in a single home. Having water-saving smart showers in your house means you will save lots of water and cash. Additionally, there are models tailored to meet the luxurious and convenience needs of homeowners. For instance, you can use a mobile app or a digital panel linked with the shower to control heated water temperatures. You can also adjust the water pressure by a simple tap on your mobile phone.

Bluetooth enabled showerheads are available to cater to the needs of music lovers. A Bluetooth showerhead has a Bluetooth speaker that allows you to connect your smartphone and enjoy your best playlist while taking a warm shower. Sounds like a good comfy deal, right?

If these showerheads interest you, you should consider seeking purchasing advice and installation services from a seasoned plumber. That way, you will not only get the best deals in the market but also get to enjoy shower time for a long while.

Smart irrigation

Water used for residential irrigation in the US accounts for nearly a third of the total water consumed in homes, amounting to about nine billion gallons of water use daily. With smart irrigation, you will reduce your outdoor water consumption rate by preventing water wastage. It involves a digital device that connects to an app, enabling the homeowner to oversee the scheduling of irrigation for the garden or lawn.

You can turn your sprinklers off and on using your mobile phone, tablet, or computer that’s connected to the digital control device. Also, you can set smart timers to determine which garden section to water and at what time. Automatic scheduling is another tool that lets your smart irrigation system adjust automatically depending on weather forecasts from the National Weather Service.

Smart water heaters

Smart water heaters come with advanced features that are lacking in traditional ones. Their smart thermostat allows you to set temperatures that are favorable to you. The energy smart mode feature studies the user patterns of heated water and adjusts the water temperature to help save electricity. That, in turn, will help in reducing utility bills.

Smart water heaters also have diagnostic screens that make it easier to identify any defects, after which you can call a plumber promptly to fix the issue before it worsens. If you are stuck with a traditional water heater that has endless problems, it is time to switch to the smart option. Contact a professional plumber to get suggestions on the best model to purchase.

Get expert plumbing help today!

Bert Norman’s Plumbing offers a plethora of plumbing services, including water heater repair and replacement, drain cleaning, and installation of plumbing fixtures and appliances. We serve the Fernandina, FL, area, and beyond, with our professionals available even during emergencies. Do not hesitate to call us whenever you need quality plumbing services for your home.

A modern house takes a lot of effort, time, and money to keep all the systems up and running. The-Benefits-Of-Hiring-A-Plumber-_-Callahan,-FLPainting, hard-cleaning, electrical checks, and plumbing repairs all need to be completed before the winter kicks in for good. Especially when it comes to plumbing repairs, it’s necessary to make plans with your local plumber on how to prepare the house for the increased amounts of water required during the winter.

Unforeseen weather can impact your property’s plumbing network and even cause water shortages. If you live in an area affected by hurricanes, snowstorms and other extreme weather phenomena, it’s necessary to secure the house well in advance to avoid blackouts, water shortages and heat loss.

Plumbers are called on a daily basis during this season to assist with the house maintenance and provide expertise input to plumbing issues. External pipes, waste tanks, and water heaters are just some of the parts that are vulnerable and prone to damage during severe weather conditions.


Hiring a professional to secure the house for the difficult months that lie ahead is the best strategy and guarantees that you won’t have to spend days without water or heat in the future.

The benefits of outsourcing the plumbing maintenance to a specialist are numerous. Apart from saving your precious and limited recreational time, professional plumbing maintenance can be cost-effective, cleaner than DIY attempts, and of course, much more secure for you and your property.

Wastewater, rust, and heated water all require a plumbing expert who can inspect the network and safely proceed to any repairs required. In this post, you will find why it’s really worth calling a professional during the annual house maintenance and the benefits of professional workmanship, when it comes to plumbing.


In a perfect world, the pipes installed inside and outside your property would function properly, forever. However, as plumbers in Callahan, FL, report every day, a lot of house owners are suffering from pipe bursts and pressure drop-downs.

Despite being robust, pipes tend to weaken with the passage of time and the heavy use. When the weather deteriorates, and ice conditions start to appear, pipes can entirely break or develop an ice clog.

A professional can easily inspect the condition of the pipes by using specialized equipment. specialised tools and extensive experience in dealing with pipe issues is the best combination you can expect when you decide to hire a plumber. Given the hidden location of most of the pipes, it takes special procedures to confidently say that the house piping is working properly.


Have you ever turned on the hot water only to find out that it’s ice-cold? If you are experiencing temperature drops when you shouldn’t, then it’s time to give a call to your local plumber. A malfunctioning water heater can cause sudden drops in the temperature or even the pressure of water. This problem can cause a lot of disruptions to your daily life and disrupt daily housekeeping tasks.

A water heater is a delicate part of the plumbing network that requires some methodic maintenance before and after the winter season. Due to the hot water contained and the electrical circuits inside the control unit, it’s dangerous to meddle with it by yourself. Given the amount of free time that you probably have in the first place, it’s always a better idea to have your local plumber take a look at this.

A specialist can quickly check the heater for signs of malfunctions and provide the necessary support to restore order. A water heater inspection usually includes a thorough check of the pipes that circulate the water around the house as well as the protective pipe insulation.


Dripping faucets are a common issue and easy to ignore. Especially when the dripping frequency is low, you will get used to the sound and soon you won’t even notice it anymore. While a dripping problem might look innocent and doesn’t disrupt the comforts provided by the house, it can cost you up to 3000 gallons worth of freshwater per year.

Hiring a plumber to take care of the dripping faucets will make your house more environmentally friendly and at the same time help you keep the water bills in check.

Apart from dripping faucets, a leaky toilet flush can also add to your water bills. If your toilet is constantly using water, it’s essential to call a plumber for an inspection. In normal conditions, the toilet will fill the flush tank with water and then cut the freshwater supply until a top up is required. However, the daily use of the flushing mechanism and ageing can cause the stopping mechanism to malfunction and leak water.

Given that a normal toilet uses about a gallon of water per hour, it’s vital to have a plumber rectify this issue.


The external drains of the house is a very important part of the plumbing system. They protect the house from excessive water accumulating during a rain session. More importantly, they are placed around the house to avoid structural damage that may be caused from the weight of the water.

Given the location of the rain drains, it’s dangerous to attempt to clean these on your own. A trained professional can quickly and safely clean the drains of any debris that ended up inside the pipes, ensuring that the system is ready to face the next rain.


By hiring a plumbing specialist, you make sure that your property is in good condition for the winter. More importantly, professional plumbing maintenance ensures that the value of your house goes up as all the facilities and installations are working properly and provide the tenants with comfort and peace of mind. When you are ready to undertake the next plumbing maintenance, contact Bert Norman’s Plumbing. Here plumbing specialists are serving the wider area of Callahan, FL, ready to help you secure your property.

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Plumbing is serious business, and when it goes wrong, anything can happen. You can experience a faucet drip that runs up your monthly water bill. Drips-And-Drains--What-A-Plumber-Can-Do-_-Jacksonville,-FLYour kitchen sink’s garbage disposal can break down. Or you could suddenly experience the stress of water heater failure or clogged drains. Whatever the issue is, Bert Norman’s Plumbing of Jacksonville, FL can help.

A drip can be a real pain. Not only do you have to be subjected to the constant noise of the water that plops right into your sink, you also have a bigger water bill to think about. The average drip causes a loss of up to five gallons of water per day. When you allow this drip to continue for an extended period, this can result in you losing over 2,082 gallons of water per year, which is, in short, a significant waste. When this happens, your best bet is to call a plumber before things get worse.

When the leak happens underneath the faucet’s handle, the problem may lie in the O ring. The O ring is a simple rubber device that’s located right near the valve stem, and both work together to move the right amount of water needed when you turn the faucet on.

When replacing your O ring, the plumber may need to get in and remove the spout prior to replacing it. This can be done with slightly newer faucets that aren’t damaged due to extensive wear and tear or extreme age. But in cases where the inside of the spigot is damaged due to mineral build up, the professional will need to replace the entire faucet and not just the O ring component.

Worn or corroded valve seats are another possible culprit of dripping or leaking faucets, and that presents another set of challenges for homeowners. If they fail to work properly, you could face more water waste even when the faucet is off.

A valve seat serves as the control center for your faucet. It earns its name by regulating the ebb and flow of your water when you turn on your faucet for normal use. It’s also handy for water temperature moderation. When you turn on the faucet from the left end, the valve seat allows for the flow of hot water, whereas if you turn the handle on the right side, you get an even flow of cool or cold water for your use.

When you shut off the water flow in your faucet, you also turn off the moving part that stops that water from coming out. In short, you’ve turned off the water. This moving part is also known as the stem, which helps the valve seat regulate the even flow of your water as you’re using it. It even helps control how much water you use at a time, whether you use a small trickle or a gallon.

With cartridge-run faucets, general maintenance and repair are much simpler. When a leak happens, all the plumber needs to do is replace the worn cartridge with a new one. This may require that the entire faucet be removed, but this is only temporary.

Drips aren’t the only service that a good plumber can provide. Homes with intricate plumbing systems need far more than just routine leak repair service. In fact, Bert Norman’s plumbing can do so much more than fix a leaky or dripping faucet.

Drains are a common source of worry and stress for residents in Jacksonville, FL and beyond. And like any other working mechanism, drains are subjected to wear, tear, and malfunction at any time. No sooner do you come to rely on them only to face the possibility of water backup due to clogging.

In fact, drain clogs are way more than just a mere nuisance. They can result in many major plumbing problems down the road. You will need to look out for certain signs which point to the idea that your drains are clogged, which are many and varied.

One definite sign of a drain clog is that you may start to notice that your water is slow to go down. You may notice this about your kitchen sink, where solid food bits can evade the grinding mechanism of your garbage disposal before they go down the drain.

Toilets that gurgle, sinks that spill, and a stinky odor coming straight from the drains all point to the possibility of a clog. And when one plumbing fixture backs up into another, it’s time to call the plumber.

Hair clogs, clogs due to bath tissue or “flushable wipes,” or even jewelry that’s trapped can be easily removed by using a mechanical snake. All the plumber has to do is insert the flexible head, grab the clog, and pull it straight out. Once these steps are done, the plumber will test the clog by flushing the commode or by running water through it to see if it’s cleared out. If that is the case, then your drain clog has been successfully fixed and all is well.

But that isn’t always the case. Sometimes hardened grease gets stuck, dirt, or solid food particles. Even tree branches and roots can serve as impediments that cause drain clogging issues.

These are the types of clogs that respond much better to hydro-jetting, a special method in which the plumber uses 5,000 psi, which is roughly the equivalent of up to 20 gallons of water to blast the debris from your pipes. Because hydro-jetting uses only water and no chemicals, it is deemed to be safe and effective when used to clear out your pipes and drains. Plus, it leaves no mess or residue, so your water supply will not be affected.

Whatever your plumbing issues are, a qualified plumber is always ready to help. Whether it’s a drip or a clogged drain, you need not worry. When you have any trouble with your plumbing, you can always count on the professionals at Bert Norman’s Plumbing to help. All you need to do is call or visit their website for an appointment today.

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When hiring professionals to service your home, you want to invest in the best in the area. How-To-Find-The-Best-Plumber-_-Callahan,-FLThat way, you know that you’ve done the job right. You’re not stuck wondering when your plumbing will back up again or when the sump pump will need replacement because a repair didn’t hold up.

To help speed along the process, we’ve written a guide that helps you locate the best plumbing professional in Callahan, FL. That way, you’re not tasked with the job. Instead, you can quickly contact them and get your service scheduled. You can then sit back and relax, knowing that you hired the best person possible to do your plumbing project for you.

Here Is How to Know That You’ve Hired the Best Plumber in the City

If you’re the type of person who likes to be sure of things, you’ll want to do your research before hiring a plumber. You don’t want to choose the first company you find online. You also don’t want to select a professional that doesn’t treat you, your home, and your family with respect. It’s entirely avoidable by looking for the following traits in the plumbing professional you choose to hire.

Here is how to find the best plumber in Callahan, FL:

  • Ask your family and friends in person for assistance. They are an excellent resource because you know them well. They will give you their honest opinion of a company’s services so that you know what to expect if you do choose to hire a professional to assist you with your household needs. When you meet with family or friends, take time to ask who they would recommend. You can then contact the company to see if the plumber is available.


  • Ask your online circle for recommendations. If you’re unable to meet in person, you can request assistance online. One very convenient way to do just that is to use the Facebook recommendation tool. It’s free and available to members of the social networking site to use. The best thing about it is how you can create a post, leave it up for any length of time, and see who has responded. More often than not, you’ll find the same response because certain companies go out of their way to ensure customer satisfaction.


  • Read reviews written by customers of the company. It will give you a sense of what to expect from the plumber if you haven’t had an opportunity to work with them before. It helps you get an idea of how they operate, whether or not they’re thorough and punctual, how they price things, and more. If you don’t know anyone who has worked with the company, you can save yourself problems if they aren’t as committed to serving their customers as you initially thought they would be.


  • Do a location search for companies in the area. You’ll narrow your options quickly based on your zip code. Input it into the search field and find plumbers in the area that can assist you with your request. You won’t call a company that is out of your city or state that way. It’s one of the easiest ways to locate a plumbing service provider in your city.

The best plumber is one that stands out in a crowd. Their reviews reflect the time and attention they put into the projects they complete for you. The professional is communicative and transparent in all that they do. When they leave your home, you feel confident that your plumbing problem is no longer an issue of concern for you and your family.

Interviewing the Plumber That You Want to Hire By Phone

You may only have a few minutes to size up a plumbing company by phone. To help you take advantage of every second, we’ve come up with a list of questions that you can ask quickly to get a feel for how the company deals with its customers. It allows you to understand the scheduling process, too, so that you’re not left waiting hours for a professional to show up.

Some questions of interest that you could ask have to do with the length of time the company has been in service, what licenses and credentials they have, how long it takes them to complete a job, the types of services they provide, and the methods of payment that they accept. It gives you a greater understanding of who you’re working with, and if the company is one that you want to give your business to regularly. When you’ve finished speaking to the rep, you have an excellent idea as to whether or not you’re going to hire them to help you with your plumbing problem.

If the rep for the company gives you a great impression, you can schedule service right away. If you still have questions that need answering but they seem pressed for time, ask for a callback when they’re less busy. That way, you can get the information that you need before you have them start a plumbing project for you.

Your Number One Choice in Plumbers

Bert Norman’s Plumbing has over 30 years of experience in the area. See for yourself what makes us the city’s choice in plumbing companies. Contact us whenever you have a plumbing issue by calling 904-686-8610 with your request for service today. We’re here to assist you in every way possible so that you no longer worry about your pipes clogging or your sump pumps failing.

Let us show you what sets us apart from other companies in the area. We are fully committed to meeting your needs and exceeding your high expectations. We go the extra mile to make sure that you’re 100 percent satisfied with the service that you receive from us. We want you to feel confident in our ability to take care of your plumbing problems fully, which is why we go above and beyond what you expect for us to do at all times.

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These days, many homeowners in Jacksonville, FL, are making more and more home improvement jobs, do-it-yourself projects. There are some jobs that are great DIY projects, such as repainting a fence or installing shelves in the garage; there are other home improvement projects that should not be DIY projects. 6-Plumbing-Jobs-That-Should-Only-Be-Left-To-A-Licensed-Plumber-_-Jacksonville,-FLA perfect example is plumbing jobs. Even though there are plenty of videos online that can teach you to perform certain plumbing jobs, you should leave the work to a licensed plumber. By avoiding calling a licensed professional and doing the work on your own, you are putting your home and your safety at risk. You could also be fined if you fail to get the necessary permits.

If your toilet is clogged due to someone using too much toilet paper, by all means, grab a plunger and get the clog to go down the drain. However, there are plenty of other jobs that should only be handled by a professional.

Clearing a Clogged Drain

If the drains are clogged, it can make everyday tasks difficult and even impossible. To fix a clogged drain, many homeowners will turn to a liquid drain cleaner. This is a mistake. These products are pretty expensive, and they aren’t guaranteed to work. Also, frequent use of these products can be very harmful to the pipes.

When you hire a professional to handle the job, you can be sure that it will be done safely and effectively. Plumbers have the tools necessary to unclog the drain, such as a plumbing snake and hydro jetting machinery. The plumber will also have access to a snake with a camera on the end so that they can see exactly where the clog is located. If your drains are clogged, it is best to leave the job to a licensed professional.

Clearing a Clog In the Sewer Line

Clogged sewer lines can affect the entire plumbing system in your home, and you should take the problem seriously. If the sewer is backed up, it can cause a flood, which can damage the floors, walls, your electrical system, and your personal belongings. If you believe that your sewer line is clogged, you should leave the job to a licensed professional. A professional will have the necessary equipment to remove the clog. They also have the knowledge and experience to get the job done correctly, without making the problem worse. The safest and most effective way to unclog a sewer line is to hire a professional.

Repairing or Replacing the Water Heater

The water heater in your home is one of the most essential appliances. Without a properly functioning water heater, taking a shower, washing dishes, and doing laundry can be impossible. There are several issues that would require repair or replacement. These include:

  • No hot water
  • The water isn’t getting hot enough
  • Loud noises coming from the water heater
  • Rusty hot water
  • Foul-smelling hot water
  • The age of the water heater

Water heater repairs are very complicated, and should only be handled by a licensed plumber. Repairing or replacing a water heater involves electricity. If you make one small mistake, you can be electrocuted. A slight mistake can make the problem worse or cause a significant flood in the home. Finally, if your water heater is under warranty and you try to make the repair yourself, the company will void the warranty.

A licensed professional has the training and the knowledge to repair or replace your water heater safely and correctly. If you want the job done right, it is best to hire a plumber.

Underground Plumbing Repairs

If you have an issue with your underground plumbing, such as a leak or a tree root growing into the plumbing, you should hire a licensed professional. Working on the pipes underground is much different than working on pipes inside the house. To handle the job, you will need special tools designed for working on the underground infrastructure. A licensed professional has these tools. Also, it is illegal to dig underground without a permit. If your city or town finds out that you are doing underground plumbing work without a permit, they can charge you a very steep fine. Since only a licensed plumber can be given a permit to make underground plumbing repairs, you need to leave the job to a professional.

Repairing a Burst Pipe

If a pipe bursts in your home, it is considered an emergency. First, you should turn off the water to the house to prevent more water damage. Next, you should call a licensed professional. Many homeowners will try pipe patches, but they are just a temporary fix. It would take the knowledge and experience of a licensed professional to get the job done right.

Pipe Replacement

Replacing the pipes inside the home is a very complex job, and should only be handled by a licensed plumber. To get the job done right, you would need to get to the pipes, which isn’t as easy as it sounds. You would also need to have welding skills and follow safety precautions to avoid fire hazards. These are all things that a licensed plumber is trained to do. If you try to handle the project on your own and you make a mistake, you could end up with water pressure problems, leaks, and extensive damage to the plumbing system. When you hire a licensed plumber, you can be sure that the job will be done correctly.

If you are experiencing any plumbing issues, you should call Bert Norman’s Plumbing. We serve residential and commercial customers in the Jacksonville, FL Metro Area. Each of our technicians are highly trained, and they are licensed and insured. If you want the job done right, it is best to leave the job to us. We offer free estimates and emergency services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To schedule an appointment, give us a call today.

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