Renovating or remodeling your home is a breathtaking adventure that needs the combined skills of several experts like tile setters, interior designers, plumbers, and even electricians. Plumbing service providers will care for your drainage system, water heating, and other plumbing fixtures and appliances. However, that isn’t all a plumbing services provider does. They can also remodel your kitchen or bathrooms to your taste or preference, making it your small paradise. A plumbing expert will repair and install water softeners and water filtration systems to ensure that your Callahan, FL home has treated clean drinking water. They will also ensure that if the water you get at your home is hard, the water flowing from your faucets will be soft. So, how else can a plumber help you during a home remodeling?

Drain Cleaning

Wastewater backups and drainage clogs may bring your entire plumbing system to a grinding halt. When you reach out to reliable professionals and schedule an appointment for a drain cleaning service, they will inquire if you’ve ever had plumbing issues in the past and what they were. They will then go through their professional drain cleaning services with you, including the diagnosis process, camera inspection, and drain cleaning.

The diagnostic process entails checking the area for any backups and deciding on the right type of equipment and tools to use for the task. Drop cloths will be placed in the work area to protect your property from dirt. Following a camera check of your drainage system, the plumbing technicians will clear the obstruction with the drain cleaning machine.

After clearing the clog, the professional will do another camera inspection to ensure your drainage system is clear and clean. They’ll also look at the sewage system to see if there are any issues or if it’s broken. Plumbers are committed to cleaning your drain as thoroughly as possible. You are entitled to a sewer system that is free of blockages.

Faucet Repairs or Replacements

Do you have a leaking faucet at your home? Those dripping faucets can make you waste about 200 gallons of water monthly. This might result in substantial water bills that you could have avoided. To cut down on such wastage, enlist a professional for regular maintenance. Beyond wasting water, leaking faucets can also signify an underlying problem within your plumbing that needs the technician’s attention to resolve.

Whenever plumbing professionals visit your home, they’ll take time to inspect your entire drainage system to fix any underlying problem, whether simple or complex. This will keep your home clean while saving you money on repairs or replacements.

Bathroom Plumbing

Are you tired or bored of the way your bathroom looks? Your bathroom can be transformed into the best private space in your home. A professional plumber will replace the showerheads, faucets, and shower arms in your bathroom. They can also recommend the quality or best bathtubs for your bathroom.

Professionals from a reputable plumbing company will inspect the bathroom after noting your issues and the features you’d want to have installed. Then, they will start removing the existing old materials from your bathroom and replacing them with the items you choose based on your style and preference. You can choose from various technologically advanced shower heads that save energy and water.

While professional plumbers can advise you on bathtubs, the choice is yours. You can choose one depending on your preferences and the size of your bathroom. So, if you’re looking to renovate your bathroom and want it to look luxurious and stylish, hiring a professional is the best decision.

Camera Inspection

If you plan to buy a new home, the best place to start is by inspecting the plumbing system. You may also be a Callahan, FL homeowner that is usually cautious and pays attention to your drainage system and sewer lines. Or, you probably have a problem with your drains. A camera inspection is vital in case of all the above or when remodeling your home. Enlist the services of a professional to check your entire water line and drainage system for any damages or issues like corrosion that might be affecting your plumbing. The plumbers should also give you a detailed report regarding the condition of your drains and recommend a raft of solutions to remedy any problem they find.

Water Filtration Systems

Whenever planning to buy a water filtration system, you must ensure that you are making the correct decision to ensure that you aren’t throwing a significant amount of money down the drains. As it is famously acclaimed, “water is life,” and you drink a lot of it daily. Therefore, there isn’t any reason to buy a water filter that you aren’t satisfied with. The plumbing technicians can help you get a water filtration system that meets your family’s safe and clean drinking water needs.

They can also guide you on the water filtration brands of high quality, echo responsible, and save you some money on monthly bills. Such fixtures eliminate pollutants like chlorine and chloramines. Plumbing technicians also offer water filtration systems maintenance services to ensure that the unit lasts its maximum lifespan and operates efficiently.

Reliable Plumbers in Callahan, FL

Your plumbing system is vital for the comfort of your entire home. Therefore, you shouldn’t leave it behind in your home renovation plans. Let professional plumbers make several upgrades to ensure your new-looking home is complemented by a constant flow of water into and wastewater into a sewer line. At Bert Norman’s Plumbing, our professional plumbers are reliable and experienced.

Our plumbing technicians are certified and have experience in the plumbing industry for many years. We also know that some plumbing projects must be completed within a particular time frame, while others must be promptly finished to prevent further damages. We will work with you to ensure that your plumbing needs are met while still adhering to your renovation schedule. Contact us at Bert Norman’s Plumbing today for a free consultation!

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There’s nothing worse than a minor plumbing issue in your home which becomes almost impossible to fix. They can be incredibly frustrating. Plumbing problems don’t only come with a high price tag, but they can cause a lot of damage. The good news is there are some fast and efficient ways to stop such issues from happening. Whether it’s trying to understand what to do with all that excess water in your yard or wondering how best to repair a leaky faucet, Bert Norman’s Plumbing, Jacksonville, FL, is here to help.

Hiring a Plumber for Essential Repairs

Hiring a professional in Jacksonville, FL, is a good idea and not expensive in most cases. A good plumber can diagnose and repair a wide range of plumbing problems at home, and they’re more likely to be conversant with the system than you are. They’ll have the right tools and know-how to get the job done right, and their expertise will give you peace of mind, mainly if you’re dealing with plumbing issues for which you don’t have any experience. However, it’s essential to check with your state’s regulations before making any permanent changes in your plumbing system beyond what’s necessary for the project at hand.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is when you take care of things before they become problems. For example, suppose you know that you will have high humidity levels in the summer. In that case, it makes sense to install an evaporative cooler for your bathroom fan or install a dehumidifier for your basement. These are preventative measures rather than fixing problems once they’ve already happened. Preventive maintenance also includes keeping your plumbing maintained as well as keeping your home in good condition.

Cleaning Your Pipes

Pipes can get clogged for many reasons. The most common culprit is sediment or the stuff that builds up in your pipes. Running a sink full of suds and then cutting it off can cause this. But sometimes, water flow through your pipes is blocked by other things, such as grease or hair.

Sediment buildup can be cleaned by running water through it, but if that doesn’t work, you’re going to need professional help. Your plumber will use a snake to clear out the blockage and replace any damaged parts, which could be pipes that have cracked from age or been damaged by chemicals you’ve used in your home.

Another type of blockage is caused by roots growing into your pipe, which can be a problem in older lines made of clay.

In some cases, even if there’s no blockage at all, your plumbing service will see signs of pipe wear and tear. These signs include leaks under pressure or when the water is turned off and on again. It’s vital to have a professional check these problems out so they don’t continue to grow over time and cause more problems down the road.

Fixtures Before They Break

Your plumbing is like any other mechanical device. It’s a system designed to last, but parts eventually fail no matter how well it’s built. A plumbing service can be called when the supply line gets clogged.

When your business gets started, you might not have the time or inclination to call an expert when something breaks. That’s fine if your business is running smoothly — but if something goes wrong and problems start cropping up, you’ll want to be proactive and preventative.

Avoid Unscrupulous Contractors

If you’re planning on hiring someone to fix some plumbing projects, it’s a good idea to hire a certified plumber. A reputable one should have some years of experience in his field. Still, even if you don’t have any experience with plumbing, you must find a reliable contractor who can provide satisfactory results.

A certified plumber is licensed, insured, and bonded in Jacksonville, FL. He will have the tools needed to diagnose and repair problems, and he’ll be familiar with what materials you can use. Certified plumbers do more than restore plumbing; they can help you avoid future issues by recommending appropriate maintenance for your home’s heating, cooling, and electrical systems.

Use the Right Parts

Always use only manufacturer-approved parts for your toilet and sink handles and faucet cartridge; this helps avoid extra charges down the line if there’s a problem with your installation. When hiring a plumber, ask them to visit the home and check out your plumbing before starting any major projects, and they will offer any suggestions or updates needed on your system.

Know When It’s Time for Repairs

It’s easy to fall into the practice of ignoring minor plumbing issues and hoping they go away. In reality, minor problems don’t go away, and they can escalate into big problems when you ignore them.

Leaks in your pipes. If there’s a leak in your pipes, you’ll notice water dripping behind the counter or in your basement. You can combat this by tightening loose connections, installing pipe plugs, and tightening up the nuts on your faucets and showerheads.

Squeaking pipes. If pipes are making noise, it’s never good to silence them with a coat of paint; take a look for leaks instead.

Faucet leaks. It seems that no matter how firm you turn them, faucet leaks are still lurking in our homes. You can fix this by replacing worn-out parts and repairing damaged ones.

Bathtub leaks. Get rid of any loose or missing tiles around your bathtub before it causes more damage than it fixes.

Don’t Try to Tackle Your Plumbing Issues

Reducing plumbing problems is a vital part of home maintenance. You want to ensure that you don’t let plumbing issues get out of hand. People’s biggest mistake is trying to do things themselves when they really should be using the services of a professional plumber. It’s always best to seek help from a professional plumber and let them handle the work and the cost. If you are having problems with your plumbing, Jacksonville, call Bert Norman’s Plumbing professionals. We are the trusted experts you can trust to get the job done right. Call us now to enjoy a free consultation.

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Generally, most people won’t bother thinking about cleaning their drains unless there’s a problem like a stubborn clog. Of course, clogs are an obvious sign that you need a drain cleaning service. To ensure that your plumbing system runs smoothly, you need to hire a skilled plumber. Bert Norman’s Plumbing features a full lineup of professional plumbing services, including drain cleaning. Our solutions will allow you to keep your drains operating problem-free. You may need professional drain cleaning service at your Callahan, FL, home if you note the following:

Slow Drain

A slow drain is a problem; it may not be a drain-stopping problem yet, but if you give it time, it certainly could be. Slow drains are typically caused by a buildup of debris somewhere in your pipes. This debris might be hair, grease, food items, or even a bit of all these materials. While they might loosen on their own and flow out of your drain into the sewer main, they very likely will continue to sit in your drain, slowing the flow of water.

A slow drain is usually a sign that you need to hire a plumber to provide you with a drain cleaning service. Why a drain cleaning service instead of a commercial drain cleaning product? Because commercial drain cleaners could sit in your drain and damage your pipes. A professional from Bert Norman’s Plumbing has the professional tools and equipment needed to clean your drains, removing all the stubborn debris that’s causing your slow drain.

Drain Odors

Debris, especially food debris, caught in your plumbing lines can lead to powerfully foul odors. These odors could even worsen as the food particles continue to decay. Some people may try to introduce a mixture of vinegar and baking soda into the line to eradicate the foul odor. In many cases, however, this only masks the smell. Unless the waste is washed away through the drain, it will continue to sit in the line, getting muckier and smellier.

If you need a plumber in Callahan, FL, to complete drain cleaning solutions, you can rely on Bern Norman’s Plumbing. We’ll rid your drains of odor-causing waste. Whether the situation calls for hydro jetting or rooting, we have the equipment needed to tackle the job quickly. Keep in mind, even if your drains appear to be working well and draining as they should, there could still be waste lodged somewhere in the system that needs removing.

Gurgling Noises

If you hear gurgling sounds coming from your pipes, it could indicate that there is a problem brewing. You may need drain cleaning if there is debris in the line that is slowly causing a clog. As clogs form, air bubbles can be released. The bubbling action can cause the gurgling sounds you hear. After a plumber from Bert Norman’s Plumbing provides drain cleaning service, these sounds will no longer appear.

Fruit Flies

Fruit flies in your home could be a sign that you have food debris in your drains. If there is no rotting food in your garbage or anywhere else that might have attracted these pests, there’s a strong likelihood that they were attracted by the food waste in your drain. While a plumber isn’t equipped to eradicate the fruit flies flying around your home, they can eliminate the problem that led to their infestation in the first place–and prevent the problem from getting worse.

Once you eliminate the waste in your drains and kill the fruit flies in your house, you end this insect problem. After a professional from Bert Norman’s Plumbing cleans your drains, be sure to introduce cleaning products with disinfectants from time to time to help clean your drains between professional cleanings. This might help prevent a fruit fly problem in the future.

Toilet Is Overflowing

If your toilet is overflowing, you may need drain cleaning services from Bert Norman’s Plumbing. It’s not uncommon for local homeowners to require a plumber when their toilet becomes clogged. If you can’t clear the toilet clog with plunging, you may need a plumber to determine what’s clogging the line. Sometimes kids introduce small balls or other toys that can get lodged in the pipes. This requires the skills of a professional who will extract the item without damaging your plumbing system.

Multiple Drain Backups

If you have more than one drain backing up in your home, there’s likely a problem with your sewer line. Sometimes, the problem is with the city’s sewer main. After long periods of rain, water in the drains simply has nowhere else to go but back up into people’s homes. On the other hand, in Callahan, FL, the problem is usually with the sewer line that runs through the homeowner’s property. If the problem is with your sewer line, you’re responsible for the repair.

Sewer line clogs can be serious and definitely necessitate the skills of a trained plumber. Bert Norman’s Plumbing will send skilled professionals to your home to evaluate the problem. The sewer line could be damaged because of shifting soil. There could also be tree roots in the line that have stopped up the flow of wastewater from your home. These problems can lead to serious clogs and backup. A drain cleaning professional will attempt to clean the line and, in many cases, will be successful. On the other hand, if the pipe is damaged or has collapsed, a more extensive repair may be needed.


Call Bert Norman’s Plumbing if you need a plumber to perform drain cleaning or other plumbing services at your home. A problem like backing up drains is a plumbing emergency. You can rely on our company for emergency plumbing solutions. We’ll bring everything needed to quickly tackle your plumbing problem. Call us to learn more.

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All homes have a plumbing system and if these systems are maintained properly then you should not have to make use of plumbing services often but every homeowner will have to hire a plumber at least once. It can be a daunting task to find a reliable plumber especially if it is the first time that you are looking for one. The best thing that you can do is have a few options available such as Bert Norman’s Plumbing in Jacksonville, FL. You should find as much information as possible on the various options because it will help you to make the best decision for your home. You can familiarize yourself with the process that a plumbing service provider would follow in order to repair a problem or replace an old appliance. Here are some of the things that you should think about and do in order to get the most out of your plumbing provider.

1. Research Local Plumbing Service Providers

If you live in Jacksonville, FL then you will know that there is a wide range of plumbing services providers that you can choose from. It is important to have three or four options that you can choose from. It is best that you do research on the various companies instead of going with the first company that pops up during your online search. You can look at the types of service they provide so that you can be sure they will be able to help you with all the plumbing problems that you might run into. You should find out about the company’s policies and procedures as well. This will allow you to determine which plumbing companies value quality work over making a profit. You should also look at online reviews from previous customers to see how they experienced the services. It is best to look at reviews that are not on the company website since the company will not be able to alter the reviews. You should also look at how many years the plumbing company has been in business. You can also call the customer service agents to assess what the customer services would be since you will be working closely with them. Once you have gathered the above mentioned information, you can narrow down your options and choose one that suits your needs the best. After you have done that you can move on to the next step.

2. Get Everything in Writing

Once you have chosen two plumbing services providers, you can schedule an inspection. This inspection allows the plumber to inspect the problem and the integrity of your plumbing system. They will be able to determine what the problem is, what caused it and how to resolve it. After the plumber has done the inspection, they will provide you with a quote that will detail which repairs will be done and what the cost will be for these repairs. It is important to make sure that the quote is itemized and detailed so that you know exactly what you are paying for. This will prevent you from paying extra for unexpected costs at the end of the repairs. If you are satisfied with the quote then you can proceed to set up the contract. The contract should detail which repairs will be carried out, the estimated date of completion, terms, and conditions of the service, and what the payment plan will be like. You should read through the contract properly and make sure that you understand everything before signing the contract. The plumbing service provider should also provide you with a copy of the contract in order to protect you in the event of legal actions.

3. Insurance and Licenses

Another way you can get the most out of your plumbing service provider is by making sure that the plumbing company you plan on hiring has adequate insurance. Plumbers face dangerous situations on a daily basis so it is important that a company has workers’ compensation insurance to make sure that the plumber’s medical bills will be covered in the event of an injury. This will prevent you from becoming liable for the medical bills. You should also make sure that the plumbing company has liability insurance. This insurance is important because it ensures that any damages caused by the plumber’s neglect will be paid for and you do not have to worry about fighting a plumbing company to pay for repairs if their workers damaged your property. You should also make sure that the company you hire has licensed and qualified plumbers working for them. You can ask for proof of the plumber’s qualifications and license before hiring them. This will ensure that the people working on your plumbing system know what they are doing and they know which safety procedures to follow in order to keep themselves and your property safe. It is also best to hire a plumber that belongs to a plumbing association. The association will ensure that the plumbers stay up to date with the latest plumbing technology as well as new methods and techniques that could be used. This process might seem like a lot of effort but if you do it correctly and find the perfect plumber then you will not have to repeat the process.

Now that you know what to look out for while hiring a plumbing service provider you can make more informed decisions. This will allow you to choose the best service provider for you. If you are looking for a plumbing service provider then you should consider Bert Norman’s Plumbing in Jacksonville, FL. They provide a wide range of services that will suit your needs.

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