bathroom-remodeling-jacksonvilleWhether you own a rental home or a home you live in, there are times where you need to remodel your bathroom on a strict budget. You’ll want to make sure you are planning the remodeling project to give you some updated fixtures, walls, and flooring without going overboard. Selective splurging can be done for your Jacksonville, FL bathroom remodeling project.

Depending on how good of shape your bathroom cabinetry is in, you can either leave them and splurge on a nice countertop and sink or have them painted or re-finished. It costs much less to paint or re-finish them than to replace them. The wood on your cabinetry lasts a very long time, yet the finish can wear off and need to be re-done, so you may get lucky and only need it to be resealed.

You can keep your existing mirror and light fixtures but make some minor changes to them. The light fixtures can be repainted for a new look and the mirror can be framed or re-framed and painted or stained.

Repaint the walls, it doesn’t cost very much and you need it done because it will make a huge difference in how your Jacksonville bathroom looks and feels. Just don’t do anything fancy with them and make sure they are painted with a relaxing color.

If you have a window in your bathroom, you can have some inexpensive decorative window films installed or you can do it yourself. If you don’t want that type of privacy or still want to look out the window when you want, a nice roller shade will make a good statement while allowing you a view outside whenever it’s drawn up.

The areas you will probably want to splurge with your Jacksonville bathroom remodeling will be on the large fixtures. Your sink, bathtub, and shower finishes have probably been worn off. If your shower is made of tile that is still looking pretty good, you should just make sure any repairs needed are made and any grout work is redone well.

Replacing the sink and bathtub (and possibly shower), will be where you want to splurge. While you may think that flooring would be important too, your floor may just need to be refinished or resealed. The bathtub and sink are the two areas of the bathroom that will make a big impact so you want to make sure they have a nice shiny surface.

All in all, you can have your bathroom remodeling done without having to re-do the whole thing. The key is to be wise about what can be changed without having to completely replace it.

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