Water is life, it is said. To a great extent, this assertion holds. Every home or establishment needs clear, clean, safe water. Whether a Callahan, FL, home, school, office, or whichever establishment, water is critical for those that work, eat, or even live there. However, one particular issue that affects a good percentage of homeowners is the hardness of the water. Hard water refers to water with a high percentage of dissolved minerals, particularly calcium and magnesium. This makes cleaning an issue while it makes your sinks and other shiny plumbing fixtures appear white and chalky. It also could spell doom for plumbing appliances such as the water heater. Fortunately, you can have a plumber install a water softener to address the issue of water hardness. However, installation is one of many things that you should do. Some homeowners make several mistakes, such as not giving the softener the required maintenance, resulting in other issues. Below are the common money-wasting water softener mistakes and what you can do to avoid them.

Purchasing a System First

Yes, you want to swiftly soften your water, for you have first-hand experience with the effects of hard water. You quickly get to a store, purchase a system, and have some handyman install it. This will be the beginning of some very costly issues. Before purchasing any plumbing fixture, leave alone the water softener, you should consult your plumbers. With the many types of water-softening systems available today, getting lost or confused about which will suit your Callahan, FL, home is very easy. Additionally, some unscrupulous salespersons capitalize on your ignorance to charge you more.

Getting advice from a plumber means that you will know the type of system that is durable, the price range, and even its functionality. Some of the systems don’t just soften the water. They also condition the water, removing dangerous substances such as dissolved chlorine. You’ll need guidance on whether to get a tap-based (also known as a “point of usage”) system or a whole-home (or “point of entrance”) system. Next, you should decide what kind of system you need.

The person you’re working with should send samples of your water to the laboratory for testing depending on the water source because the quality of your water will, in part, determine the ideal system for you. An excellent place to start is online research.

Several licensed plumbers guide from years of experience setting up various systems on their blogs. When contacting a professional, you’ll be prepared with the right inquiries and a better knowledge of the answers.

Not Having a Professional Install Your System

There is no secret that water treatment technologies are complex and must be integrated with your current plumbing system. Unfortunately, some homeowners want to cut costs by hiring a handyman to install the water softener. Remember, cheap might one day prove expensive. Failure to hire a professional plumber means the handyman installing your water softener might see any warranty voided. Additionally, the installation might need to be revised, meaning that you will soon be looking for a professional to repair the water softener or even reinstall it. They also could damage the existing system.

Plumbers, on the other hand, have the required training and experience to properly install the water softener, identify any installation issues, and correct them. When they finish the installation, you can rest assured that it will serve you for many years. Although there may be a little price difference, the difference in peace of mind?

Purchasing a Non-Certified System

The other mistake is purchasing a non-certified water softener. This means that the system might not have passed the requisite standards of water softening or met the performance and health-based standards. Purchasing a non-certified water softener means you’ll not know whether the claims made by the appliance manufacturer have been independently verified. This might not only waste your money but also potentially affect your health.

When purchasing a water softening system, look for the “ANSI/NSF” standard for whatever type that you are purchasing. You should know that there are different standards for water softening systems, including distillation systems, drinking water treatment systems, ultraviolet systems, and reverse osmosis systems. After choosing one, ask your plumber about the merits and demerits of installing it at your Callahan, FL, home before you make a purchase.

Knowing the standard will help you purchase the right system for your personal needs. For instance, The ANSI/NSF Standard 42 offers “aesthetic effects” only, things like taste, smell, and color. If a water softener or other device is ANSI/NSF 53, it has been tested for compliance with the health effects its manufacturer has claimed. Hence, getting a plumber’s professional opinion is critical.

Ignoring the Water Softener After Installation

Set-it Forget-it is the largest money waster, especially for the water softeners and other plumbing appliances installed in hard-to-reach areas. Like other parts of your plumbing system, like the drains, the water treatment systems also need maintenance to ensure they continue working properly and efficiently. Failure to perform regular maintenance means the appliance will develop protracted issues, rendering it useless.

Every system should include an instruction manual detailing the routine tasks that must be carried out. You can perform some of these procedures, like changing a UV system’s bulb. Others require professional assistance, such as lab testing, to verify that your water treatment system successfully removes dangerous substances. Others, including repairing membranes, maintaining and cleaning storage tanks, and backwashing systems, take time to understand and execute. Though you could do these yourself, you may have to hire a plumber.

Don’t Make These Mistakes!

Do you have a water softener installed? Or are you planning to purchase and install a water softener? Then you should know to avoid making the mistakes above. Making them will only result in the deterioration of your new unit. Contact us at Bert Norman’s Plumbing for a proper installation or advice when purchasing a water softener.

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Imagining our “Warehouses on Wheels,” you might have a picture of something immense, but like all our plumbing practices, we’ve just carefully prepared to serve you. We have the right equipment and parts in all our vehicles to take care of common problems and routine installations. You can schedule a visit from Bert Norman’s Plumbing in Jacksonville, FL, and get prompt, often same-day arrival and single-visit service whenever possible. We’re your well-prepared plumber, professional in appearance and experienced in the full range of plumbing services. Our services cover everything from faucet repairs to sewer services and repiping and more. For nearly 40 years, we’ve been taking great care of homeowners and their plumbing needs in Jacksonville, FL.

Trusted Emergency Plumbers You Can Count On

A plumbing problem can catch you off-guard, making a mess while you’re trying to figure out what to do. If you don’t have the number of a plumber you can trust, there’s even more uncertainty and stress. Our customers know us, and know they can count on us. We’ve served generations of families in the area, and they know that we’ll make the time to come quickly, 24/7, and get to work resolving the problem. When the work is done, we’ll make an orderly finish and look forward to seeing you again. We establish long-term relationships, making life easier for our customers and helping us to serve you by getting to know you and your home’s plumbing. With our experienced, carefully checked team, you can also call us late at night when things go wrong with your pipes or fixtures, and know you’re getting someone you can trust in your home.

Sewers, Drains, and Complex Wastewater Backups

Even a backed-up toilet requires expertise and care to properly resolve the situation, since there’s a lot that goes into a toilet’s plumbing internally as well as in your home. Your home’s drains can develop clogs anywhere, and our plumbers have tools and techniques to clear them out wherever they are. You may have experienced multiple-fixture backups, including flushing here, backup there, and recurring trouble on the top floor of your home. In some cases, the problem may be a clog deep in your pipes that affects most plumbing upstream from it. For top-floor issues, we have to think about the effect of your plumbing vent on drain operation, and might have to head to the roof to fix the problem! You may find that you get temporary fixes from your plunger, but wonder why the problem keeps coming back. The complexities of residential plumbing is the answer, and we have both the knowledge and experience to get to the real problem. We also have a few specialized tools, such as video inspection gear that lets us go inside and look for the problem, and hydro jet high pressure spray that cleans right to the pipe walls, and can even be effective on some sewer line clogs.

Solving Plumbing Puzzles a Specialty

Clogs and major drain problems aren’t the only plumbing puzzles our plumbers solve, there are many ways that your plumbing can misbehave that are routine to us, but quite odd for most homeowners. For example, garbage disposals are supposed to grind up everything so it flows nicely down without trouble. Why, then, do some homes have problems with their garbage disposals so frequently, with sink backups? There’s a bend in your sink’s drain pipe called the P trap, which keeps noxious sewer gas from rising out of your drain lines into your kitchens and bathrooms. Water, and some ground-up food, may linger there after you’re through working at the sink. As it turns out, pasta and rice are like sponges, and if they linger, even ground up, in the P trap, they’ll expand and cause a blockage. Our plumbers can provide all sorts of helpful hints about garbage disposal use, and install a replacement or more powerful new model if you like. One other disposal issue can appear in your dishwasher, which is especially strange. If there’s no “air gap” or similar device installed when your dishwasher and disposal share a drain, backups can occur from your drain to the dishwasher. We can take care of the problem for you, and avoid this nasty surprise.

Leak Detection and Repair

A damp spot on the wall, puddle near your foundation, or ceiling drips can lead you to wonder what’s happening. It could be a pipe leak, which can occur anywhere in your home’s plumbing, especially as the pipes get older. You may have images of “old school” leak repairs that required destructive hunts for the source of the leak. After all, water tends to flow, and the source may be far from where you see evidence of the problem. In some cases, you may just see a faster-spinning water meter and higher bills, and wonder what’s causing it. These days, our plumbers have technology to locate leaks through sound, video pipe inspection, and other methods that require only simple access to the pipe, not removal of material for a visual inspection in many locations. While leak repair can still be challenging, it’s nothing to worry about since our plumbers have such great methods for finding trouble. When pipes need repair, depending on the location we have a variety of new techniques such as relining, which is an important innovation for water lines and sewer lines running under your yard. Leaks that result from aging pipes can be handled with expert repiping as well.

Prepared to Serve You for All Your Plumbing Needs

When plumbing trouble strikes in Jacksonville, FL, or you’d like to upgrade and replace fixtures and equipment, Bert Norman’s Plumbing is the plumber to call. We’re ready to serve you, and our distinguished attention to detail ensures that our work is first-rate and complete. Our company is family-owned, and in business since 1985. Give us a call for all your plumbing service needs, and keep our number handy for emergencies!

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Over the decade, the number of homes in the United States with sump pumps has increased. Based on a recent study, 14000 homes and workplaces experience emergency water damage, and approximately 98 percent of basements in most households will experience water damage in their lifetime.

Imagine how devastating it can be waking up to a flooded home. The most effective way to protect your home from flooding is by installing a sump pump. There are a variety of sump pumps available today. However, deciding on the one best fit for your home can be challenging without the guidance of a professional plumber.

This blog highlights some of the most common sump pumps, how they work, and their pros and cons to help you choose the right one for your home.

Submersible Sump Pumps

These sump pumps are submerged in the sump pit, thus, saving you space in your basement. If you live in an area with heavy rainfall, this sump pump may be what you need. Submersible sump pumps are built with highly powerful motors to move a lot of water at once.

The submersible sump pumps can also prevent flooding in your home since they filter debris, preventing clogging that can cause flooding and water overflowing in homes.

Despite being so powerful, these machines also have their drawbacks. Firstly, they are costly compared to other sump pumps; hence, homeowners in Fernandina, FL who are on a budget, cannot afford them.

Also, these sump pumps are not easy to access, making it difficult for the plumbers to service or replace them. In addition, they have a short life span of about 5 to 10 years.

Water-Powered Sump Pumps

Compared to other sump pumps, water-powered pumps are less common. If you live in an area that experiences frequent power outages, this sump pump would be perfect for your home. The water-powered sump pumps don’t need electricity; instead, they rely on the water pressure from your area’s municipal water source.

Another significant benefit of these sump pumps is their long lifespan because they do not have a battery or moving parts. Hence, you won’t have to be concerned about the water damaging it.

However, if you acquire water-powered sump pumps, be ready for your electric bills to go up due to the water used to create a vacuum in your pump. With these sump pumps, you’ll also require city water since low water pressure from sources such as wells can compromise the efficiency of your system.

Pedestal Sump Pumps

They are also referred to as upright pumps. Unlike the submersible, the pedestal pump’s sump motor is raised above the sump pit to prevent it from coming into contact with water. It has an extensional shaft that reaches inside the pit so it can reach the water and filter it out.

Since pedestal sump pumps are situated above the pit, they are easy to access. Hence, if you need to replace or repair the pump, it will not be hard for the plumbers to access it. Because they are not in contact with water or debris, these sump pumps have a longer lifespan than the submersible sump pumps and can serve you and your family for about 25 to 30 years.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, these sump pumps might be just what you need. They are less costly than submersible sump pumps, and since they have a long lifespan, you do not have to replace them for a long time.

However, these pumps are also quite noisy. In addition, these pumps are not as powerful as the submersible sump pumps. Hence, plumbers don’t recommend them for low-level properties or houses with a basement susceptible to flooding.

Combination Sump Pumps

Combined sump pumps are considered the most reliable and effective compared to the other sump pumps. They are designed to be used with your main electricity or a backup battery.

One of the significant benefits of these sump pumps is that they protect your basement at all times; thus, you don’t have to be worried about your basement flooding. Whether there is a power outage, the sump pump will continue operating. Also, the combination sump pump is as powerful as the submersible pump when you have electricity.

Despite their high initial cost, combination sump pumps are cost-effective in the long run. You do not need to be concerned about buying any extra parts since all the pieces are included once you purchase the sump pump.

However, since combination sump pumps are built like submersible ones, they tend to be very difficult to access, making it difficult for plumbers to perform repairs and replace them. Also, they are prone to breakages.

Effluent Pumps

You will often find these pumps in homes with effluent basins or tanks. Most people confuse them for sewage pumps. However, unlike sewage pumps, effluent pumps get rid of wastewater that collects in your sinks and showers and pump it into the leach field or effluent disposal area. The plumbers can install these pumps on a different pump chamber in either your septic tank.

Once the plumbers have installed effluent pumps, they run automatically. These pumps are relatively durable depending on how you maintain your pump and how frequently it is used. They can serve you and your family for approximately 10 to 15 years.

However, the effluent tanks are not suitable for every home. Before purchasing your home pump, read the label or consult a professional plumber in Fernandina, FL to avoid buying one that will not meet your home’s needs.

Contact Bert Norman’s Plumbing Today for Top-Notch Sump Pump Services

For all your sump-pump needs, call Bert Norman’s Plumbing. We are a plumbing company with experienced and certified plumbers who offer sump pump installation, repairs, and replacements. We have been serving the residents of Fernandina, FL since 1985 by offering quality, reliable, and customer-based services. Please do not hesitate to contact us to book an appointment.

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The plumbing system is one of the most important parts of a home. It keeps a home well supplied with clean water in addition to ensuring that the wastewater is drained out without delay. Although your plumbing system is extremely durable, it can develop issues that can cause serious inconveniences in your Callahan, FL, home. But no matter how much you enjoy getting your hands dirty around your house, it is not advisable to try handling plumbing repairs or installation jobs on your own. As such, it is imperative for you to be in touch with a reliable professional plumber you can count on to help you solve any plumbing challenge in your home. Below are some of the top reasons to avoid DIY plumbing jobs and instead work with a professional in dealing with all plumbing issues in your Callahan, FL, house.

Protect Your Warranties

The warranty is the document that businesses use to express the confidence they have in their products or services. The document essentially guarantees a buyer that if a product breaks down within a given time of use, the manufacturer will be willing to take care of the repairs or replacement without charging the buyer an extra dollar. In other words, businesses use warranties to show that they are willing to back their claims of quality with their own money. However, warranties come with some conditions. For instance, if you have bought a water heater or another plumbing fixture, the warranty might demand that the installation and maintenance be done by a licensed plumbing company. Therefore, if you decide that you are going to do a plumbing installation or repair on your own, you might end up voiding your warranty. Therefore, if a problem occurs in the future, it will be impossible for you to hold the manufacturer accountable.

You Are Uninsured

Plumbing jobs are quite laborious, and therefore, many things could go wrong during a plumbing repair or installation in your home. For instance, the person doing the work could get seriously hurt, and your house could also sustain extensive damages. Professional plumbers prepare for such risks by taking insurance covers against them. Therefore, your professional is most likely insured and bonded. This means that if something goes wrong as professionals work on your plumbing system, you will not be the one to suffer financial losses. On the other hand, if you decide to do a plumbing job on your own or with the help of a friend, you will be the one responsible for anything that might go wrong. For example, if your house is severely damaged during the job, you will pay for the necessary repairs from your pocket.

You Lack the Necessary Experience and Expertise

The plumbing system is quite complex, and therefore, plumbing installation and repair jobs are not for everyone. For a plumber to qualify for the job, they have to undergo several years of training and on-the-job training to receive the license they need to operate legally. Unless you are a professional, you certainly do not have this training and experience. Unfortunately, this means that most plumbing issues will be beyond your scope of understanding. Therefore, if you try a DIY plumbing installation or repair, you will be at the risk of spending some money and a lot of time on an issue that you will eventually leave unresolved. On the other hand, your professional has the necessary experience and technical know-how to quickly diagnose any plumbing issue and resolve it within the shortest time humanly possible. Therefore, instead of wasting your time on DIY plumbing projects, you better spend your time on something more productive and let a pro deal with the issue on your behalf.

You Lack the Necessary Equipment

Given the complex nature of plumbing systems, some plumbing jobs require much more than a strong pair of hands. As such, professional plumbers invest in plumbing equipment and tools that are designed to make it easier for them to handle various plumbing issues. For instance, if there is a drain clog in your house, a professional plumber will try using various types of drain snakes to remove the clog. They also have the right drain cleaning solutions to clean your drains thoroughly to prevent more clogs soon. On the other hand, a plunger might be all you have to remove a drain clog on your own, and it can only offer a temporary solution at best. Therefore, since you do not have the necessary plumbing equipment and tools to handle plumbing jobs decisively, it is advisable for you to work with professionals instead of trying to fix plumbing issues on your own.

DIY Plumbing Work Might Not Save You Money

A lot of people who try DIY jobs do so hoping to save some money. However, the truth is that when it comes to plumbing, trying DIY might end up costing more money than you expected. This is because you can end up causing more problems that might cost you a lot to fix. Besides, if you cause any damages to your house during the DIY plumbing works, your home insurance might refuse to pay for the repairs and consequently force you to pay for the repairs from your pocket. Therefore, instead of saving you some money, DIY plumbing installation or repairs might end up hurting your pocket. As such, it is more economical for you to work with a professional plumber.

The Bottom Line

Overall, it is apparent that if you have a plumbing issue in your house, it is not advisable for you to try fixing it on your own. Therefore, you need a professional plumber that you can trust to assist you with all your plumbing issues. If you are looking for a reliable plumber in Callahan, FL, Bert Norman’s Plumbing is an excellent choice. We have been providing plumbing services for many years, and our reputation as a dependable plumber is well established. Feel free to contact us today for more information about our company and services.

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Do you suspect a leak in your plumbing? If your water bills are higher this month, there might be some problems with your plumbing system. Contact a plumber in Callahan, FL, today for an inspection. Below are the common questions about leak detection service homeowners want to know.

FAQs for leak detection:

How Do I Know I Need Leak Detection If I Can’t Find Any Leaks in My Plumbing?

We strongly recommend homes and businesses to get a leak detection service as a preventive service every year or every couple of years. During the inspection, a plumber may find leaks or not. If they do find one, you should be glad that the problem will be resolved early. Otherwise, that would have led to a major plumbing emergency that will even cost you more money.

Some plumbing leaks will not be obvious, but you will need to watch out for the signs. When you notice these, call a professional right away as there might be leaks in your plumbing:

High water bills – if they suddenly skyrocket, it’s time to call a professional for an inspection.

Mold growth and rise in mildew or humidity at home – can lead to health issues and will not benefit those suffering from allergies and other respiratory diseases. Call a plumbing company asap.

Discoloration on walls – there might be leaks in one of the pipes behind the walls. Best to get professional help, so the issue is promptly resolved.

How Is Leak Detection Done?

This depends on the situation — we do use various techniques to help us detect leaks in your plumbing. For example, we might use listening devices, pipe cameras, scanners and other tools that won’t disrupt your home or the building. Don’t worry; our plumbers are trained to use plumbing devices to help us diagnose and resolve problems.

Can I Buy This Equipment and Do Leak Detection By Myself?

The plumbing tools and equipment that we use are expensive, and you may need multiple devices to help you determine if there are leaks in the plumbing system. Also, you need to know that the equipment are not like regular cameras; they do require specialized training. It’s less expensive and easier to hire professionals for help than do the leak detection by yourself.

How Accurate Are the Leak Detection Services?

Because our plumbers in Callahan, FL, are trained and experienced, we can say that we can narrow down the location of plumbing leaks where little excavation is necessary. Rest assured, we know the best ways to resolve the problem.

How Much Does It Cost to Find a Leak?

We suggest you call us today so our team of professionals can discuss with you the cost. As to how much depends on the situation – you may contact us today for an estimate. Our plumbers will be happy to assist you at your earliest convenience. As soon as we get your call, we’ll quickly dispatch a professional to help you find leaks in your plumbing.

Do You Need Information From Me?

It will help us resolve the issue faster when you provide us with more information about your plumbing system. Consider having this information with you before calling us for a leak detection service.

  • What type of pipes are installed in your home? Are they made of copper, plastic, or steel? When were they built?
  • Where are the faucets located, and are the water valves accessible?
  • Do you have utility maps that we can use?

Don’t worry if you don’t have the information handy. With our tools, we can still help you locate the leak and resolve the problem promptly.

Are Leaks Related to Other Plumbing Issues?

This would be a yes. Pipe corrosion is one of the main causes of plumbing leaks. For example: if you fail to flush out the sediment build-up in your water heater tank, the buildup of minerals at the bottom of the tank eventually leads to cracking. They may leak when not flushed at all.

High water pressure can also strain the pipes. If you don’t regulate high water pressure in your home, that may lead to leaks in your plumbing. Not insulating the pipes during winter can also lead to plumbing emergencies. When the water freezes, the pipes may expand and burst.

Call a plumbing company right away to help you locate the leak and permanently resolve the problem.

What Do I Do When There Are Already Leaks in My Plumbing?

First, try not to panic when there are leaks in your plumbing. Stay calm and switch off the water mains. Do this before calling a plumber. We would ask you to also clean the area, but we suggest that you don’t do anything if there are electrical fittings. To avoid accidents, stay away from the water. Just wait for one of our professionals for assistance.

Do All Plumbers Offer Leak Detection Service?

Yes, most licensed professionals offer these services to homes and businesses. An Unlicensed and unqualified plumber may offer this at a lower price, but we suggest you don’t hire them. They may not have the tools and the training to properly use the tools. The best thing you can do is call us as soon as possible. Our professionals are certified and licensed to perform leak detection services.

Contact Bert Norman’s Plumbing

Do you need a plumber in Callahan, FL, today? Don’t hesitate to call Bert Norman’s Plumbing! Rest assured, we will work incredibly hard to help you locate the leak and permanently fix the issue. Our professionals are highly skilled and experienced, and we can handle any plumbing job, big or small. Call us if you need any plumbing repairs, installations or maintenance. Get in touch now for an appointment.

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